Friday, August 31, 2012

"Dairy Boom Days Coming To An End" NZ Herald

I get the mental image of an American style pimp demanding "his" workers cough up more money.

1m 30s through

"New challenges facing New Zealand's dairy industry will likely force a slowdown in milk production over the next decade, according to a new report.

Agribusiness banking specialist Rabobank said the industry had ridden a wave of steady growth over the past decade, with milk production increasing by almost 50 per cent.

Good returns, increased capital investment, and strong asset growth had fuelled the development of new dairy farms and processing facilities.

But farmers would need to start looking at how to better squeeze productivity gains from their existing herd, as well as finding ways to control their costs, said Rabobank senior analyst and report author Hayley Moynihan.

"Over the next decade, growth will no longer be driven by increasing the number of dairy cows in the national herd, but by productivity improvements as farmers strive to extract greater production per cow."

"New Zealand dairy operations would become increasingly intensive."

NZ Herald "Dairy boom days coming to an end - bank"

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