Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Filming location wanted" for flesh promoting videos

"Filming location wanted" for some sort of flesh promoting videos, starring Sarah Ulmer, NZ athlete who starred in the "Beef + Lamb, be twice as cruel!" commercials:

Ulmer played director while the Evers-Swindell twins dance,
note the song is sung by a former Vegetarian...
"Beef + Lamb New Zealand is delighted to support five of New Zealand's top female athletes: Olympic Gold Medalist, cyclist Sarah Ulmer, double Olympic Gold Medalist rowers, Georgina Earl (nee Evers-Swindell) and Caroline Meyer (nee Evers-Swindell), World BMX Champion Sarah Walker and Alison Shanks, World Champion Pursuit Cyclist. All enjoy and include lean beef and lamb in their training regime and as part of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle..
These high-achieving sportswomen are ideal role models for promoting a healthy diet, which includes lean red meat. They recognise the importance of a balanced diet and believe in the benefits of eating lean red meat including the essential minerals, iron and zinc as well as the B vitamins and high quality protein R11 all required for optimum performance."
 "Beef and Lamb Sports Ambassadors"
"They're happy because they eat lard".... "issued by The Lard Information Council" (Thanks Roger Yates)

Sam Tucker was kind enough to make me a shirt based on the Beef  and Lamb ads:

"...Animal Academy is looking for a family with a lifestyle block 30-40
minutes of Christchurch Central in South-West Canterbury, to share their
love of animals with Sarah Ulmer and Jeremy Maguire in our upcoming

If you and your children would love to feature on TV and have a range of animals for us to meet – we’d love to hear from you."

I suggested to record at an Animal Sanctuary

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