Friday, September 28, 2012

Eco Festival 2012 Press, INVSOC Muffin Mention!

With the 2012 Transition Towns Eco Festival coming up next-next weekend, press releases have gone out to drum up support.  Hard to believe its been a whole year since the 2011 event!

And with "....the Invercargill Vegan Society.....offering free vegan muffins", who WOULDNT be interested in attending?!?!? :-)

The Southland Times "Spring Eco Festival Promotes Sustainable Living"  Entry is $2 for adults, free for young children, towards hall rent.

 I saw the reporter Jamie at INVSOC members Steve and Amber's flat, playing in his band "Concubine".  Lead vocals and guitar, Jamie had a grand time telling we crowding appreciators "I'm gonna break your eff wording necks", although in slightly different language :-)

I'm the taller guy by the white door, I think that gleam on my jacket is my INVSOC badge - all those sharp corners, I did well to stay out of the "mosh pit".  As large as I am, the frenzied (on drugs?) participants slammed themselves against every surface.  "Stay back, I've got a multi sharp sided membership badge for our local vegan organisation and you could sustain a serious eye injury!" might not have been heard over reporter Jamies howling voice.

Jamie's long hair visible in the bottom right corner.

It was lovely to be contacted through the INVSOC website about covering the Eco Festival :-)

"Hi there,Jamie from the Southland Times here. Im looking at doing a wee write up on the Spring Eco Festival and Huia pointed me your way. She said you had a stall there last year and have one again this year? Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about it? How was it? What was your favourite part? How do you think it effects the town? Do you think the turn out this year will have increased? Did you get a postivie reaction last year?
Also if you have any contact details for the event organiser that would be immensly appriciated.
Thanks very much,

Last year was great, I had a whale of a time next to the Sea Shepherd conservation society, and this year will be bigger and better! :-)

For more about the Spring Eco Festival 2012, please visit our Facebook page.

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