Friday, August 31, 2012

Rescued Hens Meet Me: Wingmates! VIDEO

I decided to take a video of my Hen Friends running to meet me when I came home today.  They were up near the front of our section, so no dramatic "running for their lives to see me" like in the earlier video, but perhaps what I've recorded is even better!

My Hen Friends often follow me, as though "walking in formation", like having wingmates! :-)

Aren't they lovely? :-)

1m 13s Yellow Hen

1m 19s Curious Hen, who taps the camera for being shiny, she even leaps to touch it! :-)  Like Ms Hen, the all black mother of Black Chick and Yellow Hen, Curious Hen likes to hold eye contact.  You can see her throughout this video looking up into my eyes to see what I'm doing.  The other hens will do this too, briefly.  A genuine interest in someone else.

1m 37s the sound you can hear is Geiger Hen "squealing", although I skip over her to show the now healed Home Hen looking friendly :-)

1m 50s focuses on Whole Hen, who is a blazing orange.  She holds her head up to make eye contact and inspect the camera, but she had no plans of pecking it.  Part of her personality, she is also curious about new objects, and seeing whats going on, she holds her head like this to suss out things :-)

1m 56s Geiger Hen, briefly, who *would* have tapped the camera too, she often bites at shoelaces etc :-)

Its nice walking with a little "gang" of Hen Friends through the garden :-)

An earlier video, Bantam Hen Friends Running To Meet Me :-)  Mr Rooster, Black Chick and the Yellow Hens :-)

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