Thursday, December 30, 2010

Episode 42 For The Year 2011

Episode 42 For The Year 2011

The last episode for 2010!  I'm joined by Emmy James ( ), William Paul and Elizabeth Collins ( ) to talk about activism in 2010, 2011 and beyond!

Download here to directly listen  or better yet, subscribe to my show in iTunes and get ALL episodes as the come out automatically!

Intro song:
"Anthem for the Year 2000" by Silverchair, an Australian band with an on again off again Vegan lead singer, Daniel Johns

Monday, December 27, 2010

Urgent Message to all Honorary Invercargill Vegan Society members!

Please share!

Hello to all honorary members of the Invercargill Vegan Society!  I'm glad your "dark mark" burnt as specified by the dodgy guy selling them in that alleyway.

Soon I'm going to cover my hopes for the Invercargill Vegan Society in 2011, such as by doubling our ranks, with a SECOND member...

I'd love to hear from honorary members from around the world, to hear a report from YOUR "branch of the Invercargill Vegan Society"!

Please email me an audio recording of yourself talking for thirty seconds to a few minutes about what you're looking forward to, how you plan on speaking with others about Veganism!  If you could introduce yourself, your city, your country, and your hopes and dreams, that would be great!

I'd be ok with including reports from "large groups" (1+ members) who want to align themselves with our prestigious Invercargill Vegan Society.

I'll include these reports in a future episode for the new year.  Bonus points go to those who attempt my Southland accent for part of the report, with your honorary membership you gained the right to mock my voice :-)

doubleplusgood for those who quickly Google "Invercargill New Zealand", and include a fact about "our" region!   "so uhh, hey Jordan, how about that uhhh... "Tay Street"?  Really beautiful with the snow this time of year, right?  OH WAIT, no, sorry, thats right, its SUMMER there!..." :-)

My email address is ,  I'd really appreciate as many clips as possible, from as far away from Invercargill, New Zealand as possible! 

Lets put those other "Vegan Societies" and "Associations" to shame, because SURELY the Invercargill Vegan Society has members world wide, right?  She sure as hell doesn't have many here in Invercargill!  :^)

Please Share!

"humane" vs "sicko": A Tale of Suffocation

I see the "latest" OUTRAGE over "Animal Cruelty" is of a young man who recorded himself putting two kittens into a plastic bag, sealing them in, then using a Vacuum cleaner running in reverse to drain all air from the bag. He recorded them dying for others to watch and enjoy.

The Sun is no Wikipedia in terms of honest, impartial accuracy, I'm sure the event happened, although its reported of course in a highly inflammatory way, he's a "sicko", a "monster", building a "execution chamber", living in a "grotty" room, with a "bizarre" bed cover.

New Welfarist groups such as PETA promote Happy Meat, "we think its wrong to hurt and kill others, but you're too stupid to be treated as we'd like to be treated, you're too dumb to be Vegan, so uhhh, lets kill them this way, its a little better, its that made up word, "humane.""

Heres a PETA page, including video, for "Controlled Atmosphere Killing", of gassing Chickens to death:

"Since 2002, PETA has been urging major food retailers, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Kroger, Safeway, and Wal-Mart, as well as the nation's largest poultry producers—including Butterball, Tyson, and Pilgrim's Pride—to switch from electric immobilization to controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK)."
"CAK removes oxygen from the birds' atmosphere while they are still in their transport crates. The birds are not "gassed" (i.e., asphyxiated); they die from lack of oxygen, or anoxia, which is a painless process."

How is this different to what one young man did to (I believe) two Kittens? We kill some 49 Billion Chickens each year, and this "CAK" is the new "humane" way to do it. Why the devil are "Animal Rights" groups promoting a NEW way to kill many tens of billions of animals, each and every year?

Its as easy to be Vegan as not, and its the least others deserve, not to be seen as a "it", or a "thing", but respected as our Friend.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wild Rabbit Spotted! VIDEO

On the way to the Otakaro Park geocache, I also found a Wild Rabbit!

Want to see the shortest video of a Rabbit in recorded (ha) history?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chickens Like Apples VIDEO

I've been promising more Chicken Friend videos for some time now, I have the raw files, its just a matter of editing and uploading :-)

I hope this delivers some of the promised "Tofu Steak"

Chicken Friends deserve 720 Fullscreen when possible :-)

And it just happened to be The Magic Number, 3:33!  Make a donation to No Agenda!

"Do you like Apples?" intro scene from Good Will Hunting

Hows this for an ending?

All the Cool Kids have a signature ending, quick, play along at home, how many of these do you recognise?

"If you are not vegan, go vegan. It’s easy; it’s better for your health and for the planet. But, most important, it’s the morally right thing to do."

"Go Vegan"

Ok, so "signature endings" are not so common that I could quickly name more than two offhand....but my inferiority complex is only matched by Kanye Wests sense of self worth.

I *only* have a blog, show and Vegan Society all of my own, its about time I got with the program and had "an ending" worked out, right?

How about this?

"Its as easy to be Vegan as not, and its the least others deserve, not to be seen as a "it", or a "thing", but respected as a Friend."

With the last "respected as a Friend" linked, when possible, to this very blog post (hi people who've visited!  talk about breaking the fourth wall, eh?), so that readers can hear this wonderful clip from Elizabeth Collins:

"They ARE our Friends" - Elizabeth Collins NZ Vegan Podcast


You're right Elizabeth, they ARE our Friends.  Its going to be especially fun if I say that to people unfamiliar with my accent, "dey rrrr rrrr frrrriendssss" :-)

What do you think of my ending?  I'd love to hear any improvements you may have!

