Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Waiwera Mineral Water bottles with Chicken Friend Decals :-)

After giving a couple childrens books about Veganism to the local Invercargill Library, I still had spare "donated by" stickers made up.  What could I do with these brightly coloured Chicken Friend doodles?

Why, stick them to mineral water bottles of course!  Winner of "most beautiful bottle" competitions worldwide (seriously!), I like the bottles of Waiwera brand water.  I've always thought buying water in a bottle was silly, but these great bottles are really nice, and only cost 3 NZD or so each, and you get a lovely glass bottle to keep :-)  I keep them filled with tapwater, a couple at work for my lunchbreak, a couple at home, which are often seen on the table of our Invercargill Vegan Society potlucks :-)

Having stickers which are obviously on the same exact bottles each time obviously blows the illusion that I'm buying fancy pants mineral water at a whopping 3 bucks a bottle for each potluck, but I had to do something with the stickers, and the curved bottles bend light in an interesting way :-)

The usual bottle worshipped by "Southern Men" (despite the fact the traditional Otago region beer is now made solely in mid South Island megacity Christchurch or even Auckland in the North Island!)

"Small things amuse small minds" eh? :-)

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