Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rescued Hens Enjoying Their Eggs VIDEO

A 2012 remake of my original 2010 video

Its interesting that I often get asked "you're a Vegan, so do you sell their eggs?", or that I would somehow "allow myself" to eat things that plopped out of my Hen Friends bottoms.

I can tell you, even if Whole Hen and Hurt Hen and Geiger Hen and Curious Hen and Yellow Hen BEGGED me to eat their eggs, I wouldnt be interested!  Laying an egg for a female bird is like giving birth for a female human, in that it takes about thirty minutes of strained clucking in their nesting box, and comes out covered in slimy mucus.

I'll pass thanks, I dont even like touching their eggs!

Why would anyone wish to eat birds eggs?  What would we do if we found a Sparrows nest, eat her eggs, her unhatched children (or unfertilized eggs)?  Highly unlikely, but since we've grown up eating birds eggs from Chickens, we see it as socially  acceptable!

Watch as Whole Hen leaps up to kick the egg from my hand in her haste to eat it, birds eggs are for the birds, they all eat their way out of their own individual eggs, and in nature, they'd either let unfertilised eggs rot, or eat them.

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