Happy EVERY day!

I don't celebrate religious holidays, so I wish everyone a merry or happy EVERY day!

Our local Salvation Army, "the sallies" has help from Bowmont "Meats" talk about your "sacrificial lambs" eh?

Bowmont "Meats" is an interesting company, along with their "regular" "meat":
"just because you aren't keen on STALKING PREY through the bush doesn't mean you have to miss out on the WONDERFUL FLAVOURS OF WILD GAME.  John Corbett talks to those happy to step in on your behalf"

"stalking prey", why would we want to *stalk* anyone, to *prey* upon *victims*?

That (rhetorical) question is answered by the image "you dont have to miss out on the WONDERFUL FLAVOURS of wild "game" "

"“And taste is what it is all about in the end”."

And how could that moustache remind you of anyone else than Stalin?

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

This morning, December the 25th, I were reminded of how precious life is.  As I went out to see my Chicken Friends, I nearly stepped on the dead body of a Sparrow, killed by a Cat "for fun".  All a "game".

At this time of the year, when many celebrate the birth of some guy, lets consider how in the natural world, we all have but one life to live.  We are not like Cats, who apparently live nine times over, or this Jesus character who, like the Energiser Bunny, (or Duracell Bunny for those keeping it real) keeps popping back up, no, we are Sparrows.  We are uniformly pretty, walk on two legs, like eating bread and communicate through Tweets.

Mortal, non fictitious beings must band together!  Lets enjoy our own lives, and let others keep theirs.

Its as easy to be Vegan as not, and its the least others deserve, not to be seen as a "it", or a "thing", but respected as a Friend.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Intro "bumpers" wanted!

If you're an Abolitionist Vegan who listens to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, I'd *love* to have an intro "bumper" from you!

You'd just need to record yourself saying "hello, I'm (name) I'm an Abolitionist Vegan from (country), you can find me at (your website or facebook page OPTIONAL), and you're listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals", then email it to me :-)

I'll then add the backing music, and its done!

There are so many people I'd be HONOURED to have intros from, its great to have as many voices on my show as possible, its a nice way to meet new people :-)

I currently have 15 intros that I cycle through for my show, the more the merrier!

So far, my Bumpers are from:

Sam Tucker, Food For Thought Radio
Hear Sam's bumper here

Elizabeth Collins, NZ Vegan Podcast
Hear Elizabeth's bumper here

Dr Roger Yates, Onhuman-Nonhuman Relations
Hear Roger's bumper here

Jessie Hume, New Zealand Vegan Society
Hear Jessie's bumper here

Corey Wrenn,  Roanoke Vegan Examiner
Hear Corey's bumper here

Barbara DeGrande, Veganacious
Hear Barbara's bumper here

Emmy James, Vegan For Life
Hear Emmy's bumper here

Lara Campbell
Hear Lara's bumper here

Jeffrey Coolwater Coolwater 4 Animals
Hear Jeffrey's bumper here

Michael Tiedemann A Voice 4 Animals
Hear Michael's bumper here

Conrad Rygier Tasty Vegan Meals
Hear Conrad's bumper here

Beatriz Batista Comprar Animais
Hear Beatriz' bumper here

Sam Bee Twitter
Hear Sam's bumper here 

Lucas Hayes Our Vegan Pregnancy 
Hear Lucas' bumper here

Mitch Bennett Earth Light and Color
Hear Mitch's bumper here

If you're an Abolitionist Vegan, I'd love to have a Bumper from you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Episode 41 Invading to sell Stolen Breast Milk

Episode 41 Invading to sell stolen Breast Milk

iTunes RSS Feed issues (hopefully solved!), Canadians on my case all the time, Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association, Overheating Dogs, IT IT IT, "chuck IT in the river", New Zealand invading other nations to sell stolen Breast Milk

Download directly to listen here or subscribe in iTunes :-)

Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, a front for the Invercargill Vegan Society, and her ONE member!

I'd like to get back into the old, boring format of covering current news stories.  I'll still have "special episodes" where I go out of my way to BASH something or someone, but for now, lets cover the news.  I'll make sure to do it in a heavily slanted and unreliable fashion

Before I can begin, I must apologize to anyone, and by that, I mean pretty much EVERYONE who had my iTunes feed go nuts, cashew, pistachio, peanut, it went crazy.  It may have…it PROBABLY…started downloading every previous episode all over again, all forty of them, for that I'm sorry.  I've fixed some whacko iTunes RSS feed thing, with the help of listener and friend Ben, a great guy, Michael Jackson should write a song about you Ben, and anyway, the iTunes feed should be sorted now.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Latenight Geocaching helps promote Veganism!

So, deciding I wasn't quite reaching my "mad" potential, I decided to take up Geocaching, a sport which involves using a GPS receiver (like my iPhone) to track down a location to the metre, and then find a hidden "cache"!  Usually a plastic or metal container, inside will most likely be a log book to sign, and possibly some "treasure", the crappiest of crap plastic toys, keyrings etc.

