Sunday, August 19, 2012

Julie Gunn of "Animal Rights and Wrongs" Radio Visits Invercargill :-) PHOTOS

Wellington Vegan Julie Gunn, of radio show "Animal Rights and Wrongs" visited Invercargill.  Julie attended our second August 2012 INVSOC potluck :-)

Curious Hen demonstrates why she's nicknamed Curious Hen.  She calmly walked over to the two of us, and when I suggested Julie move her bag "out of the way", Ms C. Hen cut to the chase!

Curious Hen found the banana stashed inside :-)

Nice Hen :-)

I picked up Curious Hen, and let her stand on the palm of my hand, which she did quite happily.  With utter confidence, she moved to standing on my wrist

Secure in her trust in my stability, and her own balance, she proceeded to clean herself without a care in the world :-)

Julie at the Sundial where I take most of our Recipe photos :-)  She'd seen it online before, now she's seen it in the concrete :-)

At our mighty INVSOC World Vegan Day 2011 memorial tree in the Otepuni Gardens :-)

We recorded a short clip while standing beside our tree :-)

 Download audio directly

Nice ducks making quite a bow wave! :-)

Finding geocaches!

Burt Munro sculpture at Queens Park.  Julie had seen "The Worlds Fastest Indian" before, the movie about the local man who went on to be a world speed record holder in his later years.

Inside the Invercargill museum (which is in the shape of a giant white pyramid), the first low budget film Worlds Fastest Indian director Roger Donaldson made on Burt Munro plays, "Offerings To The God Of Speed" .   It would have been a dream come true to later make a full feature length movie featuring Hannibal Lecter decades later! :-)

Another geocache, this one is a magnetic fake bolt on a park bench.  In the background is a quote "horse dog", some kind of Great Dane (but shaggy?  A giant Afghan cross?) :-)  Julie is biting into a Chocolate Muesli wheel, made by Dan for our second August 2012 INVSOC potluck :-)

We all loved having you visit us in Invercargill with your brother Willie, I hope you'll visit us (and your uncle who lives here) again soon Julie! :-)

You can find Julies radio show online "Animal Rights and Wrongs"


  1. Where do your hens sleep? Do you have any pictures of their home? Was looking at the pictures below of "Hurt Hen" and "Home Hen" You fixed her up very well! Was it a very long process?

    1. Hi Ella :-) She healed herself over time, this is how she should always have been :-)

      The photos are taken almost exactly a year apart.

      They live in a series of sheds at night, which are connected to our glasshouse by a wire mesh corridor. They can be closed in between the three buildings and be safe from cats if need be . During the day they live in our garden.

      A video showing the glasshouse

      I'll show you when you stop by for a potluck :-)



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