Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas from the NZ Pork Board

Today I received this from The NZ Pork Board:

Now, I'm sure you were just as outraged as I that we never received a Hanukkah card from The New Zealand Pork Board!  Heads should roll for this kind of incompetence!  Thats the last straw, as an Animal Rights activist, I'll have to sell my shares in the NZ Pork Board!

And the colours!  Green on Red!  Is Johnny CLASH in your iTunes library!?!  What kind of MORON uses snot/mushy pea green for text anyway? 

What about Kwanzaa too?  Sure, I only really know about it due to Futurama, "Kwanzaa bot", but cmon!  

As an Atheist, I find their lack of Festivus cheer disturbing:

Being from Southland, a world renowned producer of AluminIum (dont get me started on that "a-loo-min-num" garbage), the manufacture of Festivus Poles will keep our economy moving, once the exploitation of nonhumans ceases in 2018!

Dammit McIvor, buck up your ideas, and get to work on the "Festive Season" cards!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, its pretty offensive to have sleeping (dead looking) Pigs with doodled on "santa hats" when your business is about KILLING many millions each year.  I see the red decorations along the border, cant you just imagine the stock cliché of "an Apple in the killed Pigs mouth"? 

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