Sunday, July 15, 2012

INVSOC Posters (ACTUALLY) Around Invercargill :-)

Invercargill Vegan Society posters are up around Invercargill, not mockups, there are literally three posters for INVSOC up around Invercargill :-)

The Grand Hotel, where Queen Elizabeth II stayed during her visit to Invercargill in 1954 (with a few other cities beforehand, she saved the best for near last!)  Now, the Grand Hotel is accommodation for SIT students, now as the Southland Times mention, its rather run down! :-)

Additional piece on the Queens stay in the Grand Hotel

A0 Paper Size

A3 Paper Size

*** UPDATE *** 20/7/2012 our A3 ("tiny") poster has made some new friends, rather fetching posters about a play based on Minnie Dean,  New Zealand baby killer and one of the few people to be killed by the state in our country.

Its great to have our first design posters actually up around Invercargill :-)

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