Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Kedgley's animal cruelty bill defeated in Parliament"

"The Greens' Sue Kedgley made a passionate appeal in Parliament tonight for an end to the suffering of factory-farmed animals but her member's bill was defeated 62-57.
The bill would have phased out sow crates and battery hens over five years and it had the backing of all parties except National and ACT.
"Parliament has the chance tonight to right a terrible wrong and end the suffering millions of factory-farmed animals suffer every day," Ms Kedgley said."

"Whatever weasel words are used, those who vote against my bill will be voting for animal cruelty to continue indefinitely."
...Ms Kedgley had wanted MPs to be allowed conscience votes on the bill, which would have removed party control, but Speaker Lockwood Smith refused on the grounds that it dealt with an issue that was primarily economic.
That reasoning was rejected by Ms Kedgley who said animal cruelty was a moral and ethical issue."

Welfare reforms only make us, as consumers of animal flesh and byproducts feel better, we're not helping the pigs, chickens, cows.... by spending millions asking for Welfare reforms.  We should focus on promoting Veganism to consumers.

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