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Episode 55 The Rabbit Hunter

Episode 55 The Rabbit Hunter

We're all animals, Dune, Richard Dawkins, Steve Irwin and the Sea Shepherd ship named after him, killing Crocodiles VS killing Cows, New Zealand rabbit shooting "competitions, "The Easter Bunny Hunt", The Simpsons "Whacking Day" and Animal Rights reactions to the "Double Down" burger.  Oh, and Gore, its ok to be gay :-)

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Hello and welcome to episode 55 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, The Rabbit Hunter.

I hope you'll enjoy this episode, I've got plenty of things planned for the future, especially for INVSOC, the Invercargill Vegan Society, and so it was a little delayed, sorry.

I've still been listening to audiobooks.  My largest problem with the show is actually winnowing down my clip supply, I have many hours worth of clips on my harddrive, ready to use when the stars align, from audiobooks and news reports I've heard.  I'd probably prefer to just produce podcasts, to make clips and write scripts, and have someone with a better hosting voice read from the teleprompter, just like the President taking orders from big industry, while I sit around in the background, in pajamas all day.

A recent audiobook I finished was Dune, or, in American, "doon", just like how we would say "You Tube", and they say "u TOOB", you've got to shorten it down a bit. 

If some poor woman is unlucky enough to carry my child, they're gonna be named either Frodo, or Muad Dib

Yes, we certainly ARE all animals, whether we like to admit it or not.  We talk about "giving animals human emotions", but shouldn't that be "animal emotions"?  Imagine if we were so arrogant to see other animals moving, and say "yeah, thats a human form of movement, when they use their legs, but its not quite as good as when we mighty humans do it".  Lets get over ourselves!

Our hallowed Dawkins would set Paul Atrides, or "Muadib" as his friends call him, straight

Sea Shepherd is certainly not Animal Rights, regardless of the common misconception.  They are not against killing animals, they run "Vegan Ships", apparently due to "conservation", environmental reasons.  They are not Animal Rights. 

And we can see this in the naming of their ships.  One well known vessel is the Steve Irwin, who we all know better for appearing on the Australian 500 diggery dollar note, with the caption of "crikey!" underneath.

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INVSOC poster drafts

Ideas for future A4 INVSOC posters to be printed :-)  I'd love to hear your opinion, I personally like "doubleplusgood" best as a general INVSOC poster.  They all have errors, I'd love help with these designs, the text in particular.

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Coexist or Coexisting, for that is the question?

I'm seriously considering a shorter domain name, the address used to find my show's site. 

Currently, the "official" is "" , I have several others that "redirect", point to the official address if visited by mistake.

How about something shorter, easier to type?  I own


Which do you prefer?

"Coexist" or "Coexisting"?  I sort of like Coexist, its simple, and can be seen as "live, get along with others, enjoy life", without that -ing on the end :-)

Then again, is it active vs passive?  The act of actually coexist-ING, rather than telling someone, "yeah, it would be nice to coexist some day..."?

And Coexist is different than the shows name, its not COEXIST With Nonhuman Animals, does it make things more complicated to remember?  Dilute "The Brand" ? :-)

I'd love to hear your opinion.

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DO NOT WATCH this The Daily English Show video!

What a beautiful part of the world, gee, it sure looks like a lovely place for all the Vegans in the world to flee to! 

But for the love of our Chicken Friends, PAY NO ATTENTION FROM 1 MINUTE 50 SECONDS TO 2 MINUTES 25 SECONDS!!!  Gone are the days of "missing reel", cursed digital, and 1080P most especially!  When the camera is five microns from my face...I mean... the face of the person whose being paid no attention....

"...and I’ve lived here all my life so I wouldn’t be able to compare it to anywhere else, although I have visited other places before."
Bushy Boy?  Is that you?

Lovely Chicken Friends though!

