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Episode 64 The INVSOC Ten and Corporate Propaganda in our primary schools, "courtesy of our friends at the meat council"

Episode 64 The INVSOC Ten and Corporate Propaganda in our primary schools, "courtesy of our friends at the meat council"

The INVSOC Ten, Dirty Dairy, "Beef + Lamb" likes to boogie, product placement in primary schools
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1891 had Dorian Gray, 2011 has Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars.

Welcome to another half decent episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, home of the Chicken Friend.   Episode 64 -  The INVSOC Ten and Corporate Propaganda in our primary schools, "courtesy of our friends at the meat council"

Thank you so very much to my friends Mitch Bennett and Maria Velardo who provided intro bumpers for this episode.

You can find my good friend Mitch at , spelt the American way, C O L OR, thank you so very much for your friendship Mitch.

I'm planning to make a new page on the Invercargill Vegan Society website,    The page will be similar to "We Are Weaned", the German site that shows people who have grown PAST drinking mothers milk, who are Vegan, it has hundreds of photos from all around the world, with each Vegans name and location.

I'd like to make "We Are INVSOC", which I'm told has a borg like quality, it would be filled with photos of Invercargill Vegan Society members, from our location, Invercargill at the bottom of New Zealand, and the world.

If you're an honored and treasured member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, please get in touch!  I'd love to include a photo of you with your membership badges :-)

Mitch was kind enough to pose for the first photo, taken of an INVSOC member in Michigan, in the USA, a long way from Invercargill.  You can see that photo of Mitch and my request for more photos on this shows blog, www.coexistingwith , I'll link to it in this episodes show notes, while also plugging the hell out of it on Facebook.  

If you would like to be an honorary member of INVSOC, please contact me at , we'd love to include you :-)

Another INVSOC member whose given me permission to share her photo is Maria, who you heard in my second intro bumper for this episode.  Maria is with the Vegan Society of New South Wales, which - misleadingly - is not actually located in Wales, she's not Welsh, it really is false advertising Maria!  New South Wales, Australia, our neighbors "over the ditch" are most welcome in this New Zealand based Vegan Organisation.  

You can find the Vegan Society New South Wales at 

I've recently had some INVSOC bumper stickers designed, I have the first finished one on my desk right now, with a further 19 to be collected next week.  I think they're quite attractive, they are portrait orientation, they are not long, stretched out things, but almost square, which better suits our logo, making them an all purpose sticker too.

I also need to order some more INVSOC membership badges, I'm actually conflicted between which colour to pick, I have two I rather like, with samples also on my desk.  One is darker, which I've dubbed "Formal Green", the other is a brighter, lighter "Vibrant Green".  I currently have both colours being used, with the large coin INVSOC members have being the lighter "Vibrant Green", and the small badge being "Formal Green".  I'd love if you could visit my blog, , look at the photos there, and give me your pick between the two colours :-)

The Invercargill Vegan Society has grown in leaps and bounds, from presumably no Vegans living here that I'm aware of just five years ago, to being established in the last days of 2010, to now having TEN members actually living here, in Invercargill, New Zealand, near bottom of the world.  I met our tenth member Katharine a few days ago, I really do love meeting other Vegans, both online, and in person. The INVSOC Ten!

Hens like to Dig video :-)

In other news:

"The Black Widow of eating contests has scarfed down 183 chicken wings in 12 minutes to break her own world record set last year in Buffalo, New York.
Sonya Thomas took home first place Sunday (Monday, NZ time) at the 10th annual National Buffalo Wings Festival. She beat eating marvel Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who came in second with 174 wings.
The two won titles at the July 4th hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.
The 45 kilogram Thomas of Alexandria, Virginia, is the reigning wing-eating champion. She downed 181 wings to win the 2010 contest. Chestnut of San Jose, California, settled for second with 169 wings.
The winner gets US$1500 (NZ$1802). The runner-up wins US$750, and third place gets US$300.
Thomas is called the Black Widow becomes she often beats male competitors in eating contests."

Now, my math is pretty shoddy, but 183 wings cut off murdered Chickens, those wings were from 92 Chickens, NINETY TWO, imagine a hundred Chickens, in 12 minutes this one woman ate both wings from 91 Chickens, and had one individual wing, but not the second from the 92.  Its an atrocity!

