Saturday, July 7, 2012

interview with Venture Southlands Alister Adam about Southland Oatmilk

Interview from Episode 82 Sergeant Dan's Oatmilk: From Southland With Love, featuring Alister Adam from Venture Southland.  Alister talks about plans which may potentially see Oatmilk being made here in Southland, rather than being imported from Australia, like most of our commercial Vegan friendly plantmilks.

Listen to audio interview with Alister here (8m 49s, 10MB MP3)

"...the conversion of oats-to-milk in Southland may be get the go ahead.

Venture Southland enterprise strategic projects group manager Steve Canny said the Food Innovation Network completed research into the conversion of oat-to-milk.

"Southland was not adverse to growing oats but Venture Southland has to still evaluate commercial opportunities and investment options for a high value oat product,'' Mr Canny said.

When asked by Southland District Mayor Frana Cardno if oat milk was available in the Venture Southland cafeteria, Mr Canny said it was but tasted more like a "home brew'' at present."

The Southland Times newspaper article "Oats May Overtake Hydrogen"

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