After finding an amazing "nano" cache, a tiny MAGNETIC metal capsule with a tightly rolled up log inside :

"Stop The Flood" geocache Hidden magnetically on this memorial

Isn't she cute?  A tiny little magnetic, waterproof metal capsule!  By the rubber seal ring, it unscrews to reveal the paper log

I decided to find others in Invercargill, New Zealand

Monday, December 20, 2010

I've loved Birds all my life PHOTO

I've loved Birds all my life:
Jarney the Lovebird
Birds always have a lovely manner of drinking:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Chick "Fun in the Sun" VIDEO


Merry Christmas from the NZ Pork Board

Today I received this from The NZ Pork Board:

Now, I'm sure you were just as outraged as I that we never received a Hanukkah card from The New Zealand Pork Board!  Heads should roll for this kind of incompetence!  Thats the last straw, as an Animal Rights activist, I'll have to sell my shares in the NZ Pork Board!

And the colours!  Green on Red!  Is Johnny CLASH in your iTunes library!?!  What kind of MORON uses snot/mushy pea green for text anyway? 

What about Kwanzaa too?  Sure, I only really know about it due to Futurama, "Kwanzaa bot", but cmon!  

As an Atheist, I find their lack of Festivus cheer disturbing:

Being from Southland, a world renowned producer of AluminIum (dont get me started on that "a-loo-min-num" garbage), the manufacture of Festivus Poles will keep our economy moving, once the exploitation of nonhumans ceases in 2018!

Dammit McIvor, buck up your ideas, and get to work on the "Festive Season" cards!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, its pretty offensive to have sleeping (dead looking) Pigs with doodled on "santa hats" when your business is about KILLING many millions each year.  I see the red decorations along the border, cant you just imagine the stock cliché of "an Apple in the killed Pigs mouth"? 

Just changed my Podcast Feed

Please click your heels together three times and wish for the best!

Hopefully all my episodes will show up right in iTunes....  I just made a new blog, and will post all my new episodes in a different location from THIS blog, when you subscribe to iTunes, its no longer "talking" to

Lets hope this works....please Mr Jobs....because my hands are tired from typing.

If you spot anything suspicious, please inform Wal-Mart, and then email me , its possible my show may stop showing in iTunes correctly...

And then I'll cry!

*UPDATE*  Its possible that "all the new episodes" will try and download, I'm very sorry about this.  If nothing else works, please delete the "old" episodes you have, and let the new episodes that might download "replace them".  I'm very sorry for this inconvenience, but hopefully it will be smooth sailing in future! *UPDATE*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Show: "Always mad..." and in need of "Normalising"

Thank you to everyone whose shared by episodes and blog posts, I really appreciate your help in spreading The Word about Chicken Friends!

Here Dr Roger Yates left a fun comment:

Yes, I'm "mad" as in angry about the deaths of 56 Billion land animals each year, *and* "mad" in terms of insanity!

Thank goodness I bought a Quad Core iMac recently, even with an i7 CPU, it sure as hell gets a workout when "normalising" my show!

Thank you once more for sharing my show :-)  You're all most welcome to become honorary members of the Invercargill Vegan Society!

I plan on having plenty more videos of Chicken Friends coming soon, I'd really appreciate your help sharing those!  Heres the latest installment, where we find one Hen afraid of a Fork!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Chicken Friends and "Scary Forks" VIDEO

Have you heard of the documentary movie "Forks Over Knives"?

Don't believe them!  Forks are TERRIFYING!  Dont take my word on it, just watch my Hen Friend! If possible, watch in 720 HD Fullscreen :-)

We kill 56 Billion land animals each year, 49 Billion of those animals killed are Chickens (UN FAO 2007 PDF direct download ), my Chicken Friends are allowed to be afraid of Forks.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Episode 40 Speak Up! :-)

Episode 40 Speak Up! :-)

Animal Rights activism, Text vs Audio!  Also more from the Invercargill Vegan Society, Steve Jobs, Stephen Fry and flashbacks from "Scarface"

Listen Here or better yet, subscribe in iTunes! :-)

Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.  Today, a long awaited episode about Good, vs Evil, Audio, VS Text, "Speak Up". Well, at least I'd been looking forward to doing it.

I should start off at first with a quick plug for the Worlds Number 1 Vegan Society, where numerical stature is based on number of members.  I've recently founded the Invercargill Vegan Society, IVS, its been great.  So uh, what did I do to "found" this high society?  Well, um, I got some "free", gouged on shipping, Business cards, and gave myself a title.  The cards have a pretty purple flower in the background, a stock image, which I thought would look great with Gold and Black Chicken Friends, in my warped mine, Gold, Black and Purple are complimentary. 

The cards read, "Sir Jordan W Wyatt, Invercargill Vegan Society, Founder, and "Dictator for life".  I needed an impressive sounding name, hence "Sir" and an initial.  Founder, yeah, well I got the thing going right?  And as for "Dictator for life", as I explained on a recent blog post,

I didn't want to get Steve Jobs'd, fired from a company, or in this case a Vegan Society in a small rural area known for stealing milk from forcibly knocked up mothers, by an evil board of Directors.  I'm sure when we get more than one member, that my next "trying to be a bigshot like I'm from Auckland or something" move will be to create a Board, with whoever else is in.  Maybe I should just keep it a Secret Society eh?  That way I'm not embarrassed by our membership roll being discovered, having a single entry.  Although, that DOES mean I get 100% of any money we find on the ground while doing public events, awesome!

