Monday, January 31, 2011

An interesting "Celebrity Vegan", Woody Harrelson

Here's an interesting "Celebrity Vegan", Woody Harrelson, who I last saw staring in the action movie "Zombieland", he played a large redneck macho idiot who enjoyed killing zombies graphically, while showing up "The Modern Man" who would "seem far more likely to be Vegan", based on old stereotypes.

"He is a peace activist, and has often spoken publicly against the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Harrelson is also a vegan and raw foodist. He did not eat Twinkies for his movie Zombieland, replacing them with vegan faux-Twinkies made from cornmeal.[7]"

While Harrelson no doubt "ate Vegan Twinkies", he was likely wearing animal skin and other non Vegan items during the movie.
Its not very interesting to focus on "Celebrity Vegans", if you are critical enough, most of them seem to "have a little Cows Breast Milk every now and then..."

Perhaps Woody Harrelson shows one thing,

There is no stereotypical Vegan! :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I caught the mouse! VIDEO

I finally caught the Mouse who'd been keeping me awake at night!  They would come scratching and rustling out of a newspaper "blocked" hole in my wall, its a creepy noise to wake up to in the dark! 

They were safely released without harm outside, away from the house.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wet Chickens VIDEO

Guess who had been out in the rain!  This is my Chicken Friends AFTER being dried off with a towel, and hungry for bread!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Episode 45 "Suicide its a Suicide" Claimsmaking Memes

Episode 45 "Suicide its a Suicide" : claims-making memes

Meeting other Vegans, claims making memes, Rap music vs Rock n Roll, In Living ColoUr,  all on this episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals :-)

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

Do I sound different?  I should! At the age of 23, I've lost my Veg-inity, by meeting another Vegan in the Tofu, actually, TWO other Vegans!  Yon and Sarah, from The Daily English show.  You can find them at

Maybe I should cover how they lived up to all my expectations in another episode, to do the occasion justice, yes, they actually DID smell like 24 carat Gold, they never blinked, not even once, AND, they even gave me a The Daily English Show towel as a memento.  All the attributes I'd always imagined other Vegans would possess.

This episodes bumper was from my new friend Sam, who was also mentioned on the previous episode.  I love having Bumpers from all around the world, if you are an Abolitionist Vegan, promoting Veganism as easy, as the *least* we can do, through creative, nonviolent education, I'd love to feature a bumper from you.  Just visit this shortened link ,

I also was given this clip to include too, from Raphael, a Swiss listener. had a great interview with Dr Roger Yates, on World Vegan day in Paris.  Isn't that the life, Vegans from all over Europe, visiting France, when some of us have to wait until 23 to lose our Veg-inity.  I'll link to the interview with Dr Yates in my shownotes.

I'd also like to announce a new podcast, a new show from Michael Tiedemann.  Michael can be found at

I think a voice, the digit 4, next to 3 and 5 on your keyboard, it turns into a dollar sign if you hold down that "sh…yft.." key animals, a voice 4 animals is a great name for a blog, and now show.  But….if I had a call name like Michael Tiedemann, I would've went with "Tiedemann Cares", get it, like that Square in China, where, according to the completely unrestricted, open and free Chinese internet accounting, on the 4th of June, 1989, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED.  Tiedemann Cares, Tiedemann Cared would rhyme better, but Michael hasn't stopped caring yet,  theres still time to change the name Michael!

See, with my name, I cant make up any cool show titles… what would I go with?  It would have to be a huge, long name, like…  "Animal Rights without the riots:  creative nonviolent Vegan education with Jordan Wyatt"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Dustbathing Hens VIDEO

Two Hens enjoying a lovely Invercargill day :-)

Chickens dig at soil, and then "flick" it all throughout their feathers to stay clean, and, its apparently quite enjoyable!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'll be back churning out cra...content soon!

Hopefully I should have another episode out really soon!  Its a matter of linking all the clips together, and oh yeah, hitting "record".

Thank you for your patience, in going SEVERAL DAYS without an update :-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

On losing my Veg-anity at 23

I've *finally* met TWO other Vegans!

