Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Surf to City funrun Team Vegan, INVSOC

This year I decided to enter the 2012 Surf to City funrun, wearing a Team Vegan shirt :-)  My friends Russell and Noelle joined me in the run.

Start of the race, Oreti Beach

"Caution Kereru" sign in Otatara, the large native pigeons get drunk from "fermenting" (rotting) berries, and clumsily fly about, potentially flying low over the roads!

Running past Invercargill Prison, thinking of Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.  At this time, there was about a kilometre to go.

Finish line at Queens Park! check out "Smiley" in red! :-)  (Apparently we had "Gryffindor sucks!" on the back of our green shirts)

But the day didnt end there, NO!  This is Invercargill, a happening place!

I visited the Queens Park ducks

And saw the Farmers Market, held each Sunday.  They had fresh fruit and vegetables being sold, as well as many different types of killed animals, including "Kapuka" Pig Flesh, which are the ultimate in "happy meat" free range nonsense, they even have this option to "adopt a pig"

"We will grow your pig, give you updates along the way and when it’s ready process it, package it and send it to you – keep it for yourself or share it with family and friends.

Sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are eating, where it came from and that it was grown with care and respect."

I would love to have a stall selling Vegan food (at cost) as an excuse to have information about Veganism.

At the other end of Queens Park, past Feldwick Gates

And Burt Munro ( "Worlds Fastest Indian" movie starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lecter about local man Burt who set a world speed record )

Was a carnival!  I like this HDR image of the Ferris Wheel

On my way home, I walked into Pak n Save, my local supermarket and bought some fruit.  I couldnt resist getting these fortune cookies too.  My first fortune?  "Good health will be yours for a long time".  Yeah right, tell that to my unfit, aching legs after the run! :-)

Thank you very much to my friend Russell and Noelle for joining me, representing the Invercargill Vegan Society, Team Vegan and hell, Vegans everywhere, we completed Invercargill's 2012 Surf to City fun run :-)


  1. Team Vegan represent!

    It's good to now have you on Team Beard! You wear it well, my good sir.

  2. Not sure how much longer I'll be a "beard" for Lucas, but I'm always glad to be on your side :-)


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