INVSOC Badges :-)

The samples have arrived!  Which do you prefer, "Black Nickel" or "Silver Nickel"?  They each have their appeal, I have my preference, but I'd love to hear yours :-)

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Episode 54 Lifetime Supply of Vegans

Episode 54 Lifetime Supply of Vegans

An abundance of other Vegan episodes, violence in its many forms, war, what is it good for?, racist groups and peaceful, creative Vegan education.

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Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals iTunes link

Hello and welcome to Episode 54 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, your favourite Animal Rights podcast from Invercargill, New Zealand.  Mainly because its the only one, at least that I'm aware of.

Elizabeth Collins, of NZ Vegan Podcast has put out not one, but TWO recent episodes.  Likewise, heres not one, but two clips from her latest work.

You met THREE Vegans in a single day Elizabeth?  Hell, I've only met three Vegans in my whole life!  The crew from The Daily English Show, , and one other in Invercargill. 

I'm not sure which three Vegans in a day is, a) 100% of your daily requirement, or b) a lifetimes exposure, violently packed into just a few hours.  I guess we'll soon see, if Elizabeth doesn't lose her hair from radiation sickness, but instead continues life, happy, healthy and promoting Veganism, that will be the test of time.

I guess we're going to need other industries to take up slack, you know, once the world goes Vegan overnight.  Never fear, the precious will soon be here, once part one of The Hobbit drops, we'll once again rule the world in terms of two hour long audio/visual experiences.  Three hours for the extended version.  Bye bye Bollywood, and as for Hollywood?  Well, lets just say the American public will be asking Obama

hopefully Obama can find another good ol fashioned American Bailout, Hollywoods gonna need it, what does this so called Superpower have to compete with this glorious island nation in the south pacific?  Avatar 2, now with 25% extra naked blue giants?  Cmon, it'll be like Eagles against Fell Beasts at the end of Return of the King, hey, theres a good debate, Return of the King vs Return of the Jedi, I vote Lord of the Rings.  Or, like Gandalf vs the Balrog, you don't fight fire with fire, you only need a little water, and our whole country is surrounded by the damn stuff, no landlocked dessert states here!  Our country runs on the stuff too, the vast majority of our power is renewable, often hydropower, water, vs Americas lovely coal, and Nuclear, fire, and explosions, sounds marvelous.  We know which one wins, fire vs water, Avatar 2 vs The Hobbit Part One.

I'd like to talk about different forms of violence this episode.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Future INVSOC poster sketch *UPDATED*

The Worlds Worst Looking Blogger Site is being joined by The Worlds Crappiest Wordpress Site!

The official site for the Invercargill Vegan Society ( INVSOC ) is up and running, barely.  That theme has GOT TO GO, and there's a severe lack of content.

Heres a future poster design, knocked out at 11:something at night, I used pencil because I'm terrible at Pixelmator doodling :-)

The ACTUAL poster will be mass printed, white text on black, with a green V in the logo.  Also to be corrected: initial and capital letters separated, words will NOT begin large and end up medium-er, and the mighty INVSOC logo will not reveal obvious "shading scribbles" that were "apparently performed by a toddler".

UPDATE, here's a draft

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Wild Rabbit Spotted eating VIDEO :-)

Wild Rabbit spotted after my Vegan cooking class :-)

Killing Ducks : "Man Christmas"

More "great" photos in my local newspaper, covering the start of "Duck Shooting" :
"When you're already shooting other animals for fun, why not throttle a dog while you're at it?"  (and no, its not Ian Mckellen on the right!)

"Dubbed "Man Christmas", to them "duckshooting is bigger than Christmas" and a diary kept since 1964 of their opening morning years imortalises their memories in ink.
The first entry was brief, reading "Shot one duck, which an eel ate", while later ones included more detail and even a story of a near-drowning."

"In their many years of shooting the men claim their best effort was shooting 60 ducks just two hours into the season, but said this weekend would be about tradition, companionship and catching up with old friends.

"We don't see each other throughout the year like we did in younger years so it's a time to get back together – we will still get a few ducks, but it's about enjoying the weekend out," they said."