Yon and Sarah were just as wonderful as I had always imagined other Vegans would be: unblinking, smelling of 24 Carat gold, and radiating enthusiasm.

Yon and Sarah produce The Daily English Show, releasing frequent videos to aid learning the English language.

Heres some homeless guy who wandered in on the phototaking

Brilliant!  Thank you both for visiting me!

But... what do I have to complain about now?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Episode 44 "Wow I'm on the Radio!"

Episode 44 "wow, I'm on the radio!"

Radio Callers about Veganism, some crazy nutjobs talking about Evolution, the Invercargill Vegan Society as a shining beacon of change

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Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

I got another fantastic bumper, from my friend Beatriz, who lives in Portugal.

Its wonderful making new Vegan friends from around the world, AND, especially when they'd like to join your fabulous One Member Vegan Society.  Perhaps I can gloat about the Invercargill Vegan Societies honorary members, like to the New Zealand Vegan Society, "oh, the vast majority of your members live in New Zealand?  Isn't that very location-ist of you?  Come along children, we don't want to be around these awful location-ists"

Hell, since most of us are not actually living in Invercargill, and I'm not very social, why not just ditch the Vegan requirement too?  And then I can spam every email account known to man, woman and Chicken Friend, asking for their membership donation.  Even if one percent cough up the money, damn, I'm on easy street, well, we don't have an "Easy Street" in Invercargill, but we *DO* have both Compton and Jackson Streets, I'd love to live on either of them. 

<2300 Jackson street in background>
As mentioned in Episode 30, "Gary, Indiana and Pukeko", a native New Zealand bird, our country is sane, our addresses don't go up to 2300, like 2300 Jackson street, where Michael Jackson and family lived before fame, but theres probably a 23.  23 Jackson Street, Invercargill, New Zealand.

And of course, Compton Street, as in

Ouch, ok, maybe I shouldn't claim to be from THE Compton, street.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Package arrives from Texas, USA!

Thank you to Barbara DeGrande of Veganacious and the Animal Rights and Rescue of Northern Texas for this lovely parcel! (or "package")
I wanted my Chicken Friends to pose along with the contents, to show Barbara and Justin they arrived safely, but Chicken Friends are too nervous to "mess with Texas"!

Our cards look great together!

Ah, but patience pays off, I lured one Hen Friend over...


Chickens may not be able to "fly", they can only really flutter about as far as a pursuing Cat can leap, but they *can* "teleport" in the blink of an eye ;-)

Thank you very much Barbara!  I'm glad you're a member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, I'm proud to show the Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas business cards you sent!

You can find Barbara at

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Ethically Obligated" to protest "burying animals alive"

I've whined about Erik Marcus, of "Vegan Dot Com" before, you'd think I'd gotten it all out of my system, but no, my Outrage Gland's up and running again, damn you socialised healthcare system, I thought we took care of it!

I dont think its a good image for Vegans if we appear to "fight" with each other over issues constantly.  I've decided to *try* not to mention what other "V*GN activists" do in future.

But this is *crazy*

"Four Million Animals and Counting Buried Alive in South Korea"

When a disease outbreak strikes animal agribusiness, here is South Korea’s method for dealing with the problem: they dig an enormous hole, dump live animals into it by the thousands, and use excavators to push the dirt back over it. Over the past two months, to combat a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, the country has killed more than a million pigs in this way.

Additionally, South Korea also ordered the killing of just over 100,000 cattle. As it set about killing all these cattle, the government showed staggering incompetence: it procured an anesthetic that can kill when injected in large amounts, but ran out partway through this effort—and proceeded to bury the remaining cattle alive.
In addition to the foot and mouth outbreak, avian flu has simultaneously descended on South Korea. And yet again, the country has responded by burying the animals alive: 2.7 million live birds have so far been bagged and buried.

If you consider animal agribusiness a desirable thing, then the bird cull can probably only be looked at as a necessary public health measure. There is, after all, no vaccine that could protect these birds from swiftly-mutating avian flu. And if the virus went on to infect many or most of the chickens in Korea, it would gain the opportunity to jump the species barrier and unleash the scenario every public health expert fears: a deadly, highly contagious human flu that could kill many millions of people.

