Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Episode 91 Go Vegans Love Marmite

Episode 91 Go Vegans Love Marmite

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4m "Go Vegan" interview with a fantastic new organisation supporting New Zealand Vegans

17m "Vegans Love Marmite" campaign, Vegan labelling on popular products

26m interview with General Manager of "Sanitarium" Pierre van Heerden about Marmite, Vegan products

31m "Mediawatch", food companies influencing NZ media and receiving free publicity

44m interview with Colin Peacock of "Mediawatch" about Marmite, Veganism and free PR

1hr Invercargill Vegan Society updates, and Marmites return :-)


Vegan Chef Ben James interview episode, Episode 86 

Seventh Day Adventist interview, I ask them if they can magically produce more Marmite for me :-) (Sanitarium, the company who made Marmite is an Adventist owned and operated business)

Mediawatch 10 June 2012 KFC "doubledown", "KFC Pie" free publicity

Mediawatch 24 June 2012, Phoney buzz from fastfood

Mediawatch March 17th 2013 - Marmites return, Sanitarium stunts

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marmite Returns! Sanitarium General Manager Interview

Today has been a big day!  I've moved a grand piano with the help of a high school rugby team, sanded back and restored a table, and suffered the crushing blow of my computer destroying itself!

But overall, I'll remember the 20th of March 2013 as the day Marmite was brought back from the dead!

By 8am this morning, I was in line at Invercargill Pak n Save.  As soon as the door opened, eager Marmite fans walked through the self scanning checkouts and to the jam/canned fruit aisle.  I edged out ahead and got the first jar of Marmite from the store :-)

Setting up my partner's computer for audio work, I received emails telling me that the General Manager of Sanitarium, Pierre van Heerden was in Wellington and ready for an interview!

And here it is :-)

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I ask Sanitarium General Manager Pierre van Heerden about how heartbroken Sanitarium has been without Marmite, why the company has long supported Vegetarianism, and whether the company would support Vegans by labeling more of their products "vegan" :-)  With more consumer demand from Vegans, the more "Vegan" products will be sold :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meeting The Quakers, the Religious Society Of Friends

Having met a local Hare Krishna group who offer "Free Veg Food" and our Seventh Day Adventist friends who demonstrate great healthy Vegan recipes, why not meet the Quakers too? :-)

Quakers are often Vegan or Vegetarian.  While there were not any vegan Quakers at the meeting we attended, we had a great time learning how they feel about peace and non violence.  

They believe in respect for everyone, their church as such as no strict beliefs, everyone is equal.  They helped with civil rights for African Americans, and have always believed that women are equal to men. How could you not like a group which calls itself "The Religious Society Of Friends"? :-)

During a Quaker meeting, we all sat silently for an hour.  Meditating?  Praying?  Counting the threads in a rug and imagining everyone else would burst into the Harlem Shake?  It was nice to have a break from checking Facebook and planning animal rights campaigns :-)

I interviewed local Quaker Liz Miller about being a Quaker, and thanked her for not squashing a fly during the meeting :-)

Liz, Cathy and my partner Jenny

Liz loves the two dogs she cares for.  Her house has many great stickers and signs about looking after animals :-)

With a long history of promoting peace, and even running ambulance services during times of war, the Quakers are an interesting group!

Similar religious groups linked to Veganism/Vegetarianism:

Having met a local Hare Krishna group who offer "Free Veg Food" and our Seventh Day Adventist friends who demonstrate great healthy Vegan recipes, why not meet the Quakers too? :-)