There can be many Directors on the Board, but only one Dictator.  I wont be relinquishing my post any time soon, there'll drag me out kicking and screaming, or in a bag. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An iPhone (or iPod Touch) is an Activists best friend!

(excluding Chicken Friends)

I've mentioned recently getting business cards to hand out for the Invercargill Vegan Society, but most of my activism relies on digital media.

I would *die* without my iPhone.  An iPhone (or much cheaper iPod Touch) really is essential for activism!  They can easily, and "impressively" show photos, videos, emails, Tweets, Facebook, Applications....  Everything you could ever need!

My first approach is to talk about my Chicken Friends, that *all* animals are
special, providing a positive message for Veganism
I like showing other Abolitionist Vegans work, here we see The Vegan News,
where host Adam Kochanowicz visited the Peaceful Prairie animal sanctuary
part one   part two

I prefer light hearted videos, I keep "Lisa the Vegetarian" on my iPhone,
"Sir Paul McCartney!  We learnt about you in history class!"

On Being a Walking Vegan Information CentRE

Thank you to all the "honourary members" of the Invercargill Vegan Society!  If you are interested in joining, just add a supportive comment here:

I thought I should show you all my really neat wallet, from Fuffy Co, made from hemp and cotton, with nice Birds on the outside!

Inside, I've put two of my "I'm Vegan and I Love you" badges, from Herbivore Clothing: 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Birdman of Invercargill

I often get comments on my beautiful, gentle Chicken Friends,  expressing that *I* have somehow made them so nice, that I must shampoo and condition them, brush their beaks each night, tell them to gargle and floss etc,  that I must edit the videos to highlight their colours, that I must have *TRAINED* them to answer "uhh....and world peace?"

Why, no, not at all!  *This* is how Chicken Friends *are*!  If we are more used to seeing featherless birds, trapped in cages, dead corpses etc, well then, that is *our* doing, that is not how Chickens are!

If you like seeing my Chicken Friends, there are MANY more Chickens out there who need a nice home to live their natural lives. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kill and eat Animals, catch Herpes!

"Oysters suffer from herpes outbreak"


"A herpes virus has been revealed as the villain in the mysterious deaths of large numbers of juvenile North Island oysters.
The virus has been in New Zealand for some time, but combined with warmer waters, it's expected to hit the oyster crops hard for two years.
About 70 percent of these juvenile oysters are dead - and now after two months of worry, oyster farmers know why.
They've been attacked by a herpes virus, but oyster farmers say it's not as bad as it sounds, and if the oysters make it to adulthood, they are completely safe to eat."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MJcast, our new Michael Jackson show!

From listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, you may be aware I like Michael Jackson.  I was a fan *before* he were dead, seriously, where were all these "fans" during the allegations, the trials? 

My very good friend Andrew Blyth, of the Patriotcast, among his many other shows, decided to do a Michael Jackson show, for all the fans, to let us all know whats happening with new releases, as well as provide background on Classic Moments.

I'm glad Andrew has given me a vehicle to bash Joe, "its on Blu Raaaaaaaaaay!", Jackson, its great having other friends with *great* taste in music, especially when their taste in movies is lacking.


We hope you'll "tune in" :-)

iTunes Link

Monday, December 6, 2010

Invercargill Vegan Society Business Cards Arrive!

*UPDATE*  Currently we have ONE, count 'em, ONE full member, NINE "Honourary Members" who are Vegan, but currently "promoting Veganism in less civilised areas than Invercargill" ;-)  I like to think of it as the Invercargill Vegan Society being SOOOOO important, she needs separate locations throughout the world :-)  Consider yourselves "Ambassadors", with full Diplomatic Immunity ! Sign up in the comments below! *UPDATE*

Well, my Invercargill Vegan Society Business Cards, Magnets, mailing stickers and stamp arrived!

"I find the interplay of light and shadow accentuates the violet tone..."

Top Left: mailing sticker, Top Right: stamp,
Middle Left: Business Card (front), Middle Right: Fridge Magnet
Bottom Left: Business Card (rear), Bottom Right: Empty Space

Visit the Flickr Set to see all images

Now I've gotten cheap Business Cards, I think its fair to say the Invercargill Vegan Society is open for business!

I made sure to make myself "Dictator for life", so I couldn't be "Jobsed",  that future members could boot me out of my own creation.  Pretty clever for a dumb Southlander, eh? ;-)  No sir, if the board want me outta here, its gonna be a case of "leader in exile", ended by a beheading in Wachner Place, attended by Socialists.

I got this stationary from Vista Print, (NZ) I'd recommend them.  The business card option I went for were stock, thin card.  I decided on double sided printing, with "Albeit Mach Frei" , North Korean for "Afterburner allows Mach Three", or according to Wikipedia,

"literally "work makes free") is a German phrase that can be translated as "work will make you free," "work liberates"[1] or "work makes one free".[2][3] The slogan is well-known for being placed at the entrances to a number of Nazi concentration camps, including most famously Auschwitz I, where it was made by prisoners with metalwork skills and erected by order of the Nazis in June 1940."

I chose this as an allusion to Rain Without Thunder , my favourite movie from 1993 about Abortion in America, a lot of the "abortion-movies-from-'93" sucked,  or,  according to "The Experts", its also the name of a book?

"...If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning...."

I hope that by promoting Veganism, via the Abolitionist Approach of creative, nonviolent consumer education, the Invercargill Vegan Society, and her current single member can join other groups of dedicated Vegans worldwide to help nonhumans, by promoting Veganism as *easy*, as the *least* we can do for other animals.

