Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graphic "Artificial Insemination" video

Roger Yates had a TERRIFIC Tenth Episode of his podcast,

Which focuses on this blog entry

Roger mentions a video from the Irish Animal Education Trust , about Artificial Insemination (AI).

The video is just horribly graphic, I felt like I was going to be physically sick as a reporter put her gloved arm inside...a Cows.... how could ANYONE defend this process?  If you caged a female cat and interfered with her like this, surely you'd be a criminal?

And for what do we get from doing this to a poor female Cow,  we force her into a pregnancy, while she is confined in a fenced pen, unable to move....?  With an injection taken from a male Bull, who never sees a female Cow in his life?  Who furiously "mounts" another male, while an artificial tube device is placed upon him, to collect his semen?  And all for a glass of cows milk?

I think this is just horrible, I think anyone who drinks milk should know what is involved.  This is *NOT* one of those "Animal Abuse" videos, meaning there is no "breech of welfare", this is standard, worldwide.  AI happens everywhere.  I would certainly see this as abuse we inflict upon animals.

I hated seeing the poor animals, chained through their can this possibly be considered "humane", even from an "Animal Welfare" point of view?  Its just barbaric.

Here is the video

There is NO excuse for killing 56 Billion land animals a year, ( ), and perhaps there truly is more suffering in a glass of cows milk than in a (kilogram) of Steak

We should promote Veganism as a moral baseline.


  1. AAARRRGGHHH! SORRY! I misnamed your podcast I said "for". Please forgive - I mean withgive - no I mean forgive me Jordan :(

  2. I can't believe I did that. That's terrible I am terrible


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