Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 58 Backbenchers, INVSOC and Mayor Tim Shadbolt

Episode 58 Backbenchers, INVSOC and Mayor Tim Shadbolt

Shoutouts to Virginia, Mayor Tim Shadbolt does the Invercargill Vegan Society a major favour, Backbenchers show about "silly little chickens", INVSOC posters, cards, badges, "all animals are equal" for a motto (and dealing with wise guys) and Atlas Shrugged!  

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Hello and welcome to another great episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the premier show of the Invercargill Vegan Society.

And for once, lets do the main story first, so anyone who usually gives up listening can hear it right away.

I was contacted last week by another Vegan living in Invercargill!  Hi Nicole!  Hope to meet you sometime!

And speaking of Premiers, I managed to have a meeting with the mayor of my city, Mayor Tim Shadbolt, a colourful character if ever there was one.  He has a long, storied history, of being in every protest imaginable, of working in the concrete industry, of towing a concrete mixer behind the mayoral car for a few victory laps on winning an election, appearing on Dancing with the Stars, the NZ version, where everyone one had to do the Haka or the Macarena, and well, being the most out there mayor in all of … possibly the world!

I've recently posted a whole bunch of Invercargill Vegan Society propaganda…I mean, items… out to listeners around the world, if you'd like an INVSOC badge and coin, valued at about 50 American cents to the INVSOC dollar, please get in touch, .

Todays intro bumper was by Lucas Hayes, a young Vegan guy living in Virginia, home of many FBI divisions, aka the Thoughtpolice in INVSOC-speak, oh, and Chris Brown!

Thoughtpolice, go go music, most of a family doing drugs, mummas being beat down and hanging people from a rope?  Sounds like SOME PEOPLE, including Chris and Lucas, need to get the blink outta Virginia!, perhaps STRAIGHT OUTTA VIRGINIA if you catch my drift.

Lucas is half of the Our Vegan Pregnancy blog, which you can find at .  Lucas appeared on this show, Episode 46 about the Oprah show, "Oprah goes Vegan,  Veg*n, Veganish…", he left a comment and was kind enough to mention his "old mate Tim" living here in Invercargill, New Zealand, if I'd keep an eye out for him, possibly spotting him on Esk Street, that Lucas wanted to hear back from his friend Tim!

Well Lucas, I finally tracked down your old friend, "Tim", he was hanging around the Invercargill City Council building, I had to email his personal assistant, make an appointment, wait in the lobby, no doubt being secretly x rayed, then TRIPLE x rayed when they heard I was an Animal Rights activist who wanted to meet the mayor…buzzed through, I walked up a flight of stairs to meet an aide… who took me to his waiting room, when in walked in "Lucas' old friend Tim" himself :-)

And what do you know, he had a message for Lucas!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Message for my mate Lucas from Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt

My good friend Lucas Hayes of Our Vegan Pregnancy fame mentioned "his mate Tim" here in Invercargill, New Zealand and Esk Street in particular some months ago in a clip for this very show.

Well, "Tim" has finally managed to reply ;-)

Special thanks to Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt for his time :-)

Until Lucas can escape "the thoughtpolice" and visit this beautiful city, to enjoy steamed swede (had to think of a Southland delicacy that was Vegan!) and pint of Speights, I've taken one of badges featured in the video, and sent it on a tour of Esk Street, plus a last minute stop posing in front of the Alliance Slaughterhouse Group's building,

WE SHALL PREVAIL!  (more photos of the Esk Street tour badge here )

Enjoy the badges Lucas!  Hope to see you here soon :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

INVSOC Advocacy Kit complete with posters! :-) PHOTOS

My Invercargill Vegan Society Advocacy Kit (INVSOCAK anyone?...) is complete, now with posters and new business cards!
I'll keep the A5 laminated posters inside to show people, the A4 size will be put up to promote Veganism :-)

It was an overcast day, weird clouds, perhaps a Chilean Ash Cloud ?, as I moved to block out glare, then my SHADOW would screw up the light :-)  Its most noticeable on the green, bright colours, they're all the same shade, they look great in person ;-)

See all photos of the kit here

Feel free to print off a copy for yourself :-)  Full size 2480 x 3507 resolution original .PNG's are linked below, smaller (reasonable!) sizes can also be chosen.