Yet there’s no reason why burying animals alive should ever be regarded as an ethically acceptable choice. Between the use of an euthanasia drug and the time needed to make an injection, it needn’t cost much more than fifty cents per chicken to kill each animal prior to burial. So this is really a matter of South Korea and its factory farmers being unwilling to pony up about a million dollars for the sake of sparing these chickens the most horrific of deaths."

"Unlike the United States and Britain, which have large and influential animal protection groups with the clout required to ban the most extreme animal abuses, there are no comparable groups in South Korea. So, despite the fact that South Korea is a member of the World Organization for Animal Health, the country has ignored the group’s guidelines forbidding the burial of live animals (Chapter 7.6, Killing of animals for disease control purposes, Article 7.6.1., Terrestrial Animal Health Code.)

So what we have in South Korea is a country whose leadership is incapable of acting with any decency where farmed animals are concerned."

"What we are witnessing in South Korea is unconscionable animal cruelty occurring on a massive scale, and no reliable way to prevent repeat this scenario from playing out again in the future. It’s a situation the entire world is ethically obligated to confront."


After that huge text dump, where to begin...

A popular way of "promoting Veganism" is to start by focusing on us.  What harms us as human beings.  Climate Change caused by burping "farm" animals?  Rampant disease spread from nonhuman to human animal?  Our natural fear of complicated sounding facts and large figures?  When you want to move house, and the house you want to move to has like, lagoons of "farm" animal poop and stuff, and it smells totally bad? 

And then somehow this all boils down into a "free range", "grass fed" Happy-Meatloaf of "gee, maybe we shouldnt be killing *so many* animals?"

Like a little boy who wants to dress in "girls" dresses (no comment), why do we refuse to acknowledge other animals rights to be themselves?  Why not leave them be, to live their lives how they wish?  Its not like we'd have to pay many thousands of dollars towards gender reassignment surgery for each animal we've allowed to live, its a simple matter of *not killing them* for our pleasure.

I really dont like shock imagery on political matters.  I dont think it works well, I dont want to vote based on fear or anger.  Reporting on these stories with images of animals being dumped from trucks, showing them being buried alive is beneath "Animal Rights activists", it seems to better belong with the American electoral cycle.

Here is the section that most offended me

"Yet there’s no reason why burying animals alive should ever be regarded as an ethically acceptable choice. Between the use of an euthanasia drug and the time needed to make an injection, it needn’t cost much more than fifty cents per chicken to kill each animal prior to burial. So this is really a matter of South Korea and its factory farmers being unwilling to pony up about a million dollars for the sake of sparing these chickens the most horrific of deaths."

Cripes Erik, how do you say these things?  "burying animals alive" is not an "ethically acceptable choice"?  When it costs about "...fifty cents per Chickens to kill each animal prior to burial"?  Better make sure we throw in the label "factory farmers"!  Who the heck knows what it means, its not an industry term, "hello, I'm a third generation factory farmer", its a slander against your opponent, such as "those liberal elites..."

And all this, for "the sake of sparing these Chickens the most horrific of deaths"?  Please Erik, this isn't noble, we're not fighting for providing care to 911 rescue workers here.  Those who risk their lives to save others, Firemen, Firewomen, all people made of flames, volunteers, those people (and fiery monsters) are heroes. I know, my Grandfather was a fireman (did you think I was going to say fire monster?)

We're not "The Good Guys" for asking Chickens to be "put to sleep" before we kill them.  Its not about "sparing these Chickens the most horrific of deaths" either, actually, being buried alive, piled with your brothers and sisters, as you're starved of air,  sounds a lot like "CAK", Controlled Atmosphere Killing.  Many "Animal Rights" activists are apparently *for* this, including "the largest group" PETA:

From the link, did you know "Birds scratch and peck each other—and vomit and defecate on one another—which causes carcass contamination." from the "normal" method of killing Chickens?  You know, the Chickens we eat?  EWWW!  Surely there's some NICE way, a HAPPY way to kill "our food", right?

