Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A "Chicken Friend Salad" :-) VIDEO

Dining "Al Fresco" with my Chicken Friends

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blood Sucking Cicadas! PHOTO

Ok, not quite "blood sucking", just a visiting Cicada who - for reasons unknown - decided to land on my ankle.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bee visiting a pretty flower VIDEO

As recorded while out in the Southland sun, with my Chicken Friends

As nice as this video is, my best moment of today was rescuing a fly.  Yeah, I "wouldnt hurt a fly".  They were cold in my workshop today, I noticed them crawling across my workbench while sanding a cabinet. 

I picked them up on a cloth, and released on a dandelion outside.  Its hard to beat the feeling as a rescued insect walks off the cloth you brought them out on, towards a leaf, to warm in the sun :-)

Simple actions for us, quite possibly life saving for the insect.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Episode 50 This Week in Vegan pilot

Pilot episode for This Week in Vegan

Listen directly here or, better yet,  subscribe in iTunes and get each episode automagically :-)


Starring Emmy James ( http://vegan-for-life.blogspot.com/ ), Barbara DeGrande ( http://veganacious.com/ ), Sam Hillyer, ARZone staff ( http://arzone.net/ )and Pao ( http://www.youtube.com/porolita22 )

And record labels?  Most definitely *not* containing music from any popular artists, dead, alive, or wearing orange/red and black costumes made from further dead skin, ewwww, from which they lead the dance routines.  Nope, not here.

Please email me your feedback!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chicken Friends eating Weetbix VIDEO

Friendly Chickens eating Weetbix, we were out of bread and oats!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Meat Week" at Pak n Save, ugh! PHOTO, VIDEO


August 2012 "Meet the meat of your dreams"

"Meat Week"

"A herd of seriously undercooked prices" !
"Wide range at prime cut prices" !

How hilarious!

So of course there was more scrambling to get the bleeding lumps in plastic packets than usual.

Its fun whipping out your phone and taking photos/videos in public!  People look at you like you're crazy, yippee!

Heres the "Vegetarian section" at the same Pak n Save:

Not as large as the "meat" section, surrounded by flesh and breast milk "products", its not bad, not bad!  About half of what you saw is Vegan.  Could be worse :-)

Heres to a 100% Vegan Invercargill Pak n Save, where it would be regarded as disgusting to kill and eat the corpses of Chickens as it would Cats.

***UPDATE*** 21st November 2011

Apparently its once again the glorious celebration of "Meat Week", as evidenced by the same royal banners being outside Invercargill Pak n Save, and THIS proclamation inside, initially kept in 8 Bit Mode for reasons of taste, blerg!

Cant wait for Fresh Fruit Week and Crisp Vegetable Week , because THOSE items really need pimping out, right? :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ONE new "voicemail" needed for pilot :-)

I've got two three (with promise of a fourth) "voicemails" for my new idea, I just need three two *ONE* more to finish the pilot episode!

On my last episode,

I mentioned this new idea, and had two examples of short stories that might be interesting for the *new* show idea.

If you have any interesting stories about Veganism to share, I'd love to have an audio clip from you :-)

The new show would focus on Vegan news of the past week, it would aim to have five guests clips featured, each lasting over one minute, under five minutes in length.  With an intro, minor narration about each voicemail from me (or another host), and an outro, it would be roughly 25 minutes in length.

Short and accessible for everyone, while offering variety.

If the show goes ahead, it would be best if people could email me, send in a clip from that week, and it would be included in the weeks episode.  News about Veganism from that week, a weekly show.

Ideas suggested in Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals episode 49 were a Vegan meeting you attended, your thoughts on a current Animal Rights/Welfare issue, a Vegan t shirt you'd bought, a protest you'd seen, a new documentary, a conversation about Veganism you had with someone...

And of course, it would be fine to self promote!  If you have a new episode of your own show coming out, a guest chat, or a plan to rent out Vegan-only timeshares, this show would be the place for YOU!
Although, I do believe it would be best to have as many varied stories, from as many people as possible, rather than each weeks episode having the same four people doing the same self promotion, and only one other story ;-)

If I were allowed to submit a story (this new show WONT be about me), I might use my finding of a slaughterman's false teeth, as covered in my local newspaper :


Or, the Vegetarian cooking class I attended today, and hope to revisit in future.  Hello to Alan or any others from the class!

It should be easy to record a "voicemail" audio clip, Windows or Mac, I'm sure I can offer help using a simple audio tool.

Then its a matter of clicking record, speaking into your microphone, built in or not, for over a minute, under five (good to have a hard limit), "stop" the recording, and email me the mp3, AAC, or failing all else, .WAV file :-)

If you like, I might be able to help with any editing, if you feel you had a wonderful, unrepeatable two minute performance, spoiled by a coughing fit somewhere in the middle, I should be able to edit it out for you.

