Monday, January 31, 2011

An interesting "Celebrity Vegan", Woody Harrelson

Here's an interesting "Celebrity Vegan", Woody Harrelson, who I last saw staring in the action movie "Zombieland", he played a large redneck macho idiot who enjoyed killing zombies graphically, while showing up "The Modern Man" who would "seem far more likely to be Vegan", based on old stereotypes.

"He is a peace activist, and has often spoken publicly against the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Harrelson is also a vegan and raw foodist. He did not eat Twinkies for his movie Zombieland, replacing them with vegan faux-Twinkies made from cornmeal.[7]"

While Harrelson no doubt "ate Vegan Twinkies", he was likely wearing animal skin and other non Vegan items during the movie.
Its not very interesting to focus on "Celebrity Vegans", if you are critical enough, most of them seem to "have a little Cows Breast Milk every now and then..."

Perhaps Woody Harrelson shows one thing,

There is no stereotypical Vegan! :-)

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