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Hell Pizza chain Now Offer Vegetarian "Quorn", Vegan Practices

Hell Pizza is a New Zealand chain, started as a cheap student pizza joint, now taking over the world.  A cool company, its rare to have a strong New Zealand business chain, when ALL of our banks were Australian owned until the government created Kiwibank inside of each and every post shop.  Our mainstream news media are almost entirely Australian owned, and our most popular website TradeMe, a sort of New Zealand take on eBay was bought out a few years ago.

I'd love to support Hell Pizza, but *should* I?

Their "hell" theme might be offensive to religious believers, and I can respect that.  Their ads and advertising campaigns are often somewhat "edgy", such as this about "piles of cocaine"

Hell have been in trouble for bullying franchisees, people who run local stores.

They've sent out free condoms to promote their "meat lovers" pizza, the "Lust" - the prophylactics were found to be of inferior quality.

Actually, many of their ads and campaigns are *very* offensive to Vegans, such as the below which shows a cartoon lamb who has been horribly maimed, for their "lamb shanks", they've been outfitted with prosthetic rear legs:

Yet..... Hell Pizza also offer the "Sinister", an *advertised*, featured on the menu VEGAN pizza!

Look at how gorgeous it is!   Click to see at HUGE size :-)

How fantastic it is to be able to simply ask for "a double Sinister please", nationwide!  Actually, Hell is international, Ireland, UK (same thing, eh Roger? :-) ), Australia, India....Canada......but not Canadas Seat for some reason........hmmmm..... :-)

They have a large Non Vegan, vegetarian range.  Currently Hell are running ads for products featuring "Quorn", a birds egg containing "fake flesh" product.  This ad *does* make fun of Vegetarians, in typical Hell fashion, but its fairly mild by the standards of their other ads:

At least one Quorn product is actually Vegan, it would be GREAT if they were to all be Vegan, worth encouraging the company! :-)

The ad gives the website URL

for more info, a copy of the ad and this fantastic information, hard to believe a mainstream pizza chain takes this seriously, terrific!

They dont mind changing their gloves as policy?  They use a separate blade?

Of course, presumably Vegan and Vegetarian pizzas are all lumped together, so the Vegan pizzas will technically be cut by the "veggie blade" which touches cows milk products.

Still, isnt it great that Hell are taking this seriously, for Vegetarians at least?

Are they a great company, for having so many options for Vegetarians, and one well featured option (the Sinister) for Vegans?

Or, are they a terrible company, for making fun of harming and killing Other Animals?  For going leaps and bounds ahead of all other restaurant chains with separate cutting utensils for "Vegetarians", yet "contaminating" Vegan pizzas (presumably) with dairy drenched steel?

Would *you* support such a company?

My personal view is that all companies are run by Non Vegans, for a Non Vegan world.  I love that Hell have the "Sinister" option for Vegans, that they would feature the word VEGAN in their menu, nationwide, in several countries.  Their ads can often be gross, but then again, all our local supermarkets have literal dead corpses, killed animals on display, the hearts, kidneys, heads, skeletons of Chickens no different to my beloved Hen Friends.

We cannot avoid Non Veganism in this Non Vegan world, so does that make it ok for me to buy a Sinister every now and then from a company which jokes about harming cartoon sheep, while also harming *actual* sheep like nearly every other Non Vegan food company?

*** Update ***

"A new menu item at Hell Pizza has left a sour taste, with the company's "misfortune cookies" sparking accusations the company is transphobic.

Hell Pizza customer Tamsyn Clemerson was shocked when she and her boyfriend opened a fortune cookie last night, and found a piece of paper saying: "you will marry a transgender".

"I pulled it out and read it to him and we both of us made a `what on earth is going on here' face," she told NZ Newswire.

"It's implying that to be associated with somebody who is trans is a misfortune, and that is so awful - trans people in New Zealand and worldwide have a really difficult time as it is."

The other cookies contained amusing messages, but this one missed the mark, she says."

3 News "Customer Shocked by Hell Pizza Stunt"

"Wellington Rape Crisis has agreed to accept a $10,000 donation from Hell Pizza as the company seeks to quell accusations it made light of a sexual assault.

The controversial pizza company was hit with a wave of criticism last night after it announced the winner of its 'Confessional' competition on Facebook.

Its winning entry described an incident of sexual abuse where the confessor put his penis in the mouth of a drunk man who had passed out.

Hundreds of people expressed their disgust at the company's decision on Twitter and Facebook, with many comparing it to making light of crimes committed by notorious 'Beast of Blenheim' rapist Stewart Murray Wilson.

Teressa Rooney accused Hell Pizza of using sexual assault as a "jolly laugh" to sell its products. "Disgusting and evil," she said. Others called the post a "new low".

Hell Pizza responded by removing the original Facebook post and replacing it with a message explaining it thought the winning entry was "in the spirit of a prank between mates"."

NZ Herald "Rape Crisis Accepts Offer from Hell Pizza"

Should we stick to making our own Vegan Pizza?

Invercargill Vegan Society "Pepper Pita Pizzas" recipe

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