Give yourself a pat on the back!

"CAK removes oxygen from the birds' atmosphere while they are still in their transport crates. The birds are not "gassed" (i.e., asphyxiated); they die from lack of oxygen, or anoxia, which is a painless process."

So "Animal Rights Activists" say its "ok" as long as these lovely animals, so cute and cuddly, not to mention "yummy" dont feel anything before the big "nights out"?

For Erik to describe a trivial cost, for supposed greed to be the cause of his upset is unreal, please, someone help me out here, why does this guy own Vegan Dot Com again?

Erik, are you going to send "fifty cent" lethal drugs to South Korea, to do your bit in "sparing these chickens the most horrific of deaths."?

I look after many Chickens.  Well no, that's not quite right, they look after themselves, they share food with one another, they watch out for predators during the day, they sleep next to each other at night in solidarity.  They are sentient beings, not permanent babies who never grow up, who need my constant attention.

They are my friends, I've known many of them since before they were born, when their mother put her own interests below those of keeping their eggs safe.  Ms Hen would rarely leave the nest, Chickens usually stand rather than sit, they sleep "standing up" in branches, or on a beam, for example.  Yet there she was, each and every day, sitting in her nest, keeping the eggs warm.  She'd turn them over with her beak too.  Perhaps for a single break of a few minutes each day she'd leave them, when she really needed to eat and drink.  She'd return to the nest in a fit, after squawking loudly in a panic to get back to the eggs.
The resultant Chickens have seen me *nearly* every day of their lives.   They follow me around the garden they live in, and like sitting on me to be patted.  I love them, and they love me.  We're best friends, like friends should be.

Anyone else think Leo Laporte was in the Barney suit?

Erik, I don't give a damn if you spent "[not] much more than fifty cents" first, it would be wrong of you to kill the Chickens who live in my backyard.  They are sentient beings, they like being alive, they like eating apples.

Its wrong to kill my Chicken Friends, not because I like [them], or [they] like me, or even because we're best friends (like all my best friends who are Honorary Members of the Invercargill Vegan Society!). 

Its wrong to kill Chickens, any Chickens, because they have inherent worth greater than a couple bucks per kilogram of their flesh.

Coming from Vegan Dot Com, I wish Erik Marcus would promote *Veganism*, its as easy to be Vegan as not, and I live at the bottom of the world, and have to "slum it" without even a single Vegan restaurant!  Oh, the horrors!

Veganism is the *least* others deserve, not to be seen as a "thing", as an "it", but as our Friends.

My favourite links to share are Professor Gary Francione's Abolitionist Approach website and these great shows, many also from New Zealand

I'm trying my best to promote respect for all animals, I'm one average 23 year old guy, living in a fourth world, minor island nation.  Example, it took us WEEKS to get the initial shipment of iPhone 4's.  I know the USA isn't ranked very high on the Human Development Index either Erik, just observe the media coverage of the fabled Verizon iPhone, "yaaa, now we can rebuy our ($1328 NZD outright) phones, so the new one can get a signal in the worlds only superpower!"

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Verizon iPhone Announcement
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook

I'm trying not to focus on what others are doing, but on what I myself can concentrate on, not to care about anyone else, to be selfish, and care only about me, to help *all* animals, human and nonhuman alike.

Its not very difficult new years resolution to imagine, or achieve, it also wouldn't be hard for a "Vegan Dot Com" to promote Veganism.

Erik, how can you claim the entire worlds population is"ethically obligated" to DEMAND Chickens, and other "farm" animals, be killed before being buried in another country, but we can't speak clearly through consumer education about a moral baseline of, you know, not killing (or using) other animals in the first place?

Its not a matter of money, it wont even cost us the fabled fifty cents, lets just let others live!  Perhaps you'll gain a friend who likes to eat Apple from your hand too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun VIDEOS

For my friends in hell hole, winter stricken nations, yeah, howzit feel up there "on top of the world" now?

A Hen shakes her tail feathers

In this video, a friendly Bumble Bee says hello!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My NZ Vegan Zazzle store bags! *update* and badges!

