Friday, August 31, 2012

Pak n Save "Meet the Meat of your Dreams!" ads PHOTOS, AUDIO

Following previous Pak n Save ad campaigns about animal flesh

"Meat Week"

"Celebration of the Kiwi Cow"

now we have "Meet the meat of your dreams".

Yes, a happy face and all...

Ringing the numbers given gives you this nonsense....

"Patty Burger" freecall number recording

Download directly here

"Scottie Fillet" freecall number recording

Download directly here

More accurate would be "Hi, I'm Ms Cows ass muscle!  And I'm a big blob of testicles and snouts and all that other great stuff, imagine eating those parts of YOUR body, haHA!......We love being cut out from the rest of our living body, and lying here in plastic, limp and dead, so you can buy us......"

While paying at the self scanning checkout, listening to the latest episode of On Human Nonhuman Relations through earbuds I spotted "pig [sic] ears" while paying for my bag of plums:

Perhaps as consolation for Vegan shoppers, soy yoghurt is on special for about half price.

Cmon Pak n Save, how about a Vegan Week?  All vegan products, fruit and vegetables etc sold are 10% off :-)    Big ad campaigns, the (non Freezing) works!

These campaigns from a huge supermarket are equally immature as this radio host

"On this occasion, the final contribution was from a young girl of about ten years old who said she was a vegetarian and she thought it was wrong that cows are killed to be eaten and have leather made from their skins or that sheep are killed to be eaten and have their wool taken. After she finished speaking, listeners were transferred back to the Newstalk studio and the first thing Moncrieff said, Homer Simpson style, was, “mmmmm, rashers.”"

On Human Nonhuman Relations "Mmmmmmm Rashers"

As adults, we can do better! :-)

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