Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interview With Ben James, NZ Chef Trying Veganism :-)

*** UPDATE ***

Ben says he will stay vegan :-)

This second article also mentions an Invercargill vegan family visiting him?  Ben txt me, its a family from somewhere in Southland, I hope they'll get in touch with me, new INVSOC members :-)

Ben James is a New Zealand chef trying out Veganism for a month, how fantastic!

I read about his foray into Veganism through The Malborough Express, "Chef Takes On Vegan Challenge" 

You can hear my interview with Ben here, it will be included in my next episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, but why keep you waiting? :-)

Notice my headcold, and wavering voice :-)

You can find Ben's blog about Veganism here, "What Is A Vegan?"  Next time you're in Blenheim, check out the Raupo Riverside Cafe :-)

Thank you very much Ben for your time :-)  I hope you enjoy being Vegan, and making Vegan recipes for your increasing number of Vegan customers :-)

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