Friday, December 3, 2010

My last post, "funniest thing i've seen today" :-)

I've been told before that my blog was "funny", or was that "funny looking"?....  I forget, well anyway Tyler, I'm glad you found me "funny" ( or was that "funny looking" too....?) :

"...unrelated, here is the funniest thing i’ve seen today:
This Facebook ad is particularly heinous:
“IT’s” cannot sell “ITSELVES”, Chickens, and other animals, are most certainly not an “IT”, but *THEY*, *HE*, *SHE*.

And to sell their flesh, chopped up, possibly from multiple Chickens, for THREE DOLLARS FIFTY? Their lives are *priceless*
Heres something that Chickens are good at “selling”, that *THEY* are lovely, gentle animals, who love life, love each other, love *THEIR* human friends, that *THEY* love *THEIR* lives.
The least we can do for our Chicken Friends, and all other animals, is to respect *THEIR* individual lives, that *THEY* are not “things”, but other sentient beings, with just as much right to life as you or I.
They are why I promote Veganism.
i love so many things about this. chicken with a capital C. his attachment to his Chicken Friends (where does this come from?). he believes that his Chicken Friends love him. he proposes that Chicken life is as important as human life (!).
i wonder if he has blocked out ‘nature’, where foxes, raccoons, and dogs (which (“who”?) are all omnivores and therefore not “required” to eat Animal Friends) are all natural predators of chickens…or even better, that your Chicken Friends themselves are also omnivores with diets that can include mice." 

Glad you "love" my last post :-)  RE using an initial capital for animal names, I figure, if religious types get away with granting themselves fancy titles and "...papal infallibility", wearing big hats, and spelling their fictitious superman's name with an initial cap, why not let it spread to the other animals around us?  They've certainly showed more compassion than aforementioned superman-whose-granted-initial-capital-status!  More deserving of our respect, sure, laugh at me for having "Chicken Friends", better lovely little Birds (caught again!) who run to meet me each day than imaginary friends, no? ;-)

Your Own Posts Seem To Lack Upper Case Letters, Are You Perhaps Jealous Of My Overuse, When Your Own Keyboard Lacks Shift Keys?  Key Loss seems common these days, I blame Global Warming, or George Bush's presidency.

I do believe Chickens appreciate their lives as much as I do mine, hell, look at how nuts they go over eating Falafel!  Do you get such enjoyment each day?

Foxes and Raccoons do not live here in Invercargill New Zealand, although, we do have Giant and Colossal Squid around my island, so THERE! Neither show particular interest in hurting Chickens though.

About killing and eating mice, surely not a nice way to treat our little Mice Friends, right?   We have wild Mice who share the Chicken Coop, I've always been more worried that they would harm the Chickens, than the other way around.

That said, it seems I myself am in more danger than the Mice!

When Chickens Attack 1 video 

When Chickens Attack 2 video

Best wishes to you Tyler!

Jordan Wyatt,
Founder and "Dictator for life" 
Invercargill Vegan Society


  1. Your venom towards religious people is both disrespectful and off-putting. As a vegetarian who happens to be religious (Catholic, specifically), I find this poses a problem ... in at least one respect, we share a common vision. If we are to make a difference in the world regarding how we treat our animals and environment, then we must cooperate. That means respecting each other's beliefs, the same way we'd like the world to do the same for us.

  2. Hi Matthew, thank you for your comment!

    I grew up in Catholic schools myself, we had priests, brothers, nuns etc.

    I quickly became Atheist, as many at the school did, and it was more interesting than inspiring to study religion at a religious school. I hold myself as lucky that our teachers were not fundamental about religious teachings, our Science teachers taught Science for example. Jesus "walking on water" was possibly explained as "well, in those times rivers were dangerous, so maybe Jesus could swim, and it was very rare for the others to see someone swim?" etc.

    I've only recently been speaking up in favour of Atheism, in part to learning more from Richard Dawkins, Sandberg and others, but also from the new religious groups who've come to my city. We seem to have an awful lot more "youth groups", which I find particularly insidious. They use imagery of swords for their logos, of "an army of God", I find it all rather scary, although I'm sure its just allusions. I really was blown away when I saw a "creationist" speaker was visiting a local group, with a presentation named something like, "Evolution, a dangerous theory...", I didnt find out about it in time, or else I would have loved to have sat in the audience, hoping to have my questions put to the presenter. I find the idea of our religions targeting young Children, of turning them away from Science to just be abhorrent, and I want to do whatever I can to help.

    I'm sorry you found this post off-putting Matthew. I do find it interesting that religious Animal Rights blogs etc can speak of religious themes, and not be questioned, but that Atheists are seen as "divisive" :-) Not anything that you have said Matthew, I appreciate your comment, just in general, how nobody seems to consider giant churches offensive, but a single Atheist, woah now! I'll tone down any Atheist talk on future posts, and episodes.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope that by reading other blogs, listening to others shows, that you'll learn more about Veganism, my favourite websites to refer people to are

    Have a lovely day Matthew! :-)

  3. A welcome (and lengthy) response. Thanks! I wasn't offended, just mildly annoyed. And thanks to your reply, it's completely melted away.

    I was not a product of any Catholic school system as a child, but I did do my bachelors degree in a Dominican convent (though I was never planning on becoming a priest; I was actually engaged to be married at the time!).

    Perhaps my experience there was unique ... most of the friars at the convent were well-educated, intellectually-stimulating conversationalists, always ready to challenge your beliefs and up the stakes. So closed-mindedness amongst religious types was never my experience. And I hope that it is never the experience of anyone who has a conversation with me ...

    I quite agree that many religious people can be ... challenging and impossible when it comes to their reasoning (I, for the record, not only accept evolution, but wrote my Master's thesis on how evolutionary theory may be reconciled with Christianity). I may actually be more frustrated than you, because many people on my own side often make conversation difficult.

    Incidentally, my research into evolutionary theory as it relates to the existence of human beings in the Image of God is what led me to become a vegetarian in the first place!

    All the best to you. I'll visit your blog again.

  4. Hi Matthew!

    Isn't it nice that we talked about our differences, and got along fine? :-) I've had similar experiences talking about Veganism, with people who mock the idea of nonviolence. This is just the blog for my show, the podcast is the purpose for this blog. You can subscribe to my show through iTunes, by clicking here iTunes should open

    or on the right side of the blog are the direct download links to episodes, I hope you'll listen to an episode or two :)

    I mentioned on a recent episode talking with one such NonVegan, they were going on and on about Virgins, and then somehow brought up Veganism, Vegans were weak, there was no such thing as a Male Vegan, or, he was just PRETENDING to make a Vegan Woman fall in love with him!

    Through using humour, and some basic facts about Veganism, linking to sites, shows etc, we actually got along, after getting over any stereotypes of Vegans.

    I cant force you to be either Vegan or Atheist, but I hope you'll decide to learn more about each for yourself :)

    Best wishes Matthew.

    Jordan Wyatt


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