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Episode 41 Invading to sell Stolen Breast Milk

Episode 41 Invading to sell stolen Breast Milk

iTunes RSS Feed issues (hopefully solved!), Canadians on my case all the time, Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association, Overheating Dogs, IT IT IT, "chuck IT in the river", New Zealand invading other nations to sell stolen Breast Milk

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, a front for the Invercargill Vegan Society, and her ONE member!

I'd like to get back into the old, boring format of covering current news stories.  I'll still have "special episodes" where I go out of my way to BASH something or someone, but for now, lets cover the news.  I'll make sure to do it in a heavily slanted and unreliable fashion

Before I can begin, I must apologize to anyone, and by that, I mean pretty much EVERYONE who had my iTunes feed go nuts, cashew, pistachio, peanut, it went crazy.  It may have…it PROBABLY…started downloading every previous episode all over again, all forty of them, for that I'm sorry.  I've fixed some whacko iTunes RSS feed thing, with the help of listener and friend Ben, a great guy, Michael Jackson should write a song about you Ben, and anyway, the iTunes feed should be sorted now.

I got a second comment, from another person who loved my little show, but noticed that I'd frigged up a link to Episode 20.  Its nice to think people are going through the back catalog!  You can find direct links on the right side of my blog, or hopefully iTunes will damn well work this time, I really like when people subscribe in iTunes, so they automatically get episodes. 

But…. Conrad who mentioned the busted link is ALSO Canadian, whats the deal guys, eh?  Canada's on my case or something?  Is this about that time in High School English when I corrected our "English" teacher, a former Canuck, thats a deliberate error if I said it wrong, or if I'm right, ignore my bet hedging, our English Teacher who was born in Cana-dia once used the letter Zed, probably said in her head "zeeeeee" instead of an S.  She was actually quite pissed, about the only time I thought a teacher would hit me, it would be odd NOT to point out when the English teacher misspells a word though, right?  But ever since then, whenever I get a bomb in the mail, its from a Canadian, "hey, that last episode SUCKED, it sucked so bad I thought I should send this IED to the dark side of the world and…"

About the crazy iTunes situation, the easiest solution MAY be to delete all previous episodes, and let the damn thing redownload everything.  I'm sorry about that, especially to my listeners in Soviet Gulag of New Zealand, who have to deal with bandwidth caps, getting so much data at broadband speeds, before having the life throttled out of you, down to an inhumane, un PETA approved, non Temple Grandin designed 8KB a second. 

Did you know that in Minor Island Nation of New Zealand, along with having Grandma put to sleep by the Death Panels when she hits the big three oh, we also start each day with a government subsidized bowl of Cereal?

by the way, the breaking up and stuttering, thats what 8KB's a second of multiperson Skype sounds like.  I'm proud to appear on two shows with my good, Ukranian born friend Andrew, the Patriotcast about Metal Gear Solid, and MJcast, about Michael Jordan.  Or, you know, some other guy who liked to sing, I forget which one.  I think its rather impressive that the Patriotcast show has friends from all around the world meeting to share a common interest in a video game series.  Our cast usually has the token Costa Rican living in California, your stereotypical Irish guy with an IQ of over 9000, the cliched Ukranian who simplifies for the dumb Westerners by saying  *sigh* "I'm from Russia, we could see Alaska from my house", the stock character New Zealand Vegan Guy and one or two UnAmericans, not very stereotypical because they're always the QUIETEST people on the show.  We're like a Michael Jackson music video, with all the children around the world singing , holding hands in unity, its pretty cool.  We do have cultural differences though, because in Soviet Russia, you pronounced "reuters" like "rooters", and only two of us have read Animal Farm, or, like Javier, you know, with the old Australian trick of spelt with a J, said like an H, I've finally gotten used to it.  At first I wanted to call him "Javert", like in Les Mis, "and I'm Javert, do not forget my naaaaaaaaaaame, 2 4 6 0 1……."

You'll find links to both my other shows in the notes for THIS episode, , I make a new link for each episode, coexist and then the episode number.