By standing up for nonhumans, Chicken Friends included, we *can* change their status from being seen and treated as *things*, sold for a price, to being recognised as independent, free *Friends*:

 If you'd like to become an honorary member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, please leave a comment of support :-) 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Episode 39 Victory Accomplished

Episode 39 Victory Accomplished

New Zealand FINALLY has a "Factory Farming ban", after years of volunteers time, and millions of dollars, what have we accomplished?  "Paw Justice", an "anti- Animal Cruelty" campaign with a Gang aesthetic!  Who are the real "Animal Exploiters"?

I'm joined by three special guests, William Paul, one of those Vegans who promote Veganism, and in public no less, Emmy James of Vegan For Life ( ) and Elizabeth Collins, NZ Vegan Podcast ( )

Listen Here or Subscribe to my show through iTunes :-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

My last post, "funniest thing i've seen today" :-)

I've been told before that my blog was "funny", or was that "funny looking"?....  I forget, well anyway Tyler, I'm glad you found me "funny" ( or was that "funny looking" too....?) :

"...unrelated, here is the funniest thing i’ve seen today:
This Facebook ad is particularly heinous:
“IT’s” cannot sell “ITSELVES”, Chickens, and other animals, are most certainly not an “IT”, but *THEY*, *HE*, *SHE*.

And to sell their flesh, chopped up, possibly from multiple Chickens, for THREE DOLLARS FIFTY? Their lives are *priceless*
Heres something that Chickens are good at “selling”, that *THEY* are lovely, gentle animals, who love life, love each other, love *THEIR* human friends, that *THEY* love *THEIR* lives.
The least we can do for our Chicken Friends, and all other animals, is to respect *THEIR* individual lives, that *THEY* are not “things”, but other sentient beings, with just as much right to life as you or I.
They are why I promote Veganism.
i love so many things about this. chicken with a capital C. his attachment to his Chicken Friends (where does this come from?). he believes that his Chicken Friends love him. he proposes that Chicken life is as important as human life (!).
i wonder if he has blocked out ‘nature’, where foxes, raccoons, and dogs (which (“who”?) are all omnivores and therefore not “required” to eat Animal Friends) are all natural predators of chickens…or even better, that your Chicken Friends themselves are also omnivores with diets that can include mice." 

Glad you "love" my last post :-)  RE using an initial capital for animal names, I figure, if religious types get away with granting themselves fancy titles and "...papal infallibility", wearing big hats, and spelling their fictitious superman's name with an initial cap, why not let it spread to the other animals around us?  They've certainly showed more compassion than aforementioned superman-whose-granted-initial-capital-status!  More deserving of our respect, sure, laugh at me for having "Chicken Friends", better lovely little Birds (caught again!) who run to meet me each day than imaginary friends, no? ;-)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Chicken so tasty it sells itself"

I've never had a problem with dead bodies, I grew up going to family funerals, I've been a pallbearer numerous times, including the time I carried my bloated Uncles corpse, who died alone, and wasnt found for a couple weeks having been in the Australian sun, flown back home in a cardboard box, at the back of a plane.  Think about who else is with you next time you're on a plane!
I always buried dead birds just fine, and have watched Autopsy footage more times than I could remember.  Realistic footage such as The Animals Film and Earthlings dont phase me.

But there's really something HIDEOUS about the flesh of dead animals, the bodies of killed Chickens in particular really upset me.  Even before I met my Chicken Friends, the thought of people killing Birds was most offensive to me, the friendliest, communal minded animals known to mankind, who SING for crying out loud!  

I refuse to watch that "What Makes for a Grievable Life" video, and the flesh section of Supermarkets is more off putting than a morgue to me, for my job I've been throughout a few hospitals now, I've seen preserved body parts in jars, been locked in a walk in refrigerator filled with human blood and explored the Morgues, nothing on seeing innocent animals who've been KILLED for our pleasure.

This Facebook ad is particularly heinous:
"IT's" cannot sell "ITSELVES", Chickens, and other animals, are most certainly not an "IT", but *THEY*, *HE*, *SHE*.

And to sell their flesh, chopped up, possibly from multiple Chickens, for THREE DOLLARS FIFTY?  Their lives are *priceless*

Heres something that Chickens are good at "selling", that *THEY* are lovely, gentle animals, who love life, love each other, love *THEIR* human friends, that *THEY* love *THEIR* lives.
*THEY* also love Dustbaths:


Eating Falafel

And running to meet their Human Friend (ha!) each and every day:

My other videos can be found here

The least we can do for our Chicken Friends, and all other animals, is to respect *THEIR* individual lives, that *THEY* are not "things", but other sentient beings, with just as much right to life as you or I.

They are why I promote Veganism.

"VICTORY!!!" New Zealand "sow crates being phased out"

*UPDATE* this issue was covered on Episode 39 Victory Accomplished" *UPDATE*

Well, SAFE can finally hang Mission Accomplished across their Aircraft Carrier , "The Pork Board" have supposedly conceded, National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) have issued the Animal Welfare code of 2010.