I currently need *ONE* more clips for the pilot, would you like to be included?

If I go ahead with the show, I'd like to have a large number of people willing to share a weekly story every now and then.  You would never be under any obligation to send in clips, I'd just like to have >20 or so people who have a microphone, and who are willing to share a fun story about Veganism.

We're all friends here, we'd love to hear what you've been up to :-)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slaughtermans False Teeth Happy Ending cover PHOTOS

The bottom false teeth part I found belonging to a local slaughterman were again covered in the Invercargill Eye, a free local newspaper (we still have print media in NZ...)

Nice to get "The Invercargill Vegan Society" mentioned in print, and a happy ending for a drunk guy who lost his teeth :-)

"The strangest bit of the story - and this is a pretty strange story - the dentures belonging to Hoki, who works on the slaughterboard, were found by Jordan, founder of the Invercargill Vegan Society.  Food for thought."


All photos in the False Teeth set on Flickr


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Episode 49 Tiny Wings, False Teeth, Electric Cars

Episode 49 Tiny Wings, False Teeth, Electric Cars

Tiny Wings iOS game for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Finding the False Teeth of a Slaughterman, Electric Cars = Veganism, Hydrogen Cars = Welfare Reforms by Vegans… kinda, and plenty of fun along the way!

Listen now by downloading directly from here or, better yet, subscribe in iTunes to get each episode automagically!


Hello and welcome to the 49th episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.  Hopefully we can cover some vaguely interesting stories, bash others in the animal rights movement by misinterpreting clips from their podcast, and generally have fun.

First up, Elizabeth Collins of NZ Vegan podcast put out another episode recently, its always exciting to see the little "1" circle in iTunes podcast section.  Lets see what Elizabeth had to say.

<1 dont trust organisations>
Well at least the Invercargill Vegan Society is upfront about being corrupt to the very core.

<2 auckland only a million>

Ok, well, ONLY A MILLION!?!  Really Elizabeth?  When our whole country has a population of FOUR Million, and you think ONE MILLION isn't a large number? :-) 

Auckland, our largest city BY FAR has 1.3 Million odd people.  Give or take a few hundred thousand, they like driving their Audi SUV's to starbucks, a "small number" like a hundred thousand might have been away during census taking.

Even if a whole MILLION Aucklanders suddenly got laser beamed from space, they'd still be 300 odd thousand… thats six times the population of my city Invercargill… and the second and third largest New Zealand cities are actually around 300K….

So uh, a million people is kinda a lot Elizabeth!

<3 pong>
Yeah, I've kinda heard of that one, maybe I'm not a "youngie" anymore :-)  And it probably IS basic Elizabeth, HA, I'm sure a few people would have picked up on that, PONG, BASIC, 20 go to 10 ha.  Randy, you got it, right?

I'll let you all in on the number one game all the kids these days are hooked on, its called "Tiny Wings", and its blazed up the App Store charts.  I'm sure in a year or two those Open Source nutjobs will have ripped it off for that little Android thing they're always muttering about, beneath their beards.  Ever noticed how everyone involved with Linux has a beard?  And tends to be male?  Now, to be fair, I'm sure there are Women with nothing better to do that make buggy software that crashes on my iMac, "but its free Jordan!  And its open, and you can view the source code!"  Yeah, well how about making the damn thing work?  Now that sounds like a great idea.   AND, if they HAVE decided to shave their facial hair, then they're just trying to follow Steve Jobs yet again, no good copycats.

If you're one of those individuals who sport coke bottle lens glasses, half a metre of shaggy hair from your neck, and would like to rail about the need to "fork" my show into something better, you know, being "divisive", please email me at not-a-real-address-you-open-source-bozos@gmail.com. 

So where was I?  Oh yeah, Tiny Wings. 

Tiny Wings, Ms Hen Tribute VIDEO

I love the iOS game Tiny Wings, I gave it a short review here with my friend Edward.  There are many similarities (confirmation bias?) between the main character in "Tiny Wings" and my late friend Ms Hen.  I've made this video to show them, and promote respect for all animals.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friendly Chickens March 2011 VIDEO

Around half way in, Black Chick does what she always likes to do, stand ON my hand and eat!

Once or twice she's actually wrapped her toes around my fingers, gross feeling, she had wet feet at the time, was like a Boa constrictor trying to strangle my fingers as she held on through sheer foot power alone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friendly Ducks at the Otepuni VIDEO

Taken in the Otepuni Gardens, a friendly duck sitting on a rock :-)

Who joined me with another of their friends

No Chicken Friends, but still very nice birds :-)