Here are a couple of interesting clips I've caught, have you ever wondered how no Vegan food is disgusting?  Well, apart from mushrooms, sorry Pao, I'm telling it like it is.  This first clip is from This Week in Tech:

Or this clip from No Agenda, about how supposedly Bill Clinton looks awful, even though he has more than enough energy to take over from that Barry guy, Clinton was incredible taking press questions, while that current "I'm going to close Gitmo on day one, you can take that to the bank" president ran off to his wifes Christmas party. 

Adam and John were bashing how Clinton looked BEFORE he were "supposedly" Vegan:

Hell, I'd like to look like Steve Jobs, I start off every day with my bowl of Kommunist Krunch, then wear my New Balance 911's, blue jeans and black mock turtleneck.

I have no idea why Clinton was bashed, I don't think he looks any different now he's SAID to be Vegan, although I would say that, *change voice to raspy old man* ohhhhhh, im ravaged by Veganism, I have to sleep twenty hours a day, I'm shrinking more and more each day……

And finally, a hit piece on our beloved Invercargill Vegan Society from NZ Vegan Podcast, those big show off's, with their TWO members and everything….now they need to go and have some fancy pants website,

< NZ Vegan clip>

Those fancy Aucklanders, a free Blogspot site is more than good enough for the respectable Invercargill Vegan Society!

You can find the fancy website at , the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association, yes, they turned their back on their country by not using a domain, although possibly it was cheaper to use the American .org, if they did it to save money, then thats cool, all New Zealand based Vegan Societies, and "associations" are hardup for cash.

Its like those large Welfare groups with their fancy HQ buildings, the big show off groups, with their two official members so far, Queen Elizabeth and Kaiser Will-yum, they need a posh "proper website", while humble one man operations make do with Blogger. 

We're all having a great time, the Abolitionist Vegans promoting Veganism here in New Zealand.  We plan to work together even further, hopefully we can have a group episode VERY soon, for the big unveil.  What could it be?  Could the Invercargill Vegan Society now have a SECOND member?  Who knows?  You'll just need to wait until the group episode.  (spoiler, no, we're still stuck on one)

A recent story in New Zealand was of a dog who was quote "literally cooked" to death by being left in a car.  As usual, the same people are screaming bloody murder, literally, and talking about how people who are quote "cruel to animals" don't get the Death Penalty they deserve, or five thousand years in solitary confinement, something like that.  The current maximum is a 75,000 dollar fine, thats about 60K american say.   This particular "Animal Cruelty case of the Week" is about a dog left in a car, who accidentally died.  No doubt the person responsible for the animal is VERY upset.  But the mob don't see it that way. 

I know of people who've reversed their car over a family pet before.  I think its horrible, THEY think its horrible, they've never gotten over it, and go berserk checking again and again whats behind them before reversing from then on.  Hopefully cameras built in to modern cars will help. 

I don't think these people should be fined 75,000 dollars for driving over their furry friend, do you?  If they'd somehow left a Dog inside a car, and they died from the heat, should they be fined 75,000 dollars?  I don't think so.

I don't know what I'd do if I got a 75,000 dollar fine like that, its an incredible amount of money.  In my area, the average house is probably about 200,000, its half the cost of a house lets say.  All for a genuine accident.

As always, we can notice the SPCA and other Welfare groups referring to the dead nonhuman as an "it"

SPCA Manager ""It cooks really, from the brain, the blood, every part of it. A dog doesn't sweat like you and I do. A dog can only cool itself down through panting.""

""It's completely avoidable, it's completely unnecessary... a dog should only be transported in a car when it's going somewhere for the dog.""

"He pleaded with the public to look after their pets responsibly.
"If the trip is not for the dog - don't take it. I don't know a simpler way of saying it," he said."

How about by not saying "it" when you mean another sentient being, that would be a great start.  IT IT IT, this is from the SPCA.  We shouldn't be treating animals as our "things"  Dogs never decided to build cars, why do we drive them about?  And by meaning "somewhere for the dog", perhaps that means when we decide to drive a dog to the location we want to "walk" IT?  and when WE want to go for a walk too.