I share a Zazzle print on demand store account with Elizabeth Collins ( ), Emmy James ( ), Sam Tucker ( ) and public activist William Paul.

My first bags arrived yesterday! *update* and badges today! *update*

Now I will no longer use my worn out SAFE "Love Pigs not Pork" bag!

I hope my Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals bags will be eyecatching while I walk home with my groceries :-)

*update* and my badges arrived today!

Trying to reduce glare!  The badges are very colourful, great detail in normal light

Together, we're all making cost price items which can hopefully be bought from anywhere in the world, not just the NZ version of the Zazzle site.  You too can wear an Emmy James or Sam Tucker Original!

Thank you to Elizabeth Collins, Emmy James, Sam Tucker and William Paul for their help with the store!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Episode 43 Pretty Young Equals

Episode 43 Pretty Young Equals

Download directly to listen here OR, better yet, subscribe in iTunes to get all episodes automatically upon release!

Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

I got so excited about having THREE new bumpers, I had to play them all, I couldn't wait.

If you're an Abolitionist Vegan, I'd love to have an intro bumper from you, please get in touch, j a y w o n t d a r t  The rest of the world really needs to close the Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals Bumper gap, how Canadians seem to make up a large percentage of my intros.  Just so long as we all recognize Glorious Nation of New Zealand as having the most Animal Rights podcasts per cubic centimeter, ok?

Elizabeths last episode of NZ Vegan Podcast was interesting, I wont distort what she said, like I'd ever do that, many other New Zealand Vegans have many other…different…. ideas about what is an isn't "natural".

For example, according to some of the others here, did you know that Genetic Engineering is "not natural", and is, in fact, quote "evil", but on the other hand, Unicorns and healing gem stones ARE "natural"? 

Elizabeth may not have caught that particular strain of Vegan-i-cus Pseudo epho-science, but rest assure we'll be monitoring her condition.  It would be quite interesting for the two of us to have a debate, some of us wouldn't want to live without our touchscreen pieces of glass and stainless steel, crappy reception and all.  Actually, the whole North Island of New Zealand seems to be rather backwar…….uh, not into scientific development for quote "non essential" endnote tech, you should see the problems we have with Skype, those poor Aucklanders always drop out, and some of them cant even have a web browser open while talking!  I always imagine sending them an iPad, it would be just like in the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with those Northern Ape Savages bashing their hunks of bone against the sleek black Apple designed tablet, that apparently fell from the sky.  Like in the movie, evolution would instantly leap forward.

Heres a nice long clip from 2001's sequel, 2010: Odyssey Two.  The unwashed heathens can skip past 1982's account of living in the year 2010, but rest assured, when they want to stay on this precious ball of dirt, while the rest of us fly into space, deal with a murderous computer, then take an *cough* i *cough*   Pod flight to a black, star filled lump… emerge years later as a pure energy God….well, they shouldn't look at the big shiny light that happens when they throw their little nuclear rocks at us.  I hope they'll listen anyway, although they can fastforward back to MY droning if they like:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dairy for Death Edendale Factory VIDEO

New Zealand is heavily reliant on our "Dairy" industry, of treating Females as slaves, frigging with their feminine parts, forcibly impregnating them, killing or re-enslaving their children...for a white fatty liquid designated for their babies.

Surely, as adult humans we should be weaned?

Nooo, of course not, we should invade the Middle East so we can sell stolen breast milk at a later date!

I live in Invercargill, in the Southland region of New Zealand.

The nearby TINY town of Edendale ,

"According to the 2001 New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings, it has a population of 570, 300 males and 270 females, representing a rise of 0.5% or 3 people since the 1996 census."

can also boast "the worlds largest Milk dryer"

"A new $212 million milk dryer commissioned this week makes the Edendale dairy factory the biggest raw milk processing plant in the world, according to Fonterra.
The new dryer, called ED4, is the world's largest and most efficient milk dryer, capable of producing 35 shipping containers full of milk powder every day, the co-operative said.
The dryer has the capacity to turn 100 litres of milk into 10 kilograms of milk powder every second, and can produce more than 700 tonnes of milk powder a day.
Fonterra New Zealand manufacturing general manager Brent Taylor told The Southland Times the new dryer highlighted the importance of Edendale and Southland to the co-operative."

