Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Farm It Maybe" Dairy Farming Parody of "Call Me Maybe"

The hit song "Call Me Maybe"

now has a "dairy farming" parody

"Hey, drink this milk It'll keep ya healthy
And make the farmers
Nice and wealthy

Cause owning a cow
Can be pricey
Just don't be mean
Treat em' nicely"

You cannot beat the farmin' life
I love it so much
Just to letcha' know that
I love it so, so much

Milk will make your bones
Grow big and strong
That's how I keep working
All day long

Hey, I just milked you
These cows are crazy
To be a farmer
You can't be lazy

And all the other farms
Are just as charming
What can I say?
That's dairy farming

I was born into farm life
I love it so much
I love it so much
I love it so, so much

These cows are my entire life
I love them so much
And you should know that

So Farm It Maybe"

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