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507!  

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507! 

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507! 

See also my blogpost about using a Smartphone, iPod Touch or Tablet for showing material

Monday, June 13, 2011

INVSOC Coins *AND* Badges arrive :-)

Oh, hello! Items for the Invercargill Vegan Society (INVSOC)

The full sized "coins", and smaller "pins" (American for badges) have arrived!  The larger coins are a more vibrant/tacky green, the half sized badges, that pin onto clothes, bags, earlobes, unicorns* are a more conservative, stuffy green

If you'd like me to send you a couple, please email me with your address, you get a couple trinkets, I get your personal information to mishandle at my discretion, "The Facebook/Sony/Google Way", sounds a fair swap right?

Sadly, these are the crummy "Limited Edition", as I couldnt find an infinite supply of badges :-(  First come, first personal data leaked!

*try and poke a little spike on a Unicorns hemp hat without her permission, she'll STAB you with a HUGE spike

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 57 Live Exporting Australians

Episode 57 Live Exporting Australians

Live Export of living animals from Australia to Indonesian slaughterhouses, Animals Australia's Lyn White, Official Sociologist to the Invercargill Vegan Society Dr Roger Yates, Elizabeth Collins, and those darn "Dairy farmers" *still* hard at work, ruining New Zealand!

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Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the premier podcast of the Invercargill Vegan Society.

A quick throw back to last episodes "damn farmers ruining the country, make me want to throw up" story.  Pollution in the Waituna Lagoon, an internationally recognized area of New Zealand, which is being ruined, forever, by "dairy" farmers waste, they call it "nutrients", anyone else would call it shit.

From The Southland Times

"…Two charges were for discharging dairy shed effluent on to land from a traveling irrigator in circumstances that may have resulted in the contaminants entering water; one charge was for depositing stock carcasses into water; and the final charge was for discharging sludge and dairy-shed effluent from an incomplete effluent-disposal system…."

Dairy shed effluent, as in, all the shit left by the cows as they are mechanically milked a couple times a day.  An irrigator, that sprays that "nutrient" on the fields, and "depositing stock carcasses into water", as in throwing the dead slaves corpses into the water.  Lovely!  They should mention this on the milk carton!

The Australian program "Four Corners" ran an episode about Live Export, the Australian practice of sending live animals by boat to overseas countries, to be killed there.  Its looked down upon as cruel by Animal Welfare campaigners.

Here are some clips from the show

How can any killing be "humane"?  Is it ok for a Woman to kill a Man if she "stuns" him first?  If he's in the bathtub, and she throws an iPod in, giving him a light shock, and an expensive paperweight, whatever paper was, before cutting off his head, is that cool under Australian law?  No, not quite.

Lets respect other animals right to life.

the smell of Blood, "fear", gee, I wonder what happiness smells like, my bet is like bananas,    knives being sharpened, dropped, concrete, water… ANY Slaughterhouse fits her description, the footage seen.  Cmon!  If this was an Australian or even a saintly New Zealand slaughterhouse, the average Non Vegan viewer would be stunned by what they saw.  Oddly, its often considered "not nice" to STUN viewers with "graphic footage", aka, showing them the truth about whats on their plate at that very moment.


Again, the politically acceptable answer, "we care about animal welfare…its number one…", if treating animals nicely was number one, your employees would be taking all those animals to those lovely Australian beaches for a picnic, followed by surfing!  Lets be honest, above all else, you wouldn't be involved in that industry if you weren't making a profit.  Would you do it for free, Mr Guy In Charge of Live Export?  No.

And all abattoirs, or SLAUGHTERHOUSES are equal.