While travelling back from Dunedin, I decided to record the Edendale Dairy Factory.  Here is the video:

Thank you to Sam Tucker and his informative site,

This tiny little town of Edendale, to have this colossal complex of buildings, with coal powered boilers drying out the stolen breast milk of other animals.  Its horrible.

Its as easy to be Vegan as not, and its the *least* others deserve.  Not to be seen as a "thing", as an "it", but as our Friends.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE: What did *YOU* do to promote Veganism?

Showing that some truly never miss an opportunity to promote Veganism, NO MATTER HOW BIZARRE, it appears one Mister Blurry Cam managed to "find" Invercargill Vegan Society cards in Dunedin bar and restaurant restrooms, right next to the "Let Manuel show you good time" listings and ads for crappy Bands who really should stick to their Garage.

Now, it may seem highly unlikely that someone tall, also with an iPhone 4, wearing a shirt mentioning Invercargill from a much loved (but kinda shitty) New Zealand classic would be out there on the loose with Invercargill Vegan Society cards, but OBVIOUSLY it must be someone else!

Why, of *course* I wasn't in Dunedin at the time, with or without friends making public displays of affection (ewwwww):

I know its hard to believe this person would also be called nadroj backwards, but seriously who are you going to believe?  Some grainy, jerky, dark video taken by an unseen, no doubt shadowy operator, or, your old pal Jordan?  Exactly!

This marvellous person also caught Windows doing what it does best, crash and take your real estate biz with it!  Good Old "Virus Scanner" updates!  Glad you saved that extra couple hundred by not getting a Mac?  (Because Macs never ever ever crash.  Ever.)

Not to mention taking cheap shots at the notion Science is different when studied by a Believer and someone who agrees with a natural world view:
Damn, some great Sci Fi in here about a Transhumanist walking on water, the resumption of life and magic powers yo, gonna be a best seller one day!
Only open on Sunday and Wednesday? (for a "testimony", court hearing?)  What if JC comes for a coffee and biscuits on a Tuesday?
No sir, I was not responsible for these photos.
Police are now looking for one B. DeGrande, perhaps using the alias "Alex The Large", its quite plausible Barbara would fly 20+ hours around the world to defame my good name with criminal act of business-card-in-public-restroom-leaving, why, just listen to her last episode, where she CLEARLY travels the world to cover a one member Vegan (un)Society!

"We are going to take a quick spin around the globe to visit some of the spots where abolitionist vegan groups are sprouting up."

"Time to sail away again...

Heading back to our starting point, New Zealand, a mecca for animal exploiters, lives the Birdman of Invercargill. Jordan Wyatt, peacefully caring for a few rescued chickens and sharing their beauty and personalities with the rest of us, recently started the Invercargill Vegan Society.  With a total membership of one, Jordan has allowed a few of his fans to become honorary members. I am one of his biggest fans – well, truth tell, I am only about 1.524  meters tall, or five feet, but I am very big in enthusiasm for Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the Jaywontdart podcast, and his CWNA blog.  

Jordan is a great example of what one isolated vegan can accomplish. I first met him via Twitter, where he had asked for feedback about a letter he wrote to his local newspaper. He is often on local NZ forums, challenging thinking and quite often, given the high percentage of animal-related businesses in the area, catching unfair flack for his abolitionism. All he needs now is one more abolitionist to assist him in getting the word out locally. Jordan has already had IVS business cards all printed out, so he is ready to join the global abolitionist vegan network. If you live near Invercargill, contact Jordan for information about joining his abolitionist vegan work. You can find out his contact information at Or give him a Tweet  @jaywontdart." 

Take her away boys, I hear she disagrees with "enhanced interrogation techniques", but hey, they're OK now we padded the board, right?

The Invercargill Vegan Society: Not "Happy Meat", but where *everyone* gets a "Happy Ending"