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Episode 36 Mysterious Millionaires and multimillion dollar Welfare Campaigns

Episode 36 Mysterious Millionaires and multimillion dollar Welfare Campaigns

Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, Mysterious Millionaires and Multimillion dollar Welfare Campaigns.  I had another new bumper, from my Canadian friend Lara, I always enjoy having Vegan voices from around the world on my show, if you're interested in recording an intro for me, please let me know, my email is jay wont dart , j a y, w o n t, d a r t, or you can find me on Facebook, Twitter…all with the name jay wont dart.

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I managed to get another World Vegan Day mention on the popular No Agenda podcast:

Why Thank you Adam, I thought it was a pretty catchy name myself, although I was initially thinking of having something longer, nah, better to have a short and sweet address, .

Well, I finally worked out how to have a "read more" function on my blog posts, so now I wont have massive posts taking up the whole blog page.  I'll be posting more often, with photos and videos I've taken, as well as interesting news stories as I find them.  Make sure to stop by often.

Todays episode is about another multimillion dollar welfare campaign, this time, its happening here in New Zealand.

Animal Rights should be seen as very different to Animal Welfare, those who see themselves as an "animal lover" should be Vegan

Really, the least we can do for animals is not to hurt them, I don't expect old ladies to thank me for not beating the hell out of them, breaking their bones to get at the precious Titanium in their fancy new hips.  Its just expected that I wouldn't go about terrorizing the elderly.  I wish we were the same towards non elderly nonhumans, that we'd extend this to all sentient life.  Because, as Optimus Prime always said:

Optimus Prime,
< "freedom is the right of all sentient beings" clip>

Right on Optimus, now we know why you're the leader of the Autobots, oh wait, you're transforming back into a truck?

Oh, and driving off into the sunset? So we get to hear the scene change music?

I've found it odd, that SAFE, a New Zealand group describing themselves as Animal Rights promote Welfare Reforms.  When I've asked before about the different "factory farm" campaigns, I've been told that SAFE believe, and promote Veganism.  Its difficult for viewers of SAFE television appearances, and their ads to realise this though, I don't think I've ever heard them drop the V bomb on television, or in an ad.  And, they work so closely with comedian Mike King, who used to promote pig flesh, who now has said he got depressed after seeing how pigs are farmed, and now believes in Free Range, he turned on his former employers, the Pork Board, and often appeared with SAFE.  They knew how King felt, how he explicitly has been shown eating quote "free range" pig flesh on television, that SAFE never said "ah, but we don't agree with Mr King, we promote Veganism".

Here is a recent appearance of Mike King

I find that hard to believe, if we genuinely care about how animals are kept, we don't ask people to uh, maybe just know how they are kept, know what the difference is.  Its a little like telling slaughtermen, "ok, so when we cut their throat, Mr Pig will die".  I think we should be quite clear, that as Animal Advocates, we are strongly OPPOSED to hurting animals, and that of course includes killing them. 

Its interesting Mike King was shocked, and found "human" qualities in pigs, we are both animals after all, its not like we'd be VASTLY different, surely?  I'm glad King noticed similarities, he joins the food eating robot that, when someone put their hand inside its uh….mouth….labelled humans as made of pig flesh.  Not once, but twice, and with different parts of the pigs body too, I guess all human beings taste different.

Here is a very recent Sunday program, once again about SAFE, and Animal Welfare in New Zealand:

Ok, I have to jump in here, "how many", well, in New Zealand, when anyone ever brings up terms such as "how many" "not many", or "if any", something MUST be said.

My cousin David came second on the New Zealand version of The Apprentice, he had a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that held him back from winning, for one of the challenges he led a tour bus around Auckland, to show overseas tourists what passes for New Zealand culture.   I think he can explain "how many" better than I could, I have to warn you though, the New Zealand National anthem contains both the D word and the F word, so would any Animal Rights Advocates under 18 please disgrace my glorious nation of New Zealand by fast forwarding past our anthem, just a heads up for Justin Barbara, ok take it away Dave  :

I realized that kids these days are too busy beating up the elderly for their Titanium hips to bother skipping over patriotic swear words, I hope you're happy with yourselves, for making me deface our glorious National Anthem.

I got a tear in my eye hearing our National Anthem. Ok, we can all sit back down now.

The main artist Scribe is from Christchurch, down here in the South Island, the city hit by recent Earthquakes, the others were "representing" South Auckland, our largest city, up there in that fancy North Island.  Both areas uhhhh….well, they mock people for writing in crayon, we got that, lets just say they don't take too kindly to male Vegans wearing "I'm Vegan and I love you" badges on their overalls.

The one who swore looks at least part New Zealand European, you know, White.  If I'm right, then that means talented White Rappers are like the Sith, there are always exactly two, Eminem in the Northern Hemisphere, and David Dallas down here. 

Just one more clip from the NZ version of The Apprentice, showing good ol' Southern (as in near bottom of the world) hospitality

Dog help you if you WERE Vegetarian, it was enough hassle providing Tomato Sauce and water (for you to help yourself), yip, plenty of Michelin Stars in New Zealand.

Ok, back to the Sunday program

I wanted to talk with other Abolitionist Vegans about the Sunday program, heres what we all had to say on a group Skype call…..

We can all agree we wouldn't turn our noses up at $2 million dollars,  I could build quite the Chicken Sanctuary with that kind of scratch, but we're all doing just fine promoting Veganism on our own.  We all pay for our efforts by ourselves, I rip off credit cards, Elizabeth is out there with her Interpretive Dance and mime, Emmy wheels Sam about, he claims to be a Vietnam Vet, affected by Agent Orange, and US propaganda, he spends most of his time screaming about what a scam that "socialized" health care is, and "CHARLIE UP THE TREE!".  We're all doing just fine, and we wish SAFE would join us in promoting Veganism.

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

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Thank you for listening.

Special Guests!

Elizabeth Collins

Emmy James

William Paul
On the streets of Auckland, joining Elizabeth in interpretive dance, and spreading Veganism through creative, nonviolent education.  You're an inspiration William!


Close Up program "Dob in the Boss" videos (audio played during the show)

Jan Cameron, not Vegan
"…its reliable supply of fresh crayfish - a favourite. (we should make it clear, by crayfish she means lobsters)
Cameron admits that she is not quite true to the outdoor culture embodied in Kathmandu and is not much of a bushwalker, despite the abundance of stunning walks in the area. "No, I drink wine and eat crayfish," she says."
""I'm not a vegetarian; I just don't like to be consuming animals that have been tortured," she says."

Mike King shocked clip


Songs played

Scribe Not Many (the remix)

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