Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Southland Seal Stoner", of men who throw rocks at seals

A recent uproar in my area has been about a group of men who threw stones at a seal resting on land, a "protected" animal.  The group had taken photos and video, which were on their Facebook page. 

The story can be seen here, the second link, to The Southland Times contains the video of the seal being hit with stones:

Its interesting how Saturdays edition of The Southland Times led with the story,

"Judge Phillips said McKenzie's behaviour was atrocious and not the first time he had attacked an animal, which was the reason for his jail term and not a fine.
In August last year McKenzie was sentenced to 250 hours' community work for cutting the ears and tail off a stolen domestic pig with his friend before setting it free in a forest where he hunted.
The pig was later found with its wounds infested with maggots and it had to be treated with penicillin when returned to its owners.
McKenzie justified his actions by saying the pig had a better chance of surviving being hunted by pig dogs because it had no ears, Judge Phillips said."

"“This court is here to protect the defenceless, and that includes those types of animals.”"

Ah, so the "defenceless" are SOME "types of animals", but not others, just as deserving of our respect, such as Chickens, Sheep, Cows, Ducks, Pigs...

There is no ethical difference between throwing rocks at animals, cutting ears of other animals, or killing animals for our "food", the group are said to be Freezingworkers (slaughtermen), we shouldnt be harming animals, nonhuman or human.

As explained by Gary Francione, We're All Michael Vick:

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