Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 17th 2012 INVSOC Potluck

**** UPDATE  Before Julie returned home to Wellington, we had a great day out together ****

We've had THREE potlucks in recent weeks!  Our last August 2012 potluck with Justin of Hellhound Hotdogs was just 16 days earlier :-)

This potluck, we had LOTS of guests from around the nation. Radio starr (looks good with two rolled Southland r's) Julie Gunn and her brother Willie joined us from Wellington.  Alison stopped by on her tour of Southland from Tauranga.   Guests from the North Island!

Representing the greater South Island, we had Jenny and Jane who drove down from Queenstown just to join the Invercargill Vegan Society for our potluck! :-)  What fantastic commitment :-)

Katharine, Dan, Russell, Steve, Kerri, Jess, Alison, Jordan, Jenny, Jane, Julie, Willie were in attendance :-)

Heres the audio interview recorded at tonights potluck :-) (direct download of audio)

Lemon Cake and Banana Chocolate Chip muffins :-)

Two tables were needed for all 12 guests :-)

Chilli Con TVP, hotdogs for those who missed them last potluck with Justin :-)  In the background, berry crunch slices, chocolate delicacies :-)

Roasted vegetables all the way from Queenstown :-)  The Burger patties on the right were prepared in Queenstown, then fried here in my very own Invercargill kitchen by Jenny and her trusty frypan :-)

When Julie *doesnt* have a blinding aura around her head....

....she has fantastic hair :-)


Russell's fantastic Vegan meatballs :-)

Vegan meatball with burger patty in the background

 Tempeh, chickpea curry

A well balanced meal :-)

Thank you all for a fantastic potluck, I'm so very lucky to have such nice Vegan friends from around New Zealand :-)

**** UPDATE  Before Julie returned home to Wellington, we had a great day out together ****

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