I hope they can find another way of "enjoying the weekend out", without killing others to get their kicks.  What an excuse that is, too staunch to invite your "mate" over for a DVD?  "Have you seen The Notebook?  Its a beautiful tale of love and romance, the interplay of all our most wonderful emotions..." , no, instead "I know, lets KILL some little birds!"  "Yeah, yeah, that sounds like fun!"

Oh, and did we mention its "Mothers Day" tomorrow, a shameless money gathering artificial event for "holiday card makers" the world over?

Why not combine "Man Christmas" with "Mothers Day", because Men loooove being drunken hicks, killing animals, and women dress in pink, and are freaked out by blood!  Despite being Non Vegan, and cooking the flesh of other birds for Her Man, and wearing the skins of others...

This was the May 7th 2011 cover photo cartoon for The Southland Times:
Not all Southland males are drunken looking hicks...

I've seen some Animal Welfare groups here publicly opposing "Duck Shooting" because "a percentage of birds will always be left wounded", I dont deny this happens, that, gee, some animals will be HURT while the others are KILLED, and isnt it terrible to HURT an animal?

However, lets be clear about our opposition, I'm personally against the shooting of ducks, the shooting of ANYONE for fun, because I think its immoral, how big a man are you if you get your jollies from hurting and killing small animals?

Lets promote Veganism.

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Episode 53 Animal Rights and Rights

Episode 53 Animal Rights and Rights

Mr Rooster, Animal Rights and Wrongs radio show, Promoting Welfare Reforms or Animal Rights, Great Music from the 1970's and 1980's!  Don't buy a Lambo from Tim Gier!

Listen now by downloading directly from here or, better yet, subscribe in iTunes to get each episode automagically!

Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals iTunes link

Animal Rights and Wrongs show, download episodes here

Hi everyone, welcome to Episode 53 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, Animal Rights and Rights, promoting Veganism, or Animal Rights and not Rights, promoting Welfare Reform.

First an email from Glorianna:

Hello from Costa Rica!  My name is Glorianna Rodriguez, I am now a strict vegan.
I had been a life long vegetarian and became vegan recently. The simple beauty of honoring life by completely abstaining from animal products seemed to be a deeper manifestation of the values I grew up with.
I “discovered” your podcast recently.I genuinely enjoy it- the combination of analysis and sarcastic humor with the profound message of veganism is definitely my cup of tea.

Thank-you very much indeed!
Please continue :)



Thank you Glorianna, its nice to hear from people who listen :-)  If you'd like to send me an email, my email address is, I'd love to hear from you, its nice to make new Vegan friends from around the world.

I have lots of good news, and one piece of very bad news.  I'll start with the bad news.

I love Grand Theft Auto Vice City, I truly believe it and San Andreas should be remade in High Definition, two of the greatest video games ever.  1980's Florida, the mid 1990's California, and Nevada, so they could squeeze in Las Vegans or whatever that little town is called.  One of the best things about the Grand Theft Auto games is the radio stations, you can listen to the radio in any car, while you drive over prostitutes or away from pursuing police officers.  Or, you can always obey the speed limit, if you wanted to be boring.  EXCEPT for that spot in San Andreas, by the mine in Los Venturas, that highway, boy, those cars, and scooters, and dump trucks… every vehicle around there seems to do 200 kilometers an hour, its nuts, my Ford GT40 or Honda NSX can barely keep up! 

Regardless of how fast and unlawful you drive, the radio always plays back the same, with irritatingly loud, aggressive rock stations, whiny, pathetic country music stations, and the porridge is just right stations of hiphop, pop and fake talkback.

In Vice City, cruising Miami in your Lamborghini Countach, bought from a shady character, one Mr Gier, who was wearing a vivid Hawaiian shirt and a thick gold medallion, across his open chest of dark curly hair…. pulling up to the mansion from Scarface, you can listen to this song: