Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chickens Roosting at night VIDEO

I mentioned on Twitter that Ms Crazy Hormonal Brooding Hen had snapped out of her delusion, now she's nesting with the other Chickens again! 

Chickens naturally like to "roost", to perch up high, in Trees, bushes....or on a beam across a Chicken Coop.

In this video, our little friends have moved down the shelf to say hello, later on, as it became dark outside, they'd perch together on the beam that you can see here, although they wanted to rebel as I took that photo too!  Have you ever noticed how they have a "punk rock mohawk"?  Well, now you have!

Notice their possessed looking eyes!

If that was an unflattering side to Chicken Friends, I hope this'll take away the nasty taste in your mouth!

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