Sunday, December 12, 2010

An iPhone (or iPod Touch) is an Activists best friend!

(excluding Chicken Friends)

I've mentioned recently getting business cards to hand out for the Invercargill Vegan Society, but most of my activism relies on digital media.

I would *die* without my iPhone.  An iPhone (or much cheaper iPod Touch) really is essential for activism!  They can easily, and "impressively" show photos, videos, emails, Tweets, Facebook, Applications....  Everything you could ever need!

My first approach is to talk about my Chicken Friends, that *all* animals are
special, providing a positive message for Veganism
I like showing other Abolitionist Vegans work, here we see The Vegan News,
where host Adam Kochanowicz visited the Peaceful Prairie animal sanctuary
part one   part two

I prefer light hearted videos, I keep "Lisa the Vegetarian" on my iPhone,
"Sir Paul McCartney!  We learnt about you in history class!"

I never mention graphic resources, I think they are very useful, but offputting
for many people.  I prefer focusing on a positive message FOR Veganism, not attacking NonVeganism. If the issue comes up, I have Earthlings
on my iPhone

As well as The Animals Film


  1. Hello Jay,
    I love the idea of using the ipod as an aid to educate. (I also have an ipodtouch, who needs those chunky iphones)
    If you could offer some more insight to what resources you actually use on yours such as text, audio, photos, video and maybe even vegan apps, I would appreciate that & I think others would too. Maybe you could make a guide to ipod activism in a new post?
    Also how did you manage to get both Earthlings and The Animals on your ipod? >_<
    That boggles me!

  2. Hi Sam,

    I'm glad you like your iPod Touch, they really are indispensable, they are amazingly cheap for what they do! EVERYONE should have an iTouch, they can do everything, really.

    I have a bunch of short links, like

    " Invercargill Vegan Society Business Cards "

    ready to be used on Twitter, when I talk with people about Veganism, its easy to copy and paste the links from a "Notes" note into Twitter on my iPhone while on my work break.

    Videos are easy Sam, you could just save things from YouTube, you put the link into

    and save the MP4 file, it will work fine on an iDevice, you'd drag that video into iTunes, then onto your iPod Touch when connected.

    I rip my own DVDS, from the disc, into a digital file on my hard drive. I dont ever have to put a disc into my iMac, they are all on here, about 300 movies, plus TV episodes, I have almost all 30 Rock, Dragon Ball Z etc :-)

    I dont use audio very often, but I have all my podcasts on there, easy to play for someone to impress them, "yeah baby, I have my own radio show...kinda...your place or mine?"

    etc :-)

    I own Earthlings and The Animals Film, along with... about 20 other main short videos that are always with me on my iPhone. I now also carry my business cards, about 6 at a time in a thin metal case, thats ALWAYS in my pocket, ready to hand out to people I meet.

    Here are my cards

    If you saved Earthlings from Google Video, or YouTube, as an MP4 file, you'd be able to save it onto your iPod Touch and always have it :-)

    I dont think graphic footage works very well at all, I would never mention having it, I also have autopsy videos, of people being cut up, their organs taken out, brain, heart etc. I desensitise myself to these things.

    I focus on happy videos, normally, I have all the videos of my Chicken Friends on my iPhone, after recording them on it too :-)

    Best wishes Sam, thank you for reading my blog :^)

  3. Thank you for giving such a comprehensive reply.
    It helps, I'm glad to have learnt of
    I will be using that in the future.

    I have to agree with your sentiments on graphic footage. It's something people can resist against easily. Often with "you'll spoil my dinner", "i've seen it all before" or "those are isolated incidents". I don't think the images work with logic but rather rely on emotion.
    I think opening with discussion to provoke thought is much better, and people are smart enough to see the validity. Graphics can be a helpful nudge for people to make a decision about their lifestyle after though.

    Ladies love radio DJ's, you should see The Boat That Rocked, it's a good film :)

    Your chicken videos help people reconnect the notion that chickens are not food, but people with emotional lives. They do however make me miss my chicken friends.

    You do a great thing Jay, keep it up :)


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