Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 2012 INVSOC Potluck

All Invercargill Vegan Society potlucks are wonderful, but tonights was especially fantastic in terms of the food selection :-)

Dan, Russell, Jordan, Katharine, Steve, Kerri and Jess attended.

Top left, Custard Square, top right, lemon poppy cake,
Middle left, Lemon Cherry cupcakes, cranberry biscuit
Bottom left, fudge, bottom right, loaf

Top left : pastry parcel with mushroom, lentils and herbs inside, middle top, pumpkin kumara pattie, top right, rice.

Bottom left: gnocchi with pasta sauce (gnocchi might live in infamy after the Ronnie Johns comedy sketch!) , bottom right chickpea curry.

A few of our Invercargill Vegan Society poster designs, after we trialled having actual posters up around Invercargill city :-)

Early draft for our World Vegan Day 2012 poster :-)

We had Vegan shirts from around the world representing their various organisations!

Team Vegan, a New Zealand athletic Vegan group, Russell and Jordan wore Team Vegan shirts for the Invercargill "Surf to City" fun run , on the right, a Herbivore Clothing shirt branded "I'm Vegan and I love you", from Portland, Oregon USA

Left, our friend Barbara DeGrande's Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas shirt, right, clothing from the Peaceful Prairie animal sanctuary in Colorado which promotes Veganism, well done Joanna! :-)

Left, a custom shirt made by Sam Tucker in Hamilton NZ, a comedy making dark of the "beef+lamb" New Zealand "meat council" and their rather offensive ads featuring New Zealand sports women dancing to a song written and performed by a Vegetarian, to promote the idea that women need iron, that it only comes from the blood and bodies of Others.  Episode 64 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals had an interview with vegan friend Zimena, about her daughter having to sit through an hour of corporate propaganda in her primary school, a mascot called "Iron Brion" about how eating cows and sheep makes us strong.

To the right, Hellhound Hotdogs, a fantastic Australian street cart selling Vegan hotdogs!  Well done Justin, we look forward to meeting you here in Invercargill early next month!

A petition from the Green Party against our current government selling off crown assets to make a quick buck short term, endangering the nations stability long term.

Table view:  Pumpkin Kumara patties, gnocchi with pasta sauce, lemon cherry muffins

Middle left: pastry parcels, right, lentils with rice, chickpea curry, lemon poppy cake, chocolate fudge, fruit loaf. 

Lemon poppy cake, cranberry biscuit, custard square, chocolate fudge, fruit loaf, lemon cherry cupcake

Curious Hen with Pumpkin patty, nice Hens shared

We're already looking forward to next months potluck, which may be not too far away, when Justin of Hellhound Hotdogs visits Invercargill, we'll hold a special potluck in his honour! :-)

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