Two local stories about water quality in New Zealand:

"The report makes for grim reading. Of the rivers and streams in the region, 89 per cent have a quality rating of poor or very poor. Only 1 per cent are rated good. Correction: Is rated good – the 1 per cent refers to one site only, the Monowai River below the gates. No river or stream gets a "very good" rating.
How has this happened? The report says it is not able to fully quantify the impact farming has had on the state of waterways but some of the issues identified have come to the fore at the same time as land use has intensified in the past 20 years"

Gee, what could be the cause of all this pollution, thats ruining our "Clean Green New Zealand" image?  Of Lakes and Mountains and Lord of the Rings and Green Grass and Lord of the Rings and Snow and Glaciers and Lord of the Rings….

This Southland Times article was written by a Centre Right National MP, a party who traditionally seeks the votes of "conservative" folks.

"Farmers are acutely aware of the challenges ahead of them. As caretakers of the land they know that they need to get the balance right between maintaining production and protecting the environment.
The real challenge for dairy comes with how it might manage the effects of industry growth alongside keeping the sector green.
We are a country of innovators in New Zealand and I believe that the industry can work through these issues without affecting the value dairying brings to the nation.
Calls have been made for a blanket restriction on cow numbers to resolve environmental issues, but I don't believe there's anything to be gained by demonising the dairy farming community.
Having said that, farmers do need to be committed to finding solutions.
I believe safeguarding the environment and growing the economy can go hand-in-hand.
Organisations like DairyNZ are stepping up to the plate, with research, education and policy, while Fonterra's "Every Farm Every Year" effluent management checks are achieving positive results in achieving industry sustainability.
All of this takes time, but I believe there's too much at stake to rush in and enforce wholesale changes or regulation which we may look back on with regret.

OHHH, right, so by saying "yo, the people dumping all this cow crap in priceless natural features, ruining the entire water supply, gee, it might be those who keep a couple hundred cows in the paddock with the river with the cow crap in it", right, thats DEMONISING the poor, hard working farmer :-)  No, instead we're meant to say "well, we're still not sure where all this cow crap is coming from, how about we take a look at what the "dairy" farms can do to protect our glorious nation….."…..

And to do just this, Dairy NZ have come up with an animated character, called "Rosie", who serves as our "cowbassador", explaining to our Children how great New Zealands "dairy" industry is!  I'm sure Rosie LOVES knowing her brothers were killed for not having an exploitable female reproductive system, and her big plastic earrings?  She TOTALLY chose those herself, boy, she sure cant wait to be a mother, to be forcibly impregnated, and to have her babies taken from her!

Another corrupt industry we have here, "Pork" Board of New Zealand fighting imports, claiming "the corpses will be diseased and bring disease into New Zealand!  Don't buy from our competitors, only buy MY product, ok?" :-)  Such a honest, genuine message!

Ah, but few New Zealand industries can compete with "NZ Beef + Lamb", or as I prefer to call them, "Killing Sheep and Cattle", KSC.

And my issue with them goes far beyond their blatant pinching of the same "rancid mushy pea" green colour I use on the Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals blog, which TOTALLY follows the blatant ripoff of INVSOC Green by TechCrunch, the latest Mike Arrington scandal.

Who is stereotypically seen as most likely to consider being Vegetarian or Vegan?  Young women?  Well guess who "Beef and Lamb" target in seemingly all their ads!  Why, young New Zealand women of course!

They use very well known, gold medal winning female athletes to push the message that "Women need more Iron, and you have to eat New Zealand Beef and Lamb",

I should mention, two of the New Zealand athletes used in the ads are identical clones, or twin sisters or something, hence the "twice as good" and two people speaking in unison jokes.  It reminds me of the two little girls from The Shining, cycling your tricycle down the halls of a near empty hotel, and then finding two twin girls in blue and white dresses, holding hands and chanting:

Do you like the T. Rex song "I Love to Boogie", sung by Vegetarian Marc Bolan?  Well, NZ Beef and Lamb sure do!