"Pig gestation stalls (sow crates) will be phased out by December 2015, Agriculture Minister David Carter announced today.
He made the announcement at the release of the Animal Welfare (Pigs) Code of Welfare 2010 at Parliament today.
New Zealand Pork chairman Chris Trengrove said his organisation supported the phasing out and would collaborate with the Government and the National Animal Welfare Committee to help farmers.
The change would give New Zealand pork producers an opportunity to differentiate themselves against global competitors, he said."

I received an email from the Pork Boards Sam McIvor today,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chickens Roosting at night VIDEO

I mentioned on Twitter that Ms Crazy Hormonal Brooding Hen had snapped out of her delusion, now she's nesting with the other Chickens again! 

Chickens naturally like to "roost", to perch up high, in Trees, bushes....or on a beam across a Chicken Coop.

In this video, our little friends have moved down the shelf to say hello, later on, as it became dark outside, they'd perch together on the beam that you can see here, although they wanted to rebel as I took that photo too!  Have you ever noticed how they have a "punk rock mohawk"?  Well, now you have!

Notice their possessed looking eyes!

If that was an unflattering side to Chicken Friends, I hope this'll take away the nasty taste in your mouth!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Farm Rescue" Facebook game

I've discovered a hot new Facebook game, "Farm Rescue", where we get to "look after Chickens", check out the guide

"Customizing Your Appearance
You can click on your character in the game to customize the colors. The possible customizations are gender, hair color, eye color, shirt color, and skin color. I know, this isn't much to customize, but this isn't an avatar customizing game, we're trying to help chickens here!"

Cripes, so we can choose our eye, shirt and skin coloUr, but remember kids, we're doing this to help Chickens!  Imagine all the Chickens in the world, desperate to have the suffix "Friend" bolted on the back of their name, instead, we're playing Facebook Games, and "helping" virtual Chickens, made of pixels!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Episode 38 Vegan Dot Com

Episode 38 Vegan Dot Com

Vegans promoting nonVeganism as ethical, A birthday song for William Paul, and Return To Oz

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals. 

I'm recording this on William Pauls birthday, I'd like to make a toast.  William, you're always out there, on the streets of Auckland, homeless…, just kidding, out tabling on the streets of Auckland, and you never ask for any credit.  On this special day, when we are reminded of how you've become one year closer to death, may we rise to sing…

Happy birt….come on everyone, sing along with old crazy Jordan…

Yeah thats right, I was down with synthetic voices BEFORE it was cool.

This episode is not just an excuse to sing along with a Robo Choir, I'd like to mention my recent blog post, an Open Letter to Erik Marcus.

In the post, I asked Erik, of Vegan Dot Com if he would please stop promoting different kinds of Welfare Reforms as a way forward, of asking quote ".. for vegans to team up with conscientious omnivores to push an issue".

I think we should instead avoiding funding Think Tanks to come up with new variations of "nonVegan", of ways to sexy it up, I think "non Vegan" is just fine.  Otherwise we get into some kind of crazy half page description, "well I'm a meat eater, leather wearer, toast smeared with egger, fur is murder-rer, milk is for adult men-tor…"

Vegan and NonVegan suit me just fine, I think neither is a loaded term.

My letter was linked to by Gary Francione, it was nuts, from my usual couple people a day who stop by my blog,it was I'd picked up a Quad Damage,, the number of visitors rocket-jumped their way up into BFG territory.

For those who didn't grow up playing Quake III Arena, a lot more people visited, ok?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegan Super Powers VIDEO

I've always felt great, although not to the extent that I have super powers* :-(

Thank goodness we dont have "half and half" here in New Zealand, one less Achilles Heel!

*I do have the ability to talk with Chicken Friends though, does that count?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Chicken Friend! VIDEO

"Jordan, what do your Chicken Friends do all day?"

Well soon you'll know!

Note:  My largest video ever, the version I uploaded was *240MB* !!!  Definitely worth watching in 720 Fullscreen, even if you download the damn video to your computer :)

On this page, choose to save either .MP4 file (High Quality 50MB or High Definition 130MB)

"Why We Can't Have Nice Things" :) VIDEO

Why we can't have nice flowers :)

(Only kidding, they eat VERY few flowers :)  I do keep my vegetables fenced off however)

Friday, November 19, 2010

"If you care about Farm Animals...EAT THEM"?!?!?

 I was blown away by *the* new reader of my blog from the previous Open Letter to Erik Marcus post,  Hi number six!  I'd love it if you'd hang around, and listen to my podcast :-)  Consider this post a sequel.  And yes, that means it will be inferior, and is just a giant visitors-grab, I'm aiming for lucky seven :)

"If you care about Farm animals:  Eat them." the article begins

"Quite frankly, there's a lot of meat around here. I live in an agricultural Mecca known as Washington County. My region of Southwestern Vermont and Northeastern New York (which I lovingly refer to as Veryork) is thriving with small-scale, ethical, sustainable farms producing (within fifteen miles of my front door) beef, pork, turkey, chicken, rabbit, lamb, mutton, deer, emus, and spit-ready goats. There are trout-rich rivers, venison in the fields, pheasants-and-ducks-a-plenty, and even the occasional bear or squirrel stew. Protein sources like these, raised by my neighbors, friends, and coworkers are plentiful. When I found out I was surrounded by so much grass-fed meat and wild game it seemed ridiculous to keep eating tofu shipped in diesel rigs from California. "

Well Jenna, I hope you never visit a more densely populated area! "...with all these people around..."

This part in particular "... it seemed ridiculous to keep eating tofu shipped in diesel rigs from California..."

