Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Uncle Mike Youngs Story "A Good Use For Cobwebs"

As mentioned in Episode 83, "Rainbow Warriors with Vegan Cupcakes Fly To The Moon"

My uncle Michael Young (unique name!) was a part time writer who had works included in school journals.  It was always rather neat reading aloud a story you knew your very own uncle had written :-)

My uncle was a rather unusual man, with quite a few run ins with the law over the years, but he was always very nice to me when I visited him in Christchurch, or when staying with my Grandmother, who lived in Nelson, then Ashburton.  He died a few years ago of cancer.

Uncle Michael 2004 at my Grandmothers house in Ashburton

Decades earlier,  as Mr Tupac rapped, Some Things Never Change :-) Nice Greenpeace shirt!

School Journal Part 2 Number 2 1993, I believe the illustrations might have been drawn by the same Gus Hunter who later worked on the Lord of the Rings movies? :-)  IMDB page for Gus Hunter's movie contributions

Listen to the audiobook version of "A Good Use For Cobwebs", a violent tale of a man killing bird, who uses human bones to build a fence of skeletons.  This story is mostly English, telling a story about native New Zealand Maori legend, with Maori words included throughout.  As published in School Journal Part 2 Number 2 1993

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