Especially informative are when we see these olympic athletes on some random farm in the middle of nowhere, helping out with everyday farm tasks such as installing fences, without showing the captive animals at all, whether being caged in, or actually "processed" into the final scene, the plates of corpse served to smiling olympic athletes as the end:

They go so far as to run ads rubbishing Vegetarians, I found their YouTube account where we can view "Beef and Lamb" ads, with several being called "beef salad roll versus Vegetarian option" etc, the V word not actually being said during the ads themselves, they show a concerned looking woman looking a the huuuuuuuuuge "Vegetarian" portion of pasta or sandwich that would be needed to match the iron level of that fantastic "New Zealand beef and lamb"

You might have noticed the bit where the humble New Zealand woman is portrayed taking a "meat cleaver" to this huge sandwich, cutting the tiny portion with "beef" she wants, more than a little symbolic, 

"and the new zealand beef and lamb you so diligently buy, is not succulent, tasty or kind, its death for no reason and death for no reason is murder........corporate propaganda isnt very convincing, its not comforting, cheery or kind, its sizzling blood and the unholy stench of consumerism.....

You know whats really nice?  When they run ads aimed at mothers, about how your baby needs Iron to develop, from, you guessed it, New Zealand Beef and Lamb!

Whats most interesting about this ad, the baby is shown home alone, bouncing around on the floor to a television show….more great parenting advice from Killing Sheep and Cattle, KSC, they get the PR message of what to eat, smile and then CHANGE THE CHANEL to something more informative!  I hope the babies smile is their expression of "hey, I don't want to watch corporate propaganda thanks guys, I'm changing the channel now" 

But their very worst is a roadshow touring primary schools, featuring some guy making minimum wage in a terrifying looking suit, supposedly a blue haired, 2 metre tall 8 year old called "Iron Bryon", lots of singing, dancing, clapping…..giveaways….and corporate propaganda!

And guess what, after sitting through "you need to eat our product if you want to be strong", you even get a FREE sample!  Hmm, "The Meat Council" having a classroom presentation, then giving away free samples, where have we all seen that before?

Of course, "Beef and Lamb" don't actually describe or show how animals are killed, nooo, they distance us from that, instead it seems to be 45 minutes of "you gotta eat this product that comes to you wrapped in plastic,  like all the best things in life". 

What mother WOULDN'T like her 5, 6, 7, 8 year old child being told in school to sit at the home dinner table and demand, quote, "put some chops on ME plate" (great grammar guys), "put some mince on me toast," , then what sounds like "Mum if you really love me then you know what I need most",  

" actually its quite simple, listen, heres the plan, next time you're at the table, shout Mum, wheres my beef and lamb?"

Hey, I actually managed to find a mother who'd take offense to this great advice!

Thank you very much to Zimena for joining me today.  

A little Hen Friend tells me that Barbara DeGrande has also covered Iron Brion on her latest episode of Veganacious, her great website and matching show, you can find Barbara at

Theres only one way to fight fire, with MORE fire.  And by that, I of course mean FIRING all the firefighters, and then PRAYING to Jesus for the raging wildfires to be put out.  Thats what Americas Next Top President Rick Perry has done!

If giant corporations are going to invade our primary schools and brainwash our children, then damnit, this ten member Vegan Society should up its propaganda-ising too!   Please friends, becoming an honorary member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, and posing for a photo with your membership badge will REALLY help.  Better yet, indoctrinate your offspring with INVSOC teachings, print off some Big Brother inspired "Mother Hen" posters, and pin an INVSOC badge on your sleeping infant, they'll go wild for all the sharp metal edges!

If you're a member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, I'd love to have a photo of you for our future "We Are INVSOC" page.  Please get in touch with me, .  

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at coexisting with nonhuman animals . co .nz

If you want to contact me, I'd really love to hear from YOU, please send me an email to

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, Jordan Wyatt, W Y A T T

Thank you for listening.


Iron Brion promotional video recorded at a New Zealand primary school

Intro Bumpers by 

Mitch Bennett

and also 

Maria Velardo

intro music "Mirror" by Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars, Tha Carter IV album

Vegan Society of New South Wales (Maria)


Dairy balance, written by a Centre Right National MP

"pork" industry doesn't want overseas competition coming to NZ…

rosies world, cg "dairy" cow, brainwashing for kids, puppet…. use example of Black Chick, a real, friendly little Hen, who speaks for herself.

Chickens wings, "competition", over 90 chickens

Iron Brion

Beef and Lamb videos

"now thanks to our friends at the meat council…free delicious tripe" clip from The Simpsons, "Lisa the Vegetarian"

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