Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kill and eat Animals, catch Herpes!

"Oysters suffer from herpes outbreak"


"A herpes virus has been revealed as the villain in the mysterious deaths of large numbers of juvenile North Island oysters.
The virus has been in New Zealand for some time, but combined with warmer waters, it's expected to hit the oyster crops hard for two years.
About 70 percent of these juvenile oysters are dead - and now after two months of worry, oyster farmers know why.
They've been attacked by a herpes virus, but oyster farmers say it's not as bad as it sounds, and if the oysters make it to adulthood, they are completely safe to eat."

Sweet baby jesus!  Why the devil would you want to eat anyONE who can catch Herpes! (contains graphic photos, just telling you so you'll WANT to go take a look )

Ah, but don't bloody worry, IF they live till "adulthood", - and doesn't that sound gross too?  waiting until someone is an adult...before we kill them?, -  then they are "completely safe to eat". Suuuuuuuuure they are!  Do you want to eat "food" that once had Herpes?  I dont!  Its a little like when a cellphone drops in the toilet, do you really want to scoop it out?  (sadly, my friends have done this, "...but I washed it off!"... I wont touch their phones now)

"About two-thirds of New Zealand's oysters are exported, and oyster farmers are hopeful that won't be affected as all the major countries New Zealand exports to already have already had the virus."

Will the packaging be labelled, "New Zealand fresh! Dont worry, we used ointment and the Herpes cleared up, right as rain, dig in mate!"?  Seems like the Herpes gets around too!

Holy hell! The more we look critically at what we do to other animals, the easier it is to spot these OBVIOUS flaws.  From knocking up females and killing their children just to keep their breast milk flowing,  treating others as *things*, now catching  STD's..... *WHY* would we ever want to be a part of this?!?

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