Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Birdman of Invercargill

I often get comments on my beautiful, gentle Chicken Friends,  expressing that *I* have somehow made them so nice, that I must shampoo and condition them, brush their beaks each night, tell them to gargle and floss etc,  that I must edit the videos to highlight their colours, that I must have *TRAINED* them to answer "uhh....and world peace?"

Why, no, not at all!  *This* is how Chicken Friends *are*!  If we are more used to seeing featherless birds, trapped in cages, dead corpses etc, well then, that is *our* doing, that is not how Chickens are!

If you like seeing my Chicken Friends, there are MANY more Chickens out there who need a nice home to live their natural lives. 

They only require housing, they generally like to sleep standing up, so a beam is useful, 

Apart from that, they eat bread, plants, including weeds....and flowers....

while only drinking top shelf liquor.  Just kidding, Evian water will do in a pinch  (if you believe that, you're ev├»an spelt backwards!

For some reason, its more common for Women to go craaaaaaazy over Cats,
while Men more often appreciate Birds.

I'm proud to be known as The Birdman of Invercargill!

Today I wrote a letter to a local newspaper publication, RE their giving away of a "free range Turkey".  A large, graphic colour photo, of a roasted corpse was included.  I felt like being sick.   Yesterday I went to the supermarket, and seeing people pile plastic packets of white/pink Chickens into their trolleys...Chickens have two legs, count them, two.  Some women were buying the legs from .... 10+ Chickens.  They also had a "special" on their whole corpses, well, not true, I could see where their heads had been CHOPPED OFF...their necks hanging open, a bloody gash.

I hope that an article about the newly formed Invercargill Vegan Society can be included in the paper.  We're still handing out honourary memberships, to Vegans elsewhere, just leave a comment here to be included!

It does make me sad though, if I have so many members "on paper", but then hardly anybody shows up to the meetings!   Just me and the Chicken Friends! :-)

If you can, please adopt some unwanted Chickens. They *are* lovely, and they need our help.  There are enough Chicken Friends for everyone! :-)


  1. You lucky man, surrounded with those great looking chicks...truly beautiful!

  2. Thank you Stangya :-) I hope more people will look after some Chickens who need a Friend :-)


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