A little like this clip, of an interview with the cofounder of an Animal Sanctuary, I'm sure its just a slip of her tongue, a little like IT IT IT,

Cripes, didn't a girl get in trouble for throwing puppies into a river?  HEY FIDO, TIME TO GO IN THE FREEZER AGAIN!
I'm sure it was just informal New Zealand slang, "chuck her on the barbie mate", that kind of thing.  Also, the mention of how seemingly everyone in New Zealand worked on those three kinda well known movies a decade ago, yeah, its true, sixty hours and forty minutes through the third movie, who do you think was the stunt double for Aragon?  Me, thats who.   The entire Invercargill Vegan Society also filled in for a hoard of orcs, well, they had to multiply ME a few hundred thousand times.

We get so worked up about fining people the 75,000 dollars, of dogs who overheat, that we ignore the hotdog we're eating while watching the news.  I can imagine one of these enraged listeners spitting out chunks of animal guts while howling for the blood of the person who accidentally left their furry friend in their car on a hot day.  And as always, "Animal Cruelty" only applies to strange white male loners, who cry themselves to sleep all night when not scratching pentagrams onto their arms.
The death of ONE man is a tragedy.  The death of MILLIONS is a statistic, as Stalin reportedly said.

To mention the "chuck IT in a river" clip again, of making dogs wear bandanas, AGAIN with the gang paraphernalia !  Seriously!  Its as if these people cant get enough recruits, so they have to start counting their Chicken Friends as members of their Vegan Society….to fill out the ranks, you know, above ONE actual member!

Hmm, although…they would kill insects if they caught them, but I stop them, I've taken Snails from Black Chicks beak before, she was very annoyed.  And they do eat their own eggs,  thats not Vegan, but….could it be like breast milk?  Human milk is for humans, Cows milk is for cows, are Chickens eggs not for Chickens to eat?

So every pet belonging to a Welfare group in New Zealand is gang affiliated.  You know what else is mobbed up?  Fonterra, our "dairy" giant. 

Some folk invade for oil, others, so they can sell stolen Breast Milk to the UN.


"The WikiLeaks saga is embarrassing politicians from both sides of the New Zealand political spectrum as cables show the former Labour government sent troops to Iraq because it was nervous Fonterra would miss out on lucrative deals.
Officials say it was not until the finance minister pointed out that New Zealand's absence from Iraq might cost Fonterra the lucrative dairy contract that the Prime Minister found a face-saving compromise.
One of hundreds of leaked diplomatic cables, the information from the US Embassy in Wellington said the identities of the unnamed defence staff should be "strictly protected", after they briefed embassy staff on a cabinet meeting in which Helen Clark's government did an about turn on sending troops to Iraq.
Clark decided to send engineers to Basra in a non-combat role to stop Fonterra losing the United Nations Oil for Food contracts.
Two rotations of 61 engineers spent a year in Basra from September 2003, performing engineering and humanitarian tasks.
"The Americans were happy because they could claim another nation had joined their post coalition invasion force, so the only people who were losers were New Zealanders who wanted us to stay clear of any association with the Iraq war," Green Party foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke said.

Crazy right?  Its like a Mafia Don forced us into it,

I've always found it embarrassing that we're so heavily reliant on agriculture, by that I mean killing other animals and sending their frozen bodies overseas, or their breast milk, or wool etc.  Surely we can move on past that?  Other countries make fighter jets, and invade for their precious oil, we help them invade so we can sell a fatty white oil coming from other animals.  Making a living from agriculture, hey, the "fat of the land", or "on the sheeps back", we can get past that.

I found a reply from the Prime Minister at the time, Helen Clark.  The NZ Herald article clarifies the allegations first, before quoting Clark.

"It said the prime minister "found a face-saving compromise" by sending non-combat engineers to be embedded with British forces."

