Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hen Houses, Peaceable Kingdom The Journey Home gift from Susan

Here are the Hen Houses where my Hen Friends live.  To the right of this photo, there is a brick building with two rooms, one where the Hens roost up high or sleep in nesting boxes, and a second for dust bathing in the sun, theres always dry dirt inside this room regardless of the outside weather :-)

In front, connected by a chain link fence corridor keeping them safe from cats, the glasshouse.

A wire flap comes down to drop over the gap above the door, keeping it fully cat proof.

Behind me, the room where they sleep, to the left the dry dust bath room, in front, the glasshouse

Glasshouse, which always has plants growing inside, suitable for Hens :-)

A soaker hose (which sprinkles out water every direction through pin prick holes) keeps the plants watered

They live in the backyard during the day, all doors are open, but the enclosed corridor from glasshouse to brick buildings is a safe option in case there is bad weather outside that could prevent them from exploring the garden, ie its snowed a couple times.  Cats were a real danger and killed several of the bantam hens, the Rescued Hens being larger are ok.  Sometimes if we're going out, I close the Hens in the glasshouse and brick buildings, with the brick building door mostly closed, the wire door secure.  This lets them spend time in the glasshouse before it gets dark, and then they can go back to their nesting places safe from cats, before we get home.

My friend Susan sent a copy of Peaceable Kingdom, The Journey Home for the Invercargill Vegan Society to lend out, thank you Susan :-)

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