I do admit to being shocked by what I saw at first, so the ritual custom is to tie animals up, before we cut their throat, right?  So, in their wisdom, the Australians decided to give the Indonesian slaughterhouses lovely "Control Boxes", thats what they're called, a "Control Box", metal sidings, that the animals go into, they are tied up through steel rods set in the concrete, sloping wedge shaped floor, a side swings away off the Control Box, and having their throat cut, they slam their heads against the sloping concrete in panic.  Until they bleed to death.  Its not nice to see.  Its not nice to have it happen to you!  "Headslaps" are described, as we saw, the animals bashing their heads against the concrete, trying to regain their footing while bleeding to death, they stumble, they fall over, they thrash against the concrete slope.  All this designed by Australians, because its "better welfare", than simply chasing them around a room, trying to tie them to a post and then killing them without the "Control Box", and its sloping concrete wedge.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Backbenchers" show, SAFE donated "Free Range Eggs"?

On the same episode of "Backbenchers" (a question-members-of-parliment show) as ACT party MP Hilary Calvert saying:

"I don't care if they display the characteristics of chopping their heads off and running around the garden without their heads either. We care about people ahead of silly little chickens," Calvert said."

Did SAFE actually give "Free Range Eggs" as a prize?  Why not, I dont know, Vegan chocolate or something decent?  Something without animal exploitation!

*** UPDATE I've heard back from Debra, who states SAFE would not have bought those awful "Free Range Eggs", that the presenter must have been confused.  I say a less confusing message would be had if we were not essentially promoting "buy Free Range" :-) )

What a crappy prize!!!

Possibly the hosts were confused as to who gave them these "Good Eggs", however, SAFE are in full support of the "Free Range", "Cage Free" welfare reform, dressing in Chicken costumes on the show, would they really go so far as to buy "Free Range Eggs" though?

Surely, thats not Animal RIGHTS?

SAFE make an appearance in the second segment of the show, viewable here (Click the "2" underneath the video to see it)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Corners show "A Bloody Business" download

Ill be covering this "Australian Live Export" story soon, until then, you can easily watch that episode of "Four Corners" here.

Just under 350MB, ~45 minutes long without ads, a free download shouldnt take that long.

It does contain video of animals being killed, and that awful Temple Grandin.  On the positive side...umm.....lots of pretty Dragonflies...?

I highly recommend watching to learn more about this issue, or at least, how its portrayed. 

To boil it down to huge tweet length... "Australians kill animals properly, those Indonesians cant do anything right without our constant help, new Australian designed killing equipment, new Australian trainers....its about doing this humanely, and us wonderful Australians can teach these impoverished people how to respect killing them"

I really found that angle to be overbearing, the idea that Indonesians are somehow backwards, that they cannot so much as keep their knives sharp...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Episode 56 Waituna Lagoon flips and palm oil Lite Licks

Episode 56 Waituna Lagoon flips and palm oil Lite Licks

Waituna Lagoon being destroyed by "dairy" "nutrients" (read: cowshit from surrounding farms), "Dairy Free" icecream that sadly contains Palm Oil, talking about yourself on a radio show and Veganism according to Jordan Wyatt : "its about looking at yourself in the mirror" :-)

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Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals iTunes link

Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

This episode I'd like to cover three main topics, the pollution of New Zealand by "Dairy" farmers, "Dairy Free" icecream and my appearance on the radio show Animal Rights and Wrongs.

Like many billions of people around the world, I'm glad Roger Yates has resumed podcasting!  You can find his great show, On Human-Nonhuman Relations at

New Zealand relies on two industries, Animal Killing Inc, and "New Zealand, its only a convenient twenty hour flight from the developed nations" Tourism Co.

The two often cancel each other out, not many people come here to see other animals killed, not many people like buying products that destroy beautiful parts of the world.  I'll fit that in to my second story, with the cursed Palm Oil.

Is New Zealand really a wonderland of Nuclear Free, Woman Having The Vote Chicken Friendery?  Well, don't trust my completely honest opinion, because my gravity production machine isn't running at full capacity, i'm stuck here in velcro underwear, I cant podcast floating around the ceiling you know!

No, someone who's lived his whole life in the area is sketchy, instead trust this clip from our Mainstream Media!