Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Meat Week" at Pak n Save, ugh! PHOTO, VIDEO


August 2012 "Meet the meat of your dreams"

"Meat Week"

"A herd of seriously undercooked prices" !
"Wide range at prime cut prices" !

How hilarious!

So of course there was more scrambling to get the bleeding lumps in plastic packets than usual.

Its fun whipping out your phone and taking photos/videos in public!  People look at you like you're crazy, yippee!

Heres the "Vegetarian section" at the same Pak n Save:

Not as large as the "meat" section, surrounded by flesh and breast milk "products", its not bad, not bad!  About half of what you saw is Vegan.  Could be worse :-)

Heres to a 100% Vegan Invercargill Pak n Save, where it would be regarded as disgusting to kill and eat the corpses of Chickens as it would Cats.

***UPDATE*** 21st November 2011

Apparently its once again the glorious celebration of "Meat Week", as evidenced by the same royal banners being outside Invercargill Pak n Save, and THIS proclamation inside, initially kept in 8 Bit Mode for reasons of taste, blerg!

Cant wait for Fresh Fruit Week and Crisp Vegetable Week , because THOSE items really need pimping out, right? :-)


  1. how is it surrounded by breast feeding products? Baby items are contained to one aisle and aren't anywhere near food. Usually, these products are housed in the same aisle (or near to) the laundry detergents etc.

    GET OVER YOURSELF! Humans are carnivores. End of.

    1. Hello VAPCP :-) Breast Feeding Products, or as the English Sociologist Dr Roger Yates would say, Calf Food, mammals milk is made for their children, female cows do not produce milk all their lives, but after they have been artificially inseminated by the farmers.

      I must say, your line of reasoning is impeccable, jumping into a debate to shout "this is what I think and its true, no further discussion!" :-)

      The Invercargill Vegan Society website is quite fun to read on the topic, with many photos of our Chicken Friends :-)

      Take care!~


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