Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Miss Jamaica" forced Artificial Insemination Proudly Displayed by Dairy Industry

Another article in The Southland Times about "dairy", here we find out more about forced Artificial Insemination, using semen from a bull on the other side of the world.  I've shared this video from Irish television showing to a mainstream audience how "AB" (artificial breeding) works in the "dairy" industry before.  Its very offputting to a Vegan, but its apparently shown on primetime television in Ireland!

  While "showing her off" at some kind of agricultural fair, they decided "lets Command+P her again, print out another couple", and impregnated her once more.

"The one-month-old holstein friesian calf was the first calf of the season born on Nathan Chilton’s Spurhead farm, near Edendale. Miss Jamaica is the third daughter of champion cow June but the first from an embryo placed in a heifer.

Mr Chilton said he wanted June to have many daughters so had her inseminated with Canadian bull semen in September and had her embryos flushed out in October.

The four fertilised embryos were placed in four heifers but only one embryo held in a heifer called Antigua, named after the Caribbean Island.

June’s great-great-grandmother was called Jamaica, hence the name of the surrogate calf, he said.

Miss Jamaica would have cost him about $1500 but Mr Chilton said the outlay was worth it for a heifer,.

Flushing was quite common in Southland and he knew of about 20 farmers who were doing it.

A Wyndham farmer flushed hoping for a breeding bull, while another wanted heifers to boost milk production.

Higher milk production was the motivation for flushing June, who had a bumper season producing 1108kg of milksolids.

However, Miss Jamaica would be sold if an offer was too good to refuse.

Fertile June was artificially inseminated by another straw of Canada bull semen while she was on the show circuit in Christchurch in November, Mr Chilton said.

‘‘You only have to wave the straw in front of her and she’s in calf.’’

June calved last night and had another heifer that was yet to be named, he said"

I'll stick to soymilk!

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