Friday, November 12, 2010

Another "sorta" Vegan caught out, Alicia Silverstone

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"Alicia Silverstone drools over BK veggie burger, then advocates using honey on her blog, now she admits to eating cheese:

What a wicked cult of celebrity we create by worshipping "Famous People who go (often sorta) Vegan", just another case of a PETA spokeswoman being "caught out"....

""Being flexible that way makes more people comfortable," she said. "If I'm rigid about it and I'm perfect, then no one is going to be able to be like me because I'll be this icey, rigid thing.""

I dont think anyone is "perfect", although I sure as hell try to be when it comes to avoiding harm towards others. And what a lame excuse it is, when you might point out something we do, and to have another person comment "oh, we cant ALL be PERFECT  you know...", similar to "you're just a DO-GOODER!"  I personally dont see any great efforts in being Vegan, in most cases, its a matter of picking Product X (Soymilk) instead of Product Y (the milk taken from Cows), often which are on the very same shelf!

"Even a proud vegan like [sic]Alicia Silverestone gives in to temptation once in a while."

I can assure you "Us Magazine", I'm never close to being "tempted" when it comes to so much as looking at dead flesh, and the byproducts we take from animals.  The thought of eating something nonvegan; the blood, the guts, their chopped off heads, their dead skin, a mothers milk, the "Hen's Periods" that are their eggs....UGH! 

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