Sunday, October 9, 2011

INVSOC Spring Eco Festival table :-) PHOTOS

The Invercargill Vegan Society (INVSOC) attended the Invercargill Transition Towns Eco Festival 2011 :-)

The event was well attended, I spoke with dozens of people about Chicken Friends and Veganism, respect for EVERYONE! :-) 

As people asked me about our table, I'd show them photos of Rescued Hens on my iPad, about how they had been saved from a farm, considered property, mere things.  I mentioned how they were due to be "culled", killed as their female reproductive system slowed down with age (being a positively ancient >12 months old), and that the farmers found it easier to thrust their arms in and drag them out of hidden cages, hanging by their feet to give to animal advocates than spend the effort of breaking their necks/slashing their throats.  (Killed after reaching A Certain Age?  Thats "Comrade Obama" and SOCIALISM for ya!)

Everyone I spoke with was very glad the Hens were now able to live free, as someONE in our backyard, photos of my Chicken Friends among flowers went down especially well :-)  

I explained how we didnt want to focus on graphic (realistic, and negatively emotional images of death) resources, instead focusing on reasons why we *should* respect other animals, "YES WE CAN!", not "DONT DO THAT" :-)  Over 30 pieces of frantically-baked-at-11PM-the-night-before-the-event Mint Chocolate Mud cake were shared :-)

The photo of few day old Chicken Friends on INVSOC cards was appreciated, and nearly every visitor was glad to take one with them, to visit our website later.

"Some Guy From Texas" showed up

It was lovely to meet so many people eager in talking about Veganism.  The World Is Vegan If We Want It  :-)

Additional photos can be found here


  1. I didn't stop at your stand and meet with you, more fool me! This is great - blog and all the programmes you are producing nd of course, your chicken work! The pov you've taken, highlighting the best-case scenario, rather than the usual shock-tactic vegan activist suffering animal pictures/street theatre thing, is very good indeed and I can see why people respond positively. The image of the hens amongst the bluebells and magnolias is inspiring - lucky hens! Next time I see you, if my lousy memory for faces doesn't let me down, I'd like to talk with you about some things. Do you know my son Terry? He was at the door and one of the Parkour team.

  2. Thank you Robert :-)

    I'd love to introduce you to the rescued hens (and my other two Chicken Friends) next time you're in Invercargill :-)

    I do indeed know Terry, he cheerfully suggested to Rebecca I was rich, and should be charged twice admission :-)

    Thank you for your time Robert :-)


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