Tuesday, August 28, 2012

World Wildlife Fund Report "Low Carbon Growth Opportunities" Presentation

The World Wildlife Fund have launched a fancy new report on "Potential Low Carbon Growth Opportunities for the Southern Region Economy".  I attended the event with Dan on behalf of the Invercargill  Vegan Society, where we met Grant of Sea Shepherd, Dave Kennedy, local Green Party MP, Jenny of Transition Towns, Local Council candidate Rebecca Amunsden and partner Phil.....HEAPS of people! :-)

On signing my name in attendance at the door, I placed my Invercargill Vegan Society canvas bag on the table.  It was readily noticed by World Wrestling Fed.........World Wildlife Fund member Rosa, who commented "OH, theres a Vegan Society here?".  Yup :-)

Rosa is Vegan!  And so is Niamh, who I met a few months ago at a similar environmental event.  Its a small world out there, with a lot of Vegans :-)

You can find all the important details about the actual report here, I found the launch event fantastic.

The Southland Times "Opposing Views On Regions Development"

The Southern Express:

Guy on the bottom left has a great haircut! :-)  Dans sitting next to me too, when we realised the cameras were behind us, she pinned my INVSOC badge to the back of my jacket.  This photo managed to avoid adding in our ad :-)

I'm also slouching as much as I can so those behind can see!  1.95M tall, my legs are touching the chairs in front! :-)

 Held at the Invercargill Public Libraries meeting room, the speakers were fantastic, and I learnt that New Zealand has a decent hazelnut industry in the South Island, you learn something new every day!

Heres to a world where we move away from Non Vegan exports, to becoming world leaders in Hazelnut milk! :-)

The escalators, shut off as the library closed to the public, we walked down them, gingerly for fear of sentient-swallowing-stepper on-er behaviour!  Meeting room in the background

I had some left over lemons at home, had to use them for something......a third of a glass of lemon juice.......sweet.....sour....gorgeous......painful.

But tonights meeting with WWF?  Wholly Wonderful and Fulfilling!

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