If Tofu is unavailable where you live ( and uh....I live at the bottom of the world...Tofu is easily available at every supermarket here...), why not make it yourself?  Certainly sounds a lot easier than fattening up away their piles of waste, killing them, getting rid of their blood, skeletons.... to process Soy Beans into Tofu!

"Since my reasons for being a vegetarian were entirely about avoiding factory-farmed meat: I decided it was time to start supporting the farmers who were raising animals the way I wanted them raised. It took a couple years to take that first bite, but now I am a proud and happy carnivore. I support local meat farmers, I raise my own animals for food, and I hunt wild game as well."

Damn those New Welfarists!  See what we've done?  Now its all about TREATMENT, ie "boy, that PETA video with animals being skinned alive...that moment when *IT* looked at me....gee willikers! When I buy my next fur coat, I'll make sure to buy from the Animal Rights Approved "killed before stripped of *IT'S* skin" range!  It costs more, but its worth it, its the RIGHT thing to do, the HUMANE thing.... because I love animals soooooo know..."

And where are all these supposed "Vegans who secretly lust for flesh"?  Do they have secret meat-porn websites they visit several times a day, showing high quality .JPG's of flesh, do they lick their screens?!?

When we are truthful about our own beliefs, including that INSANE idea that its a bad thing to hurt animals, then we avoid all these BIZARRE missteps!

"As a meat farmer myself, I feel as if I am on the front lines of factory-farm liberation. I am providing people with an option of local, grass-fed, healthy animals they can visit and see in person any time they wish instead of some factory-slaughter, diesel-shipped, airline loaded piece of frozen mutton from New Zealand."
Ha, damn New Zealanders!  Them and their evil, unsubsidised farming ways....wait, wasn't that meant to HELP the animals?  And what *has* Jenna got against diesel trucks?  Does she have one of those bumper stickers with Calvin peeing on a Diesel powered car?  Or, did one just happen to drive past as she wrote her article?  :)

" a meat farmer....[I'm] on the front lines of factory-farm liberation..." hmm, perhaps the only person "in the front lines of (Animal) liberation" to realise Singers book is NOT about Animal Rights! 

"I am constantly told that our ability to choose means that we should opt away from eating animals. I say it is our ability to choose that proves that we are animals, and should eat accordingly. Our choice should not be "what" we eat, but "how" we eat."

Just like the proverbial SAFE Campaign wheel tick tick ticking past "Vegan Campaign" every single spin in recorded history....oooh, so close!  You agree we have the ability to choose what we do to others, well I *do* think we should "opt away from eating (other) animals".

Our choice on "*what*" to eat should never include a "*who*".  I wouldnt choose between which of my human friends to eat, "hmm, will it be Andy or will it be Randy?  You know, I think I'll go with Elizabeth...",  why would I pick between the nonhuman friends I love?

Of course, Jenna, surrounded by sooooo many people might choose otherwise.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rescued bird flies away safely VIDEO

I found a wild Bird trapped in our glasshouse. They get along well with my Chicken Friends, smaller and female Birds are allowed to share food, male Birds, especially Blackbirds seem to be CHASED AWAY by the Hens.

*NOTE* I would NEVER normally delay releasing a trapped bird, all to take some stupid video, I had my iPhone in my pocket it, the bird in my hand, and as I walked out of the glasshouse, it took no extra time to hold my iPhone with my other hand as I let the bird go.  PLEASE, if you find a trapped bird, do not waste time recording videos for posterity.  Their lives are worth more than a 10MB video clip.

I was surprised the Bird didnt rest where I intended to put them, perhaps they were so scared they just wanted to get the hell away, to rest later?  Its very risky for Birds to be trapped, as they can have a heart attack from the stress.  Once more, please, dont waste time trying to record silly videos, do the right thing, and SAFELY catch them, to QUICKLY and GENTLY be put outside, to be free once more.

If you watch in Fullscreen, there's a 720P option.

I save any animals I can, be they Mice from cats, Flies in a Spider web, or a Bird trapped in a glass box.  Many people think I'm stupid for rescuing animals from the first two scenarios, I think most people would save a Bird.  I see no real difference among the victims life, for thats what they are, a victim of a predator.  I think its speciesist to imagine a difference in worth. 

It takes so very little of my time to help another animal, why *wouldnt* I?  It makes me think of all the people who scream out to an "all powerful being", if they truly existed, able to build an entire existence in a few days, why would they not also rescue an animal about to die?

Freeing that one trapped bird made me think of these Hens

Live Video Stream of Chickens on a Farm

I cant believe this live stream from a farm is continuing, "the camera cant be found because the farm is so large, and all the cages look alike" 
Of course, the solution is *NOT* to "ban battery cages", but to be Vegan.

