Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chickens Like Apples VIDEO

I've been promising more Chicken Friend videos for some time now, I have the raw files, its just a matter of editing and uploading :-)

I hope this delivers some of the promised "Tofu Steak"

Chicken Friends deserve 720 Fullscreen when possible :-)

And it just happened to be The Magic Number, 3:33!  Make a donation to No Agenda!

"Do you like Apples?" intro scene from Good Will Hunting


  1. A long time ago I raised chickens. I had a cute little black hen who was very friendly and used to follow me everywhere. The Rhode Island Red rooster, however, was a different story. He actually busted my lip once! If my living arraignments were different I would rescue a chicken.

  2. Nice to hear billcherryjr, I hope you will be able to look after some unwanted Chickens soon, there sure are plenty who DESPERATELY need a new home.


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