Monday, December 20, 2010

I've loved Birds all my life PHOTO

I've loved Birds all my life:
Jarney the Lovebird
Birds always have a lovely manner of drinking:


  1. Noooo Elizabeth, I just had a Google Image Search for "chubby New Zealand European baby with Lovebird" :-)

    You betcha! Now we (the internet) look forward to seeing *you* as a baby!

  2. HEE HE
    I don't have any digital photos of my self as a baby.

    TOO OLD!


  3. Sure, because Digital Cameras became popular around 2005 say, and I sure were a baby "waaaaaay" back then, right? :-)

    I scanned the photo :-)

    We're waiting Elizabeth! :-) :-) :^)


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