Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Latenight Geocaching helps promote Veganism!

So, deciding I wasn't quite reaching my "mad" potential, I decided to take up Geocaching, a sport which involves using a GPS receiver (like my iPhone) to track down a location to the metre, and then find a hidden "cache"!  Usually a plastic or metal container, inside will most likely be a log book to sign, and possibly some "treasure", the crappiest of crap plastic toys, keyrings etc.

After finding an amazing "nano" cache, a tiny MAGNETIC metal capsule with a tightly rolled up log inside :

"Stop The Flood" geocache Hidden magnetically on this memorial

Isn't she cute?  A tiny little magnetic, waterproof metal capsule!  By the rubber seal ring, it unscrews to reveal the paper log

I decided to find others in Invercargill, New Zealand

Like, this one!

"The Stream" geocache hidden around this tree....
The "log" from "The Stream"
One of my favourite things about Geocaching is how the locations often sound "Lost" inspired, can't you just imagine "The Stream" as a Dharma Initative station?

The last two photos were take around half past nine at night, we have long daylight hours here (sometimes going 23 hours without darkness during the month of OcNemBer) although, I met my match as the night grew darker...

Picture the scene, so you're a Dutch couple, in Invercargill, New Zealand, out to see the Lunar Eclipse , as all good Dutch-couples-living-in-Invercargill-New-Zealand do, when you hear movement in the bushes near you (I was later told they presumed a Rabbit), for a large young man to emerge carrying a sleek glass device, claiming to be tracking down a small film canister, whose location was foretold to him by a constellation of former American military satellites!

Why, naturally you'd be quite interested, and willing to share the Eclipse with this terrifying looking young savage, discovered huddled-over in-the-bushes-late-one-Tuesday-night.  How else could you interpret his behaviour, in a civilised country?

Thank the great Sandberg in the sky that I live in a peace loving nation, where Dutch-couples-enjoying-lunar-eclipses are *not* heavily armed!!!

So the couple, and man-found-voraciously-stalking-through-the-bushes-at-10PM-at-night got along just fine, discussing magic "radio signals" from former-American-millitary-satellites, and how the moon was currently obscured through a complex orbit, before they finally needed to part.

Said creepy-found-in-the-bushes-wildman managed to give the nice couple an Invercargill Vegan Society business card as they said their goodbyes:

"Why I do declare this to be an Invercargill Vegan Society Fridge Magnet, not a business card as we were led to believe by a-creepy-young-man-now-out-of-the-bushes-and-in-his-natural-habitat-behind-an-iMac!"

What a terrific, and *obvious* opportunity to promote Veganism!  After you've emerged from the bushes, after "listening to signals from space to locate a small film canister", at 10PM at night!

And *some* people would have you believe Veganism only for radical nutjobs, HAR!

Hello to my new friends if you happen to be reading this post! :^)

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