Sunday, December 5, 2010

Episode 39 Victory Accomplished

Episode 39 Victory Accomplished

New Zealand FINALLY has a "Factory Farming ban", after years of volunteers time, and millions of dollars, what have we accomplished?  "Paw Justice", an "anti- Animal Cruelty" campaign with a Gang aesthetic!  Who are the real "Animal Exploiters"?

I'm joined by three special guests, William Paul, one of those Vegans who promote Veganism, and in public no less, Emmy James of Vegan For Life ( ) and Elizabeth Collins, NZ Vegan Podcast ( )

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Hello and welcome to a GREAT episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, Episode 39, Victory Accomplished! ( )

( )

Well, job well done guys, New Zealands had a major victory in the fight against the most evil force known to man, Hitler, wait, I mean, Communism, argh, no,  "Factory Farming", yeah ,thats the one. 

Heres news coverage of our enemies defeat:

And now, appearing from the Invercargill Vegan Society's F35 fighter jet, with VSTOL capability, one of those filthy people who get out there on the streets, in public to help animals, rather than talking into a microphone, William Paul.  As you're hovering past the SkyTower at a couple hundred kilometers an hour, what are your thoughts on our marvelous triumph William, are you going to spell out VICTORY from the attached smoke machines?

Its great having you as our reporter William, although watch out for that New Welfarist flak that gets shot at us, I love the "you're-being-divisive" noise it makes as it whizzes past, don't you?  Still, thats why Vegans who promote Veganism make sure their fighterjets have countermeasures.


My special invited Friends:

Emmy James,

William Paul (can be found speaking publicly about Veganism, he's hardcore like that)

Elizabeth Collins

Mentioned on the show

My blog post after hearing of VFFNZ (Victory over "Factory Farming" NZ ) day

3 News

No Agenda episode 257 CHEM-TRAILZZZZZZ!

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