It breaks my heart seeing Chickens like that, kept in *ANY* way as a "thing".  I look at my own little friends, how clever they are, of how they move, of how they like to *LIVE*...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Filming location wanted" for flesh promoting videos

"Filming location wanted" for some sort of flesh promoting videos, starring Sarah Ulmer, NZ athlete who starred in the "Beef + Lamb, be twice as cruel!" commercials:

Ulmer played director while the Evers-Swindell twins dance,
note the song is sung by a former Vegetarian...
"Beef + Lamb New Zealand is delighted to support five of New Zealand's top female athletes: Olympic Gold Medalist, cyclist Sarah Ulmer, double Olympic Gold Medalist rowers, Georgina Earl (nee Evers-Swindell) and Caroline Meyer (nee Evers-Swindell), World BMX Champion Sarah Walker and Alison Shanks, World Champion Pursuit Cyclist. All enjoy and include lean beef and lamb in their training regime and as part of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle..
These high-achieving sportswomen are ideal role models for promoting a healthy diet, which includes lean red meat. They recognise the importance of a balanced diet and believe in the benefits of eating lean red meat including the essential minerals, iron and zinc as well as the B vitamins and high quality protein R11 all required for optimum performance."
 "Beef and Lamb Sports Ambassadors"
"They're happy because they eat lard".... "issued by The Lard Information Council" (Thanks Roger Yates)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Open Letter To Erik Marcus

*update* (wheres that blink tag...) Due to an influx of A new reader, a sequel post can be found here *update*

**Update, I covered this blog post on Episode 38 Vegan Dot Com, which you can directly download here, or preferably subscribe and get from my iTunes listing,


An Open Letter to Erik Marcus

(because I'm just *CERTAIN* you're one of my five listeners!)

Dear Erik,

When I had first become Vegan, I listened to your debate with Professor Gary Francione, perhaps the finest 32kbps mono MP3 file I've ever heard.  You are indeed a master of lossy audio compression, my own episodes waste more drive space, while offering a fraction of the actual content, kudos to you and Francione.

I quickly realised where I stood on the issues discussed, larger cages for Hens, of awarding "feel good terms" to those who buy animal flesh and bodily secretions, to learning how "Happy Meat" animal products can be compared to a "Connecticut minimum security prison".  Do you not find it odd that 56 Billion totally innocent land animals get to ride ol' Sparky each year?  Remind me not to jaywalk in Connecticut!

Erik, one of your most recent blog posts offended me:

"Between the resultant higher feed grain costs and the end of direct production subsidies for meat and dairy products, animal agriculture as we know it would cease to exist. That this sort of move is even on the table for public discussion shows that we’ve reached a pivotal moment, and that an unprecedented opportunity has fallen into our laps.
If there’s ever been a time for vegans to team up with conscientious omnivores to push an issue, this is it."

No, "This Is It" featured a NON MOONWALKING MJ, I mean, what kind of rip off is that?  Its a little like a "Vegan dot com" without the Vegan.

I can assure you, as a New Zealander, living in a country without subsidised animal agriculture, this will do nothing to help the animals.  We are sadly quite efficient at *exporting* animal flesh and their bodily secretions, our "free market" does not involve "an invisible hand" "cooking the books", that hand's too busy cooking the animals I love and care for.

"Output and net incomes for the New Zealand dairy industry are higher now than before subsidies ended--and the cost of milk production is among the lowest in the world."

Your article was forwarded online among many non-vegans, including New York Times Food Journalist Mark Bittman
Note pan-cooked tofu

The term you used, "conscientious omnivores", albeit shortened above for a Tweet, has become a buzzword, a way to feel good about ourselves.   Rather than saying "I like to eat dead animals!  I find their bodily secretions rather yummy!", hip non-vegans may now instead boast "oh, I'm a *conscientious omnivore* you know, I onnnnnnnnnly eat *humanely* slaughtered animals you know, because I care for them soooo know..."  And where are they getting this "Temple Grandin=Animal Rights activist" thumbs up from?  Vegan dot com.

Your debate with Professor Francione had a mention of how Welfare promotion could cause his rescued dogs to bark.  I end this open letter with mention of how each time a curious non-vegan discovers "Vegan dot com", and its backing of "free range" methods of killing Chickens - and all other animals - my friend Mr Rooster glowers in disapproval :
My FURIOUS feathered Friend

He may be a Bantam, I may be 1.95 metres tall (6 feet 5 inches), but I find him TERRIFYING when he gets in this state!

Please Erik, change your websites URL, (might I suggest "" or ""?), if not for me, then for the animals I love.


Jordan Wyatt

P.S I would love to hear you debate with Professor Francione again

*update* (wheres that blink tag...) Due to an influx of A new reader, a sequel post can be found here *update*

**Update, I covered this blog post on Episode 38 Vegan Dot Com, which you can directly download here, or preferably subscribe and get from my iTunes listing,

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Yoghurt for 'Real Men'" :)

"Yoghurt for 'real men'" by Fonterra, New Zealands dairy giant

"In a man's world, blueberry yoghurt is for girls on diets. Or so you would think.
Fonterra has created a range of products - Mammoth Supply Co - which it thinks will fill a void for tough-guy snacks.
They include the apple and blueberry yoghurt (it's super-thick and chunky, so it's made for a man), rum and cola icecream, and iced coffees.
Adverts for the products will be aired on radio and television from today - playing on the social stereotypes of what is "okay" and "not okay" for men to stay manly.
Tubs of the new yoghurt come with a spoon and in a 325g carton - much larger than the usual 150g snack-size pottles - with a label that reads: "This is men's yoghurt and you are a man. Now find a spoon, fork or spade and dig in."
The adverts are narrated by the deep voice of The Big Lebowski actor Sam Elliott, who says what men "can" and "can't" do according to social stereotypes."

Isn't it odd to imagine big hairy men eating food expressed for infants?

C'mon "real men", lets show we no longer crap our nappies, and need to be "burped" by Nanny, We Are Weaned!
(see how many familiar faces you spot!)