Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Being a Walking Vegan Information CentRE

Thank you to all the "honourary members" of the Invercargill Vegan Society!  If you are interested in joining, just add a supportive comment here:

I thought I should show you all my really neat wallet, from Fuffy Co, made from hemp and cotton, with nice Birds on the outside!

Inside, I've put two of my "I'm Vegan and I Love you" badges, from Herbivore Clothing: 

I dont always carry my wallet with me, at work, I have a small metal case for the business cards, pictured here with crazy religious books for size:

Inside of "DID MAN GET HERE BY EVOLUTION OR BY CREATION?" we get a lesson on "the most complex" computers known to religion!

"A computer did not evolve by itself from inanimate matter. 
Yet, a living cell is far more complicated than the most complex 
We also learn that Science, specifically, "Evolutionary Teaching" is to blame for World Wars, and the state of modern youth, see A Clockwork Orange

"It is little wonder, for aside from skyrocketing violence, crime, hunger, disease 
and immorality, mankind has another dread.  The New York Times reported 
the United States Secretary of Defense as saying that "more than 120
million  Americans would die in the event of a Soviet missile attack..." 
"There is no escaping it." "...They show conclusively that we have been in the 
"last days" since 1914".  

EVOLUTION IS TO BLAME, AND NOW THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!  I'M GOING TO HEAVEN, HAVE FUN WHEN THE RUSKIES INVADE, SINNERS! (I think these Jehovahs Witnesses starred in Dr Strangelove , "oh no, Evolution will sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.")

I've been having great fun with these Invercargill Vegan Society cards, so much so, I thought I should send a few to my Grandmother, so she can show others what her no good Grandson is up to, "oh Mildred, yes, he's still in that Vegan fad..."  (she's "Vegetarian", wearing animal skin and eating Marine animals, "because they're so good for you")

I sent a little package to my Grandmother, she sent me a "Holiday Season" card, and I felt obliged to send her something nice.

Who *wouldn't* want Invercargill Vegan Society business cards, fridge magnets and "I'm Vegan and I love you" badges? 

I chose purple for the Invercargill Vegan Society, as, in my warped sense of colour coordination at least, it goes nicely with the colours of my Chicken Friends.

I included the feathers because they mean a lot to me, in particular, the black one from Ms Hen, now she's dead, I remember her through feathers, photos and video.  I have about ten of her remaining feathers, I've put one by the shelf in the Chicken coop, so perhaps they can see it, and remember her.

Now I have cards to hand out, and the "Invercargill Vegan Society" behind me, I hope to be a much more effective advocate for Veganism! :-)

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  1. This is all very inspiring to us up here at the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Assocation and I hope you will become an honorary member when we get it sorted. :)


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