"Miss Clark, now head of the United Nations Development Programme, told Radio New Zealand the allegation was wrong.
"I am absolutely incensed at the suggestion that some Defence Ministry personnel seem to have made to various diplomats that there was any connection between my support for sending engineers to do humanitarian work in Iraq with the interests of Fonterra, I mean this is simply preposterous

I find it hard to believe that some people are AGAINST Wikileaks, "hey, we should believe whatever Governmental Officials say!"  I'm far from an Anarchist, but cmon!  I wouldn't go hacking into computers myself, but if it turns out my nations young men and women, people my age are getting exploded in the desert by people pissed off at being invaded since the Cambrian Explosion, we should be outraged about it!

Not making our Children sing songs such as this

Man, is this what passes for Punk rock now?  Whats next, Gentleman Rap?  A group called African Americans With Respect, with their smash hit "THANK the Police"?

The New Zealand Herald is a very well respected New Zealand paper, probably our most trusted source of information.  I cant stand nearly ALL of the mainstream media, I cant wait until they're crushed under the weight of Blogs and podcasts, just like how nobody goes to dusty old libraries anymore, who needs books when we have Wikipedia?  The Herald have really done a great job covering the story, of how Labour are trying to cover this up, the centre Left party leading our government at the time, all our parties work together, MMP, its not just X vs Y, we have X, minor party a, minor party b, minor party C working together to make up the majority, against Y and minor parties d and e.

More from The Herald:

"But it would be pushing credulity to claim the Clark Government did not consider the clear desire by New Zealand business - particularly Fonterra - to ensure its Iraqi trade did not go down the tubes when the postwar reconstruction contracts were doled out. Particularly when America still controlled the game.
In an interview with this columnist in April 2003 - just weeks after the United States-led invasion - Clark said a stable Middle East had to be good for a meat-producing nation like New Zealand.

"Before the Gulf War, Iraq was a good market for New Zealand, so the prospect of a change of government with a lot of foreign money going into rebuild capacity - there's got to be opportunities there."
There was plenty more besides.
It all "hinges on getting some sort of internal political settlement in Iraq pretty quickly ... Fundamentally it's a rich nation. It's got an educated people. It's got its oil - third largest in the world".

"The previous October, Goff signed an exemption notice enabling Fonterra to indirectly export dairy products to Iraq after the company gave a cast-iron assurance to the Government its Vietnamese intermediary was operating legitimately under the UN's Oil for Food programme.
That assurance subsequently went into meltdown after an inquiry by former United States Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker into widespread corruption surrounding the UN programme.
In Volcker's 2005 report, the intermediary - Vietnam Dairy Products (Vinamilk) - was alleged to have paid US$23.5 million ($34 million) in illegal kickbacks to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime.
Fonterra subsequently denied knowing any bribes were being paid by Vinamilk and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) said in 2005 its officials had not seen any evidence to suggest the co-op knew of illicit payments to the Iraqi authorities.
All of this suggests the previous Labour Government was indeed prepared to go out of its way to protect Fonterra's Iraq trade."

invading for oil, invading for milk.  Some nations revere MLK, in Soviet New Zealand, we worship M.I.L.K, white gold, Tuatapare tea

Notice the start, "shootin' at some food, when up from the ground come a bubbling crude", cmon, thats obviously propaganda from the NRA, "kill little animals to feed your redneck family, its like buying a lotto ticket, you're guaranteed to strike oil!"

Well, at least American Televisions gotten better…..right?

Hmm, still not as good as New Zealand tv

Theres always news about my regions quote "dairy farms", I don't like using industry terms, like "poultry" and "meat", it makes everything seem so normal.

I commented on a Southland Times article about "Dairy Industry a cash cow", about how there were nothing ethical about what we did to other animals, regardless of how much short term profits we made.

