Friday, June 14, 2013

Episode 93 Vegan Wrath with Ruby Roth! (Soymilk on the Streets)

The Invercargill Vegan Society had a lovely time giving out soymilk on the street, and this episode we're joined by author Ruby Roth!

1m Dairy Monopoly "Fonterra" invades New Zealand Primary Schools, giving away free cows milk. Invercargill Vegan Society retaliates by taking soy milk to the streets!

6m Interview with a Vegan mother, after her 6 year old daughter sat through 45m meat brainwashing presentation at her primary school

18m Fonterra tries to buy off Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt….but Vegans got there first!

20m Vegans hand out soymilk on the street

25m Interview with Vegan children's book author Ruby Roth, "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" and "Vegan Is Love"

40m Invercargill Vegan Society "Welcome to Invercargill" Vegan Potluck Sign

41m Mediawatch Mention

43m INVSOC Vegan stall at Health and Disability expo

49m Interview with Matt Gerstenberger, Vegan cyclist who's image was used without permission by McDonalds!

56m Interview with Dreamweaver, Vegan friendly Quaker religion

1hr 8m New Zealand's National Animal Rights Conference 2013, Sneak Peek


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Invercargill Vegan Society "Soymilk on the Streets" photos

Donating Ruby Roth's books to our public library!

Ruby Roth, fantastic Vegan childrens book author, "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals", "Vegan is Love"

Fonterra PR video : Invercargill launch of "Milk in Schools", featuring Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt

TVNZ "Closeup", "Fonterra Committed To Milk In Schools" Brand Manager interview

McDonalds uses Vegan Cyclists photo without permission!

Quakers, Vegan friendly religion

Songs used:

"Dreamweaver", Gary Wright

"Earthquake", Labrinth

"Run This Town" Jay Z