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Two Little Boys movie, Familiar Names and Locations :-)

After attending the premier redcarpet event of the movie "Two Little Boys", but not actually seeing the premier, it was time I bought a ticket and saw the film!  INVSOC member Steve, who had an extras part in the movie saw it with me, at Reading Cinema. 

Co-star Bret McKenzie who plays the character of "Nige" in "Two Little Boys".  Best known for Flight of the Conchords, he posed with my sign for his beloved Lord of the Rings character :-)  For more information, check out "my coverage" of the premier event.

"Two Little Boys" trailer:

Early in the movie, we're introduced to this scene......where main character "Nige" likes to drive his car late at night (3:08AM!) so he can you do.  He drives round this roundabout on Tay/Dee Street, and then to the Tay/Kelvin intersection, where a police officer spots his car having only one working headlight.  What can you do?  Well, we're told turn the (single) headlight off, so you could only be pulled over for forgetting to turn your lightS *on*, rather than having a broken down old car! :-)  

Photo taken during the movie, the black mountain at the bottom/middle is the chair in front of mine :-)  Car seen as a yellow blob on the right.  This scene is revisited at the very end of the movie....without spoiling the plot....the car now has TWO working headlights, showing how "Nige" has moved up in the world.  Revisiting the scene also gave me a second chance to sneakily snap a photo on my phone :-)

"The South African War Memorial at Invercargill in c1986. Designed by Newton Vane, the monument has a drinking fountain, but the clock was added later.

The debate that preceded the erection of Invercargill’s impressive two-level South African War memorial was rich with issues of identity and appropriateness."

NZ History article

A photo taken of the monument roundabout as I walked home after the movie :-)

A pretty crazy experience, we were watching the movie in cinema 5.....the top green X, and the monument roundabout is the bottom green X.....a stones throw away outside! :-)

Google Maps

The tourist 
Jurgen ("yur-ginn", gin pronounced like "begin") is hit and dies at the red X.  His body is initially dumped down a roadwork pit (complete with head banging pipe) at the black X further west.

The movie starts around the yellow X, a police car seeing "Nige" driving his old Ford, "doing the laps" to clear his mind at 3am at night.  He likes to drive his old banger of a car, one headlight working round and round from the roundabout at the bottom green X to the yellow X.....for goodness knows how long at a time!  Apparently only stopping when he hits a tourist!

I *guess* I could show you some great images of the troopers monument roundabout :-)

Photos by Layton Findlater Photography



Many fantastic other photos here, on the Layton Findlater Photography Facebook page

Tourist Yurgen is hit and dies here.

Just in front of where the car here, Google Streetview.

View Larger Map

Initial body dump site!  The garden isn't in place, replaced with the roadworks?  I initially thought it was the first streetlight with parking metres, but the metal cover faces the wrong way.  Theres a news report about the body seen (imagined?) during the movie, which shows the railway brick building in the background, so its this particular streetlight.

View Larger Map

Google Maps

Tay Street as seen in the movie trailer, in particular H&J's Outdoor World.  In 1995, I remember a man was shot dead by the police after storming the "Outdoor World" hunting store, he was killed by a bridge in the Otepuni Gardens behind, after exiting out the back.

Independent Police Conduct Authority report on the shooting. (PDF)

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Not only did fellow movie go-er Steve watch the movie with me, he appeared as an extra in an early scene :-)

And look here, in the ending credits, Invercargill Vegan Society member Natalie Johnston shows up for her work "Behind The Scenes Crew"-ing and also as an "Editorial Trainee".  Fantastic!    Two INVSOC members were involved with "Two Little Boys" :-)

Natalie gave us this Focaccia bread recipe for the Invercargill Vegan Society website :-)

Overall, a very good movie, an interesting plot, with a charmingly innocent character, and a psychopath.   Memorable scenes include an extreme closeup of two characters having sex in the yellow car (that lens must have been REALLY close to her flopping boobs, her head popping out the sunroof), a little boy wetting himself, a half million uses of The Eff Word, and the demonstration of oral sex upon a piece of fruit.  Um, just *a little* over the top, but the movie has a quirky character all of its own.

Other movies shot in Invercargill also include sex scenes, be they with "dirty old men" (Worlds Fastest Indian starring Sir Anthony Hannibal Lecter)

 and "I'm takin' this bloody car to Inver-carg-ill!" (Goodbye Pork Pie), also starring a yellow car which falls apart!

Please buy a ticket, and support more movies being made here in Invercargill, home of the southernmost Vegan organisation in the world :-)

With three fantastic movies filmed in this ol' city of 50,000, we're not doing too badly for ourselves! :-)
"Two Little Boys" trailer:

Also see photos taken at the premier event of "Two Little Boys" here in Invercargill.

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