Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rescued bird flies away safely VIDEO

I found a wild Bird trapped in our glasshouse. They get along well with my Chicken Friends, smaller and female Birds are allowed to share food, male Birds, especially Blackbirds seem to be CHASED AWAY by the Hens.

*NOTE* I would NEVER normally delay releasing a trapped bird, all to take some stupid video, I had my iPhone in my pocket it, the bird in my hand, and as I walked out of the glasshouse, it took no extra time to hold my iPhone with my other hand as I let the bird go.  PLEASE, if you find a trapped bird, do not waste time recording videos for posterity.  Their lives are worth more than a 10MB video clip.

I was surprised the Bird didnt rest where I intended to put them, perhaps they were so scared they just wanted to get the hell away, to rest later?  Its very risky for Birds to be trapped, as they can have a heart attack from the stress.  Once more, please, dont waste time trying to record silly videos, do the right thing, and SAFELY catch them, to QUICKLY and GENTLY be put outside, to be free once more.

If you watch in Fullscreen, there's a 720P option.

I save any animals I can, be they Mice from cats, Flies in a Spider web, or a Bird trapped in a glass box.  Many people think I'm stupid for rescuing animals from the first two scenarios, I think most people would save a Bird.  I see no real difference among the victims life, for thats what they are, a victim of a predator.  I think its speciesist to imagine a difference in worth. 

It takes so very little of my time to help another animal, why *wouldnt* I?  It makes me think of all the people who scream out to an "all powerful being", if they truly existed, able to build an entire existence in a few days, why would they not also rescue an animal about to die?

Freeing that one trapped bird made me think of these Hens

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