I got a comment from one "Glenn", this ones going to be fun to read, hardly any word with more than four letters is spelt correctly:

"Jordan mate do you that with what people do with their animals is to help them and their family survive without dairy lamb products new zealand would be nothing. being a farmer is not easy mate. its your choice to be a vegan but you think bout all the other NON vegans and the farmers. all the farmers are trying to do is live and help the other lets say 4 million New Zealanders that need iron, calcium its apart of new zealands cultre and no one can take that apart from new zealand. As a butcher and x dairy farmer this is what i think and its not actually cruel of what the farmers are doing all they are doing is there JOB"

Well Glenn, sounds a lot like "we were just following orders as we invaded other countries, dropping bombs, shooting down planes, killing children and trying out best to exterminate an entire race".  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  Its a point I often make to the angry right wingers who moan about "politically correct tree huggers" who are also sure to be "on the dole", living off government money.  Lets look at what we ourselves are doing, not blaming some massive multinational scapegoat, doesn't sound very Vegan, does it, blaming all the problems of the world on one person, one corporation, one goat.  "ohhh, KFC is awful for killing Chickens….boycott!  until they gas them to death….then they're good!"

One last story.  I covered Ms Elephant, a circus Elephant being trucked around the country to walk around the ring in costume.  Well, the short, fat, hairy and ill mannered "elephant trainer" has recently got a huge payout.  Theres some talk about how the Elephant, I always called her Ms Elephant, they call her "Jumbo", what a terrible name, how Ms Elephant was given to the SPCA after a campaign to free her.  Hopefully she'll end up in a sanctuary with other elephants soon, after so many years performing by her self, being kept in a small truck trailer. 

You know how I mentioned The Herald as being our most well respected Mainstream Media outlet?  Well, throughout this infernal article, Ms Elephant gets turned into a Mister Elephant, its outrageous!  How could they not notice?  And then she gives herself a sex change at the end again.

Apparently the Elephant trainer was told some story by the circus, "oh, yeah, that big gray thing, IT ran away, it got lost somehow", seriously, he really was told that she "got lost"….  And so he managed to get some court settlement after being told this.

"Mr Ratcliffe was awarded $10,000 for hurt, humiliation and injury to feelings.
Jumbo now lives at the Franklin Zoo, south of Auckland.

Who knows, maybe she's yet another member of the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association.

Well, that keeper insulted me, as I walked over with my nice digital camera, and a t shirt with a Parrot on the front, "you animal rights?"  "you animal rights?", I noticed all the carny children poking their heads out of different vans all about me, totally surrounded.  "sure, maybe" I said casually, "piss off, get outta here, you come back, theres gonna be trouble" he threatened me. 

"Now called her original name Mila, she is being rehabilitated so she could eventually socialise with other elephants when the chance arises.
Thirty-seven years old, she could live for up to another 35 years.

I'm still doing my best to promote Veganism, I spend part of each work break searching Twitter for the word "Vegan", I try and offer encouragement.  I must talk to at LEAST three people each day who give me a positive reply.  There are many out there who Tweet… " I wanna be Vegan,….but its hard…".  I try my best to offer advice, other websites, podcasts, including my own, but I always mention that, full disclosure, videos of Chicken Friends, and the like.

A common obstacle I come across is my age, or uh, lack of?  Because I'm 23, I'm OBVIOUSLY too idealistic, HA, he still thinks he can change the world!  I reply back that people older than myself might say Age to be just a number, why would it not apply to a younger man equally?

Why, at 69, or possibly older, you can learn to DJ, like Mamy Rock:

Age is just a number, whether you're a 69+ year old female DJ, or a 23 year old guy with Chicken Friends. 

Anyway, who do you think is under Daft Punks helmets?  I wonder what they think of fellow DJ "Mamy Rock", age 70 odd

We never know how old others are online, through text, lets treat each other equally.  Who knows, maybe your favourite masked DJ's could be the old geezers from Sesame Street!

I hope this episode has been enjoyable to listen to.  I'd love to hear your criticism.  I'm going to try and force William, Elizabeth, Sam and Emmy to join me for a group episode, looking over the year 2010 for New Zealand Veganism.  If they refuse, fine, go ahead, I'll cancel their honorary memberships to the Invercargill Vegan Society, its not like we need the members or anything….not when I have my would be bug killing, Egg eating Chicken Friends!

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at coexisting with nonhuman animals .

If you want to contact me, even just to say you listened, send an email to, or on Twitter, j a y w o